Kristen grins while holding the orchid
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From his room in the Pub, Roman talks to Rex on the phone, who tells him all he can do right now is to make sure Kate’s comfortable and to keep her spirits up. Rex says he’ll be by soon and hangs up. Sarah finds him at the nurses’ station. He asks if there’s anything she can do to help. He thanks her, but without the orchid there’s nothing that can be done. He then apologizes for messing up their relationship, but he’s grateful for the time they had. She is too.

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A rattled Rolf comes to see Kristen in the apartment above the garage. He tells her the police are tearing his lab apart as they speak. She smirks that at least they won’t find the orchid, which she picks up. Despite moving his more sensitive experiments elsewhere, he doesn’t like the cops digging through his life’s work. He notes she’s taking good care of the orchid, and wonders what her endgame is. She won’t confirm her plans with him, but wonders why he’s so focused on Marlena. She brings up the stack of clones he has at the ready. He smirks and says he has no idea what she’s referring to. However, he warns if the women die it will be her fault because she holds the cure.

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John kisses Marlena's head as she lies in a hospital bed

John holds Marlena’s hand in her hospital room as she sleeps. Eric and Belle ask about the orchid, and John relays Rolf insists he doesn’t have it. John gets a message from Shawn who hasn’t found the orchid in the lab. Marlena wakes up and groggily hopes no one is giving up on her just yet. They assure her they’re fighting with her every step of the way. They all hold hands as Eric leads them in prayer.

Later, Marlena suggests Eric see how his father is doing at Kate’s bedside. Eric doesn’t want to go anywhere, but Marlena won’t let him argue with her in her condition. With no other choice, Eric leaves. Sami calls. Marlena understands she needs to be there to handle a situation with Sydney. However, she’d like her to talk with her sister. She hands the phone to Belle who cries as assures Sami she and Eric will take care of their mother. She says she loves her too and hangs up. Belle relays that Sami was very kind. John notes Eric was right and there are no limits to God’s miracles.

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Belle gets teary while on the phone in the hospital

After Belle has left, John gets Marlena to let down her guard and admit she feels awful. Everything hurts. John will be strong for both of them. Sarah comes in with a white and purple plant delivered for Marlena. Their eyes widen. John reads the card and reluctantly hands it to his wife. She reads the message aloud: “Although it’s not the orchid you are looking for, doesn’t its beauty take your breath away? Sorry poor choice of words. It won’t be long until you draw your last breath. I find great solace in knowing that as it wilts and dies, so will you. — Orpheus.”

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In her hospital bed, Marlena reads a card from an orchid plant

Kate wakes up in bed and Roman hands her a glass of water. She feels lucky to have him, but she’s so tired of feeling like this. She has to fight to even keep her eyes open. Roman orders her not to give up and to stay there with him. She asks if he has big plans. He does, in fact, and produces a diamond ring. He gets on one knee and asks her to marry him… again. Kate notes she must have done something right to deserve him, but she has to say no.

Surprised, Roman stands. Kate points out she’s dying, and there’s no cure. She loves him for everything he does for her and everything he is, but she’s filled with regret over all the years she wasted not loving him back. Roman wants everyone to know she’s his forever and always. “Please, Katie, say yes.” Through tears, she nods her head and accepts. They kiss, and he puts the ring on her finger.

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At Kate's bedside in a room above the Pub, Roman kneels with a ring box

Lucas calls from Statesville, and Kate tells him she’s getting married. She then declares how proud she is of him for taking responsibility for his actions. She wishes him peace and happiness. She says she will see him when he gets out and that she loves him. After hanging up, she tells Roman she couldn’t tell Lucas the truth. Roman knows she’ll see him again and then suggests they get married right now. All they need is an officiant and a witness. Rex and Eric show up. Roman notes they’re just in time.

As Kate puts on makeup, Rex assures her she looks beautiful as always. Roman brings her flowers and Eric starts the ceremony. Flashbacks to their relationship play as they say their I dos. They exchange rings, and Eric pronounces them married.

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Roman sits at Kate's bedside above the Pub. She holds a flower bouquet and they look off screen beaming

In bed, Chloe tells Brady they should break up because of Kristen. Also, because Rachel hates her. He points out that would be giving Kristen exactly what she wants. Besides, they love each other. She worries he’ll lose Rachel, but Brady knows sacrificing his happiness isn’t going to bring his daughter around.

Later, Brady visits Kristen at the garage apartment. He confronts her about the message Rachel found in her lunchbox about Chloe being the reason she can’t see her mommy. Kristen doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Brady doesn’t have time for her games because Marlena is dying. Kristen says that might not have to happen. Maybe she can save Marlena and Kayla and Kate, too.

Brady glares at Kristen in the apartment above the garage

Next on Days of Our Lives: Tripp and Joey come to Salem, and Kristen gets the upper hand on Brady.

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