Johnny and Wendy shake hands across a table in the Square
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In the conference room, Paulina shows Chanel the file Sloan gave her. Chanel opens it and gasps. She can’t believe something she did in college will ruin her mother’s campaign. Paulina isn’t worried about that, but assures her she has everything under control. Sloan enters wondering why she would think that.

Sloan spreads her hands as she faces Paulina and Chanel in the conference room

Sloan introduces herself to Chanel who glares. The shady attorney asks if Paulina has made a decision about the “settlement offer”. Paulina won’t be intimidated, and the women trade threats. Paulina throws Sloan out and then consoles her teary daughter. Paulina plans to drop out of the race, but Chanel won’t let her do that. She suggests she pay the blackmail herself. Paulina knows they’d just keep coming back. They’ll just shut Sloan down with Stephanie and Chad’s help.

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Chanel cries as she hugs Paulina in the conference room

At Steve and Kayla’s, Alex confronts Stephanie for her double standards. Why is it sexual harassment when he asks her out, but it’s okay for her to sleep with someone she just hired? Chad chuckles as Stephanie explains they’re using the apartment as her office — this isn’t their morning after. Chad calls Alex a jackass, but Alex still doesn’t understand her double standard. Chad explains the difference is what happened between them was consensual. Alex takes that as confirmation of his assumption. He hoped Stephanie would eventually come around to him, but he understands now that she’s not into him and never was. Stephanie wistfully watches him leave.

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At Steve and Kayla's, Alex gestures toward Chad while grimacing at Stephanie

When Chad badmouths Alex, Stephanie defends him. He asks if she has feelings for the playboy. She deflects by pivoting to work. Sloan comes to the door and hands Stephanie a settlement offer. Stephanie says they’ll reach out when they have the funds in order. After Sloan leaves, Stephanie tells Chad she was just stalling so they could come up with a plan. They can’t mess this up. Chad declares they won’t, but Stephanie is as confident.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny opens the door to Wendy who is looking for Stefan. He demands to know who she is. “I’m Wendy Shin,” she declares. “Who the hell are you?” Johnny connects the dots to Li, and tells her he’s Johnny DiMera. However, he has no idea where Stefan is. She says she’ll be back and saunters away.

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Johnny opens DiMera mansion's front door to Wendy Shin

In the Square, Wendy unsuccessfully tries to hack into Li’s work laptop. Johnny jogs up and recognizes the DiMera interface on her tablet. She explains she’s head of IT in Fairbanks. He wonders how she got banished to Alaska. She sighs. Despite being smarter than Li, the Shins couldn’t have the baby sister showing up the firstborn son. So, it was off to the tundra for her. But she won’t take it anymore.

Wendy explains she is looking for leverage to get a transfer to Salem. He warns the office culture there is toxic. She just wants a chance to show what she can do. Plus, she does love her brother, and she’s worried about his situation with Stefan and Gabi. Johnny layouts his theory that Rolf brainwashed Stefan. She muses that Li could have put Rolf up to it, but Johnny points out EJ has just as much motive. They agree to team up to find out the truth.

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Gabi pleads with Stefan

In Gabi’s office, Stefan remembers admitting to Gabi that he truly cared about her. He stares off for a beat, and then lashes out at Gabi for taking his job. He wants it back. Li calls Stefan insane if he thinks EJ will let him run the company. Stefan clarifies that they will run it together and their first order of business will be to clean house. EJ emphasizes that all traitors must go, which includes Li. EJ leaves to file the proxy paperwork and Stefan orders Gabi to clean out her desk. Li tells her not to do anything until he talks with EJ.

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After Li follows EJ out, Gabi goads Stefan into admitting that he was thinking about her earlier — like when she gave his heart to Julie. She wonders why he doesn’t want to feel their love. She knows she’s still in his heart. She puts her hand on Stefan’s chest and remarks it’s pounding — and he can’t deny that.

In the DiMera conference room, Li threatens EJ that if he tries to get rid of him, he’ll make Stefan flip on him so fast it will make his head spin. He proudly admits that he was the one who had Rolf bring Stefan back and turn him against Gabi. He had it done — and he can have it undone. EJ points out that if that happens Li could lose Gabi. Li declares his ultimate goal was power at DiMera. Therefore, he’s prepared to cut her loose. EJ doesn’t believe him. Li says, “Try me.”

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When Li and EJ return to the office, EJ declares Stefan’s proxies are in order. All they have to do is wait for the vote. Gabi asks Li if they came to an understanding. He locks eyes with EJ and says, “Yes, we did.” Alone, Li tells Gabi despite their understanding, EJ still has the votes. However, Li won’t be fired because he talked to his father, who won’t let that happen. However, Wei won’t go to bat for her. Li assures Gabi this is just a temporary setback and he’ll fight for her. She doesn’t know what she’d do without his love and loyalty. They embrace, and he strokes her hair.

At the mansion, Stefan pours drinks for the two CEOs of DiMera. EJ explains Wei has concerns about Stefan’s ability to run a company. So, with Gabi out, EJ will take over, and Li will be his number two. Stefan will be given a high-level position. EJ assures his brother he’ll find a way to get rid of Li and then the two of them will run DiMera together. EJ toasts to his future co-CEO, but his features darken as he drinks.

EJ hands Stefan a glass of liquor in the DiMera mansion

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