Gabi pleads with Stefan
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At home, Stephanie talks to Steve on the phone and then takes aspirin. She looks in a compact mirror and remarks she doesn’t look too hungover. As she heads out, she opens the door to Chad. He came by to apologize for last night. She notes they both had a lot to drink and were trying to blot out reality. He really enjoyed working and talking with her, and he doesn’t want to screw that up. She tells him Paulina is in crisis and invites him along to her meeting.

Stephanie and Chad meet Paulina in the conference room. Paulina makes Chad sign an NDA before she slides the folder about Chanel to Stephanie. She asks what they do about it.

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In bed, Chad reaches across Alex to cup Stephanie's face

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After dreaming of waking up in bed with Stephanie — and Chad — Alex wakes up in bed between Chanel and Allie. The women open their eyes, and he jumps out of bed and into the shower. They think there’s something going on with him. Chanel muses he’s in love with them. Allie thinks she’s crazy, but Chanel notes there’s love in the air. When he returns they question his hurry to leave. He assures them he had a great time, but Chanel suggests he’s rushing out because he has feelings for them. He admits it’s because of his dream about Stephanie and Chad. After the women rib him over it, he reiterates what an awesome time he had and they kiss him on the cheek goodbye.

After Alex leaves, Chanel and Allie agree last night made them closer. Chanel calls their threesome hot, but what’s hotter is just the two of them. Allie agrees that sometimes three is a crowd. As they kiss, Chanel’s phone lights up with a call from Paulina.

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Alex goes home to the mansion and reads an article on his tablet about Chad joining Stephanie’s PR firm. Meanwhile, Chad and Stephanie get to work at Steve and Kayla’s. Alex stops by to tell Stephanie she is the biggest hypocrite he ever met.

Chanel comes to see Paulina in the conference room. After hearing her frantic message she asks her mother if she’s okay.

Outside her office, Gabi yells on the phone that if they don’t find Rolf by noon, she’ll find a new head of security. She enters her office to find EJ behind her desk. He smugly reveals he has proof Ava’s marriage is a fraud and shares that she blamed it all on Gabi. He gleefully informs her that Jake’s shares go to Vivian, but since she’s incarcerated she can’t vote. So, they go to a proxy — Stefan. He taunts Gabi’s out of moves and declares checkmate before sauntering out of the office.

At the Salem Inn, Wendy crosses her arms and yells at Li

At the hotel, Li yells at Rolf on the phone worried Gabi is heading over there regarding Stefan. He then opens his door to his sister Jing-Wen, a.k.a. Wendy. She reminds him he promised her her dream job. Where is it? Li doesn’t have time for her, but Wendy can’t work IT in Fairbanks any longer. She wants a job in Salem, the epicenter of all things DiMera. He tells her it isn’t that simple, but Wendy points out he’s engaged to the CEO. Or did he screw that up? She heard his meltdown about Stefan before she came in.

Li shouts in frustration, as Gabi calls. She needs him to get to the office immediately. After he hangs up, Wendy says she wants to go with him, but he leaves alone. She wonders why her brother is so freaked out about Stefan and opens his tablet. Wendy hacks the password, but only finds photos of Li and Gabi doing superhero cosplay. She leaves to find out what’s going on straight from the horse’s mouth.

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in the DiMera mansion, Stefan talks with a pensive looking Johnny

Johnny finds Stefan in the DiMera living room pouring coffee. After the requisite, “glad you’re not dead” catch-up, Johnny notes he’s looking for EJ. Stefan relays he’s gone already, but he knows what happened with Ava. Stefan defends his brother, as Johnny rants. It leads to Stefan claiming it’s all about kicking Gabi out of the company. Johnny’s confused since all he’s heard is how in love they were. He wonders what Rolf did to him. Stefan insists Rolf has nothing to do with his feelings. Besides, what would Rolf would have to gain by making him hate Gabi. Johnny proposes that EJ intervened to ensure Stefan sided with him against her. Stefan refuses to believe it.

Johnny warns his uncle not to trust EJ, who arrives. Johnny lashes out at EJ for treating Ava like dirt. EJ orders his son to turn the page and find someone more age appropriate. EJ invites Stefan to headquarters to receive Vivian’s power of attorney. Then, they can give Gabi a peek at her dismal future. Stefan would love nothing more.

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Stefan watches as Johnny confronts EJ at the DiMera mansion

At the office, Gabi panics to Li over EJ’s visit. She runs to his arms stating he’s the only one she trusts. As they muse over what to do, EJ enters with Stefan. EJ gloats over obtaining Vivian’s power of attorney which will grant Jake’s shares to Stefan. Gabi desperately wonders why Stefan is being so cruel to her. She begs him to look into her eyes, wondering where the part of him is that loved her. Li tries to hold her back, but she brushes him off. Stefan remembers telling Gabi he’s done pretending he doesn’t care for her.

Back at the mansion, Johnny rants over EJ’s remark about finding someone more age appropriate. As he starts to leave, he opens the door to Wendy.

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Johnny opens DiMera mansion's front door to Wendy Shin

Next on Days of Our Lives: Li and EJ deal, and Alex calls out Chad and Stephanie.

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