A stern looking Kristen touches Brady's gaping face
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Stephanie walks off the elevator as John smashes the orchid from Orpheus. Stephanie freaks out assuming it’s the cure, but John explains it’s a just part of Orpheus’ game. Stephanie tears up wondering what her mom’s going to do. An equally emotional John embraces her.

As Steve sits with a weak Kayla in her hospital room, Tripp and Joey arrive. The brothers explain they were tired of Stephanie’s vague texts so they came home. Kayla and Steve tell them the truth about Orpheus poisoning the women.

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Tripp and Joey sit with Kayla at her hospital bedside

When Steve leaves to check on Marlena, Kayla tries to prepare the boys for the worst, but they won’t hear of it. Tripp regrets all the time he wasted being angry with her over his mother. Joey says he should have been angry with him instead. Kayla knows how much they’ve both been through and is proud of the men they’ve become. Tripp wouldn’t have tried to become a doctor if not for her. Joey recalls how she and Steve were there for him during his darkest time. He just wishes there was something he could do for her now. She assures him he’s done it just by being who he is.

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At the hospital, Stephanie sadly looks at Steve, who clasps her hands

Steve finds John consoling Stephanie in the lobby. She hugs her dad and learns her brothers are there. She heads to Kayla’s room, and John points out Steve was right about wanting to end Orpheus after he was pardoned. He vows to end the villain himself if the women don’t make it. As they commiserate over their feelings of helplessness, Steve laments all the years he spent away from Kayla. He can’t live without her. John understands and declares they will live for today and treasure every second.

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Stephanie joins her brothers in Kayla’s room as she sleeps. She’s sorry for keeping them in the dark. Kayla wakes up and tells the boys it was her idea not to tell them. Steve returns as Kayla expresses how happy she is they’re all together. But she should be home making them a big pot of chili or sloppy joes right now. Tripp and Joey volunteer to get them food for a family dinner right there.

At the Pub, Eric hangs up with Billie on the phone as Jada comes in. He explodes in frustration as they talk about the women’s health situation. He then grows emotional as he tells her about Roman and Kate’s wedding and their long history with each other. Jada remarks she’s been pouring over the case file hoping to find something. She wanted to be the hero to give hope to the women and to be able to tell Eric she did it for him. She notes that sounds terrible, but he knows she’s not in it for the glory. He assures her she’s been someone he can count on. She leaves to check on the case at the station.

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Inside Brady's Pub, Jada reaches for a somber Eric's hand

At a table in the Square, Chloe vents to Nicole about her issues with Rachel. Chloe doesn’t know how to make this horrible situation less horrible. Nicole understands. She’d give anything to be there for Eric right now. She recounts Rafe and Jada walking in on her embrace with Eric, and how Jada staked her claim as Eric’s girlfriend. Nicole understands it, but there’s a pull between them. She would be lying if she said she didn’t still feel it. Chloe wants her to be happy, but doesn’t want her to do anything stupid. Nicole appreciates her friendship. Chloe feels the same and muses she’s going to need it coming up.

Nicole and Chloe sit at a table in Horton Square

At the garage apartment, Kristen explains to a skeptical Brady how Rolf grew a new orchid — and she has it. He accuses her of playing games, so she shows him a photo of herself with the orchid. He still doesn’t buy it. She tells him the serum is being formulated as they speak, and he’s wasting time the women don’t have. Assuming she’ll want shared custody of Rachel in exchange for the serum, he agrees to it. Oh, no, she smirks. She wants him to break up with Chloe and reunite with her. He spits, when hell freezes over. Kristen warns that Marlena will die unless Brady makes everyone believe he reunited with her for Rachel’s sake. There will be no mention of her blackmail. He calls her a monster, but she thinks of herself as a mother who loves her child.

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In the garage apartment, Kristen reaches over the table to show Brady her phone screen

She warns that since the women will need a second dose in a few months, and then a booster after that, Brady can’t just dump her after they’re cured. They are in it for the long haul. Since he has no choice, Brady agrees. However, he has conditions. He won’t say anything to Chloe until after the first dose takes effect. Kristen accepts this, but as soon as the women start to recover he needs to dump her. Brady promises they’ll be a family, but there is no way on earth she will make him love her. He vows she’ll be more lonely in a loveless relationship than she ever was on her own. Time will tell, she purrs. He hates her for doing this, but she believes in the adage about there being a thin line between love and hate. He prefers: be careful what you wishful for. He storms out.

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Standing outside at the Brady Pub door, Nicole looks at Eric who talks on his phone

Joey and Tripp return to Kayla’s room with pizza. She cries over this moment and orders her family to eat their pizza.

As Eric talks to Sami on the phone outside the Pub, he tells her they have to get their strength from the people they love. He turns and sees Nicole.

Over the garage, Kristen pats herself on the back for saving lives. And no matter what Brady thinks now, he’ll learn to love her again. As she looks at a photo of her, Brady, and Rachel, Chloe knocks on the door.

Jada rushes to the hospital with a serum that was delivered to the station. She hands it, and a note, to John, who assumes it’s another of Orpheus’ tricks. He raises the vial to smash it as Brady runs up. “Dad, no!”

Kristen opens the garage apartment door to Chloe. A vision chart hangs in the hallway

Next on Days of Our Lives: Marlena receives hope, and Rafe and Nicole argue over Eric.

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