From her hospital bed, a bandaged Gwen points her finger at Jennifer, who reaches out to her
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Wearing a plastic hair cap at the Kiriakis mansion, Nancy talks to Chloe on the phone. She frowns at herself in the mirror as she assures her daughter she’s feeling much better this morning. She hangs up, happy that no one can see how ridiculous she looks. Craig’s reflection appears in the mirror, and she turns around horrified. She explains the cap is for highlights that Bonnie suggested would perk her up. He knows it will look beautiful and hands her a bouquet of daisies and pink roses. He wanted to see how she was doing after Bonnie called him.

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In the Kiriakis mansion, Craig hands Nancy a bouquet of flowers. Nancy frowns, while wearing a plastic hair

Nancy can’t believe he’s there for her after she threw her happiness in his face. He understands where she was coming from. She thanks him for checking on her, and he reminds her she did the same for him after Leo. After discussing Clyde, she suggests they get back together, in a platonic sense. It’d be safer than being with someone new and risking getting their hearts broken again. Craig admits it would be nice, but they agree giving up on romance isn’t something they want to do. They want each other to find their happily ever after while staying in each other’s lives.

Wearing a plastic hair cap, Nancy gazes at a bouquet of flowers at the Kiriakis mansion

Julie and Doug put flowers on Laura’s grave, after visiting Abigail’s. Doug remarks that Laura meant so much to those who loved her. “Truer words were never spoken,” Mike Horton says as he walks up. Julie runs to his arms. Mike greets Doug as well and relays he’s there because Jennifer needs him. To Doug and Julie’s relief, they learn Jennifer asked Mike to get her into rehab. Julie suggests they head home for lunch, but Mike will meet them there. He looks at Laura’s gravestone and says it’s been a while since he’s spent time with his mother.

Later, Mike heads to the Square and talks to Tom and Alice’s plaque. He turns and runs into a newly highlighted Nancy.

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Nancy faces Mike in Horton Square

In her hospital room, Gwen snarks at Jennifer for running her over and leaving her for dead. Jennifer desperately apologizes, insisting she only remembered it an hour ago. She admits she was high and hallucinating Abigail when it happened. Gwen thinks she’s only there to save her ass, not because she’s truly sorry. Jennifer insists that’s not true and knows she needs help.

Gwen has heard this story from her own mother before, but she knows addicts lie. Jennifer admits she’s right. So, she’ll do the right thing and turn herself in. Gwen doesn’t think she’ll get clean in prison and tells her not to do that. She knows how much she’s suffered from Laura and Abigail’s deaths. It’s no wonder she tried to numb the pain. She declares she cares about Jennifer. She wishes someone had told her mother they cared about her. Gwen was too needy to be up for that job then, but she’s up for it now. She’ll tell the police she has no idea who hit her. Jennifer wonders why she’d cover for her. Gwen would like to see her do what her mother never managed. Plus, she can’t take her away from Jack after Abigail. It would destroy him.

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At the Horton House, Leo tells Jack that Gwen’s memory came back and she knows Jennifer was the hit-and-run driver. So, if he wants this to go away, Jack will write a check with a lot of zeroes attached. Jack asks if Gwen knows he’s there. Leo admits she doesn’t, but they did discuss it. Regardless, Leo wants a million bucks. After he threatens to go to the police and The Intruder, Jack agrees to wire him the money.

Jack comes to Gwen’s hospital room and informs Jennifer and Gwen about Leo’s blackmail. Jennifer explains herself, and Gwen informs him she will cover for her. Jack worries Leo will tell the cops if she doesn’t. Gwen orders her father not to give Leo a penny. Jack asks why she’s doing this. Jennifer answers, “Because she’s your daughter and she loves you.”

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Jennifer stands between Jack and Gwen, who lies in her hospital bed

After Doug goes upstairs, Julie finds Leo lounging on the couch with his feet propped on the coffee table, eating a donut, and watching cartoons. She turns off the TV and grabs the plate of donuts. He might not have killed her, but Julie knows what he did to Abigail. Leo counters they should talk about what Jennifer did instead. Julie demands he explain himself, as Jack returns. Julie leaves, and Jack tells Leo his scheme backfired. He orders him out.

Leo scampers off, and Jennifer returns. She apologizes to Jack for lying about the pills and for almost killing his daughter. She asks if he can forgive her. He’s sorry for not seeing how much she was suffering. She asks what she does now. “Whatever it is,” he says, “you won’t be doing it alone.”

Leo apologizes to Gwen on the phone as he approaches the Pub. He bemoans the legal bills he’s racked up with no one to pay for them. Craig walks up.

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Gwen talks on the phone in her hospital bed. Scrapes cover her arm, and a bandage wraps around her head

On Julie’s Place’s patio, Chad shows Stephanie his edits for her press release. She notes he made it better and appreciates having him as a sounding board. She’s been finding it hard to concentrate with Kayla being sick, and she’s worried she’ll start losing clients. Paulina appears and says the first one is going to be her. The election is only one month away, and her numbers are going down. The mailers haven’t even been sent out.

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Paulina sits with them and orders Stephanie to get things done by end of business. Because Stephanie won’t, Chad interjects that her mother is in the hospital, so maybe Paulina can cut her a break. Paulina softens, but wonders why Stephanie isn’t delegating responsibilities. Stephanie apologizes and vows to send out the mailers and set up a press conference. Paulina apologizes for her outburst and for her mother. She then suggests Stephanie delegate to her assistant here. Stephanie corrects her by introducing Chad DiMera. Chagrined, Paulina offers her condolences for Abigail. She then thinks Chad should join her election committee. Stephanie assures her she’ll hire enough staff to get the job done.

After Paulina leaves, Stephanie confirms the delivery of campaign mailers and then gets to work on the press conference. Chad admits he needs to keep busy, so he suggests she hire him. She welcomes him to SJ PR.

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