Chad kisses Stephanie
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny lounges on the couch as he calls Will. Alex walks in and pours himself a drink. After Sonny hangs up, he confides to his brother his frustration over Will leaving after he almost died. Still, Alex calls Sonny lucky to have Will and Ari. In fact, he was hoping Sonny could give him some advice on Stephanie. He laments not getting anywhere with her. Sonny points out his obsession is a turn-off for her and unhealthy for him. So, he needs to accept that she wants nothing to do with him.

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Sonny grabs Alex, and shoves a finger in his face on the Kiriakis couch

Alex wants to make up for being an ass though and refuses to listen to his brother. Since Stephanie doesn’t want to date someone she works with, Alex thinks all he has to do is fire her. Sonny points out that’s sexual harassment. Also, a hard no does not mean maybe. Alex will quit then. Sonny explodes, reminding Alex that he has to take over until he’s healed. He grabs Alex and orders him to forget about Stephanie. Sonny suggests they eat and Alex leaves to pick up food at Julie’s Place.

At the apartment, Chanel wonders why Allie wants to have a threesome all of a sudden. Does it have anything to do with Johnny? Allie insists it doesn’t. And it’s not about missing sex with men, but it could be fun. Chanel assures her she can be happy in a monogamous relationship. Allie counters it’s something they could do together and it’d just be about sex since neither one would fall for that doofus. Allie doesn’t want missing men to mess up what they have.

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At the apartment, Chanel grimaces at Allie

Chanel gulps her wine and tells her girlfriend that being fluid doesn’t mean that she’s always missing men. She is happy and committed to Allie, who she loves. Allie feels the same. However, Chanel wonders, if she were to say yes, how do they make it happen?

Abe meets Paulina in her conference room strewn with campaign signs. He notes her upbeat attitude, and she shows him the progress report on the campaign’s outreach efforts. She had to light a fire under Stephanie’s behind, but now it’s like she’s reading her mind. And hopefully, she’ll take her advice and bring Chad on board. Paulina gets Abe a drink, and he tells her about Kate, Kayla, and Marlena’s illness.

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In the conference room, a grave faced Paulina turns her back to Sloan

As the marrieds decide to check on Roman and Kate, Sloan walks in. She wants to talk with Paulina privately. Abe leaves for the Pub. Sloan tells Paulina she represents a client who has information that could destroy her political career before it even begins. Paulina declares all her dirty laundry has already been aired out, but Sloan is talking about Chanel.

On the patio at Julie’s Place, Stephanie thanks Chad for his help with Paulina’s campaign. She’s hoping he might want to stay on with her company after the election. She orders a bottle of champagne and then gets a message from Tripp. She wishes she could tell him and Joey how sick Kayla is. She tells Chad about Kayla being her rock when they thought Steve was dead. She can’t lose her.

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Chad understands what she’s going through since Kate is like a mother figure to him. Plus, Stephanie points out, he’s still grieving Abigail. Sympathetic, she puts her hand on top of his. Alex breezes in and sees them. He turns around and leaves. Chad thanks Stephanie for throwing him a lifeline with the job. He tells her he saw Abby at her grave and she told him to move on with his life. He thinks Abby was trying to tell him to be with someone he already likes… a lot. He moves in and kisses her.

A sulking Alex returns to Sonny with takeout from the Pub instead of Julie’s Place. He gets a message from Allie and Chanel who want him to come over.

Back at the apartment, the women dress up and answer the door to Alex.

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EJ opens the DiMera front door to Johnny and Ava

EJ welcomes Johnny and Ava into the mansion and suggests they have a drink while Harold gets their room ready. Ava stops him. They’ll need two rooms since she and Johnny won’t be sharing. EJ insists he’s fine with them being together. Their family has a history of taboo relationships, so what’s one more? They tell him they’re friends and that’s it. They never slept together. They sit for drinks as EJ apologizes for jumping to assumptions. Especially, he snarks, considering how much Ava treasured her marriage to Jake.

After EJ heads to the wine cellar, Ava and Johnny muse about EJ’s nice guy act. Suspicious, they agree to have each other’s back. Johnny still thinks they’d be good together. So, if and when she’s ready, he’s there. A smug EJ returns with wine and a gift for Ava. She opens the box to her framed marriage license. There’s just one problem with it though; it’s not Jake’s signature that’s on it. EJ had handwriting experts weigh in and determine it was forged. Therefore, Ava is not a DiMera.

Holding a gift box at the mansion, Ava furrows her brow at EJ

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