Eric and Nicole tightly hug at Basic Black
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At night, Johnny sits on the Horton Square bench with a to go coffee cup. Someone drops change in it as they pass. Chanel sees and exclaims, “Oh my God, Johnny. You’re homeless?!” She vows to fix it with Allie so he has a place to stay. He assures her he’s not homeless. In fact, he is entertaining two offers — one from EJ and one from Ava. He declares he doesn’t want to go back to the mansion though unless Ava does. Chanel points out Ava didn’t take the opportunity to sleep with him when she had the chance, so maybe he already has his answer about her.

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Will stops by Allie’s place to tell her he’s going back to L.A. He’s confident his marriage can withstand the long distance. Allie wishes she had his confidence. When he questions her, she fills him in on the fight with Chanel over Johnny. He thinks she’s coming off as insecure. Being new to bisexuality, Allie admits she’s worried Chanel wants something she can’t give her. Will reminds her that Chanel chose her. Allie’s just confused. Will asks if she’s the one missing guys.

Allie admits she thinks about Tripp sometimes, but she loves Chanel and wants her to make her happy and satisfied, which is why she’s considering Alex’s threesome proposal. Allie knows Chanel is interested and she doesn’t want her to miss out. It’d be something they could do together, and Chanel could also be with a guy. She asks if he and Sonny ever had a threesome. Will doesn’t want to talk about it without his husband there. However, it should be something she wants, and not just for Chanel. He leaves to catch his flight.

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Chanel returns to the apartment and tells Allie about running into Johnny. Allie’s face hardens as Chanel rattles on about Johnny and Ava. Chanel asks what she thinks. Allie gulps a glass of wine and declares they should have a threesome with Alex. Chanel’s eyes widen.

With a loose tie and holding a mug, a serious EJ faces Stefan in the DiMera living room. The latter raises a brow

In the DiMera mansion, EJ pours himself a drink. He checks his phone, which shows a text message sent to Ava that reads, “Have you given any thought to my offer?” He impatiently sends a follow-up text. Stefan enters, and EJ updates him on his offer for Johnny and Ava to move in. He needs them close to massage their votes so they can kick Gabi’s ass out of the CEO chair. He adds, “A very perfect and sexy ass, hmm?”

Stefan agrees Gabi’s beautiful, but he’s almost repulsed by her. EJ asks, if he’s so disgusted by her, why is he still wearing his wedding ring? Stefan doesn’t know. It was just on when he was resurrected. EJ points out the general consensus was that he and Gabi were madly in love before he “died.” Stefan says the only opinion that matters is his and he wants nothing to do with her. If that’s truly the case, EJ suggests he take it off.

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At DiMera Enterprises, Ava plucks Gabi's phone from her hands

In Gabi’s office, Ava ignores her phone as she works. Gabi wonders who she’s blowing off. Ava tells her EJ wants her to move back in. Gabi shouts that she can’t trust that psychopath and picks up the phone to answer for her. Ava grabs her phone. She’ll make her own decisions. Gabi makes another impassioned argument not to return to the mansion, but when she hears Johnny was invited too, she orders Ava to go back, now.

When Ava insists she and Johnny are wrong for each other, Gabi suggests she is more interested in the sins of the father. Ava accuses her of projecting her frustration over Stefan. Gabi spits that her situation isn’t even close to Ava’s with Johnny. Gabi knows Rolf must have done something to Stefan. Ava wonders why it matters so much since she’s engaged to Li. Gabi does love Li, but it’s about closure. Right now though, she needs to know if Ava is moving into the mansion or not.

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Later, Ava sees Johnny on her way back to the Salem Inn. He tells her he’s moving back to the mansion. A friend of his gave him good advice about sizing up his options. Ava also received advice that helped her decide. He asks, “And?”

Back at DiMera, Gabi yells at someone on the phone to find Rolf. She hangs up stating she will find out what Rolf did to Stefan, who walks in. With a grave expression, he puts his ring on her desk. He doesn’t want any more reminders of her or their marriage. She picks up the band frowning.

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Stefan puts his ring on Gabi's desk. She folds her arms and glares at it

At the mansion, EJ tells someone on the phone how grateful he is. It’s exactly what he needed. The doorbell rings. EJ opens it to Johnny. He’s happy to see him and asks about Ava, who steps into the doorway smirking.

As Jada works at the police station, Rafe tells her it’s quitting time. Besides she has plans tonight, with him. It’s more like a reward for getting two perps off the street. Unless she has plans with Eric. She notes he’s working and Rafe suggests they surprise Eric and Nicole with dinner.

Eric talks to Roman on the phone at Basic Black. He hangs up dazed, as Nicole walks in. He updates Nicole on the situation with Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. She tells him to go be with his mom. It’s where he wants to be, but it’s best if Marlena gets her rest. Nicole just knows there’s a cure around the corner. She also knows his ability to comfort people and provide strength is a huge help to his family. Teary-eyed, he hugs her, as Rafe and Jada walk in with takeout.

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At Basic Black, Nicole stands next to Eric, who uses his hands as he talks to a wide eyed Rafe and Jada

Eric and Nicole pull apart. They explain Nicole was comforting him over Marlena. Jada asks what’s wrong with his mom, but Eric can’t get into it right now; Nicole just helped him get control of his emotions. Jada’s eyes wander as she nods. Eric doesn’t have an appetite and wants to go home. Jada offers to go with him, and they leave. Alone, Rafe and Nicole eat Chinese food at the conference table. He kisses her and remarks this table is where it all started.

In his room above the Pub, Eric starts to explain to Jada what just happened. Jada is glad Nicole could comfort him, but she’d like to be that person. She’s there for him. He knows that. They kiss, which becomes passionate and they fall back onto the bed.

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