In the hospital lobby, John squints his eyes and rests a hand on Rex's shoulder
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In the Square, Nancy excitedly reacts upon bumping into Mike, but he’s far colder. Off his reaction, she hesitantly says it’s nice to see him, but he states he doesn’t have time for old enemies. However, he was just thinking about her at Abigail’s grave. Since she used to be Craig’s “Lady Macbeth,” was she also Clyde’s partner in crime? Nancy swears she had no idea Clyde did the things he did. She explains how she ended up with him and assures Mike she is paying for the things she’s done.

After hearing about Craig, Mike softens. There was a time he thought he was gay. Back then, he was terrified at the thought of it, but thank God times have changed. She explains she and Craig are in a good place now and she only wants him to be happy. He says it’s what they all deserve. He tells her he’s headed to New York with Jennifer, remarking, new job, new city. She’s headed back there too and offers to help him navigate the place. He hands her his phone for her to put her number in. They’ll make a date.

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Nancy faces Mike in Horton Square

At home, Jennifer nervously waits for Mike. She just wants to get to rehab and start over again. Jack assures her he packed everything for them to do that together, but she doesn’t want him to go. She’ll be in treatment, and Gwen needs him. Jack embraces her and tells her how much he loves her. Even though he won’t be on the plane with her, he’ll be with her in his heart. Always. Jennifer doesn’t want to let Abigail down. Jack doesn’t think she should judge herself for falling apart. He vows they’ll put their world back together because it’s what they always do.

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At home on the couch, Jennifer leans her forehead against Jack's temple

Mike arrives and tells Jennifer that admitting she needs help is the hardest part. It’s all downhill from here. After Jennifer says goodbye to Doug and Julie, she tears up in front of Jack. He tells her this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you soon. She puts her hand over her heart and leaves with Mike.

Outside the Pub, Leo tells Gwen on the phone that he needs a sugar daddy to pay his legal bills. He hangs up when he sees Craig. Leo is glad to see him because he owes him an apology. He quips there were no greeting cards for the situation and invites him for a beer. Craig recalls when they were together, he always ordered champagne. Leo confesses he’s embraced the beer and ramen lifestyle.

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Inside, Leo explains that he convinced himself that Craig had a psychotic break over losing him, and therefore set him up. Craig points out that’s not an apology for accusing him of murder. Leo genuinely apologizes for thinking he could have killed Abigail and admits he still has feelings for him. Craig admits he does too. Leo is the first man he fell in love with and what they had will always be special to him, in a way. However, he heard him on the phone with Gwen about needing a sugar daddy. Leo admits he tried to blackmail Jack, but it blew up in his face.

Even though Leo is more fun than anyone Craig’s ever met, it’s not enough. Nancy was his safety and Leo is the guy dancing on the edge of a cliff. But he needs someone in the middle. Leo understands and asks if he can look him up next time he’s in New York. Craig agrees, and then, when prompted by a broke Leo, pays the bill.

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At the Salem Inn, Brady sits across a room service table from Rachel

Chloe pours tea as Brady brings Rachel into their Salem Inn room. He dons a British accent and guides his daughter to a table with finger sandwiches and crumpets. Chloe tells the girl she remembered her favorite flavor of jam, which is strawberry. Rachel says she hates it and throws food at Chloe. Brady reprimands Rachel, but the little girl hates Chloe. She shows him a typed note that was in her lunch box that reads, “It’s Chloe’s fault your mommy can’t see you.” Rachel runs into the bathroom.

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In their Salem Inn room, Chloe reaches out to a grave faced Brady

Brady apologizes to Chloe for how Rachel talked to her. Chloe understands what it’s like to be young, angry, and lost, but they have to face the fact that Rachel hates her. Chloe urges him not to worry about her and to take care of Rachel.

After Brady leaves with his daughter, Nancy stops by with Chloe’s birthday present. Chloe tells her about Kristen waging war against her. Nancy declares she’s staying in Salem then because Chloe needs her. Chloe tells her she has to go back home, back to her life. She wants her force of nature mom back. Nancy orders her to visit soon, but she better call first because she might have plans.

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Standing at a room service table in the Salem Inn, Nancy frowns at Chloe

At the hospital, Rex tells John no advancements have been made in 25 years on the women’s illness, and the only treatment is the one that Rolf made. However, the orchid that can produce a cure no longer exists. John knows Rolf probably has the cure. Rex points out they have no idea where he could be, but John can think of someone who does — Stefan, who Rolf brought back from the dead. Rex will track him down.

Kristen comes to Marlena’s hospital room. She heard she might be dying from the same disease as Roman 25 years ago. Marlena tersely tells her she’s fine, but wonders how she found out. Kristen lies that she overheard doctors talking about it at the nurses’ station. They discuss the orchid and Kristen flashes back to Rolf showing it to her. Marlena knows John and Steve will find it so Rex can cure them all.

Before she leaves, Kristen asks an exasperated Marlena for a favor. Marlena chuckles. She didn’t think anyone could make her laugh right now. Kristen is just thinking of Rachel. She just wants Marlena to talk to Brady about custody, but Marlena will do no such thing. Kristen cryptically wishes her luck with the orchid. It would be a shame to the people she loves if she were to die.

At the nurses’ station, Kristen overhears Rex on the phone asking Stefan about Rolf. She heads out.

After John visits with a groggy Marlena, who falls asleep, Brady stops by with a Sweet Bits bag. Marlena tells him John and Steve are off looking for a cure. She also tells him about Kristen’s visit. Brady is happy to hear Marlena refused his ex, but she needs to take care of herself. He knows John will get her whatever she needs. There’s no doubt in Marlena’s mind.

Rex and John enter Rolf’s lab, as he works. They need his help and is their only hope. Rolf cackles. Rex tells him they’ll pay handsomely for his research, but Rolf can’t help them. Elsewhere, Kristen waters the orchid.

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