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As we get into Salem today, Will visits Sonny in the hospital to let him know that he’s being released soon. Their happiness is blown when Leo comes barging in with an edible arrangement and asks for congratulations for being released from jail. “What are you doing here, Leo?” Sonny demands. Leo forces a “Thank you” out for Sonny saving his life. Sonny insists he didn’t do much, but Leo says it was his memory of Clyde’s “sad and girly drugstore cologne” that saved him. He then asks for his job back at Titan.

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Sonny tells him to shove off – but it’s not his choice anyway. Alex is in charge now. Leo shrugs and leaves. Will has to leave to get golden doodles approval from the star of his project. Sonny says it’s OK, he can go. He’ll be fine, and so will Kate and Marlena. Will warns him that if he leaves, he may have to be out there for a while and starts worrying what the separation will mean to them.

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Sonny says they’ll be fine. They’re both following their dreams, but the separation won’t be forever. Will’s been waiting for this opportunity for ages, go do what he needs to. Sonny’s going to be here, hoping to get his “company back from my snake of a brother, Alex.” The snake then walks in.

Alex informs Sonny that he was ready to settle things, but not now that he walked in to being called names. Sonny goes off on how Alex is a jerk now and was a jerk as a kid too. Will gets fed up with their fight over business and tells them to call a truce and get over it. They begrudgingly apologize. For now.

Alex explains he was just in a pissed off mood because Stephanie bit his head off for asking about her. “God forbid I care about her as a human.” The boys then fill him in on Kayla, Marlena and Kate. Oops, Alex wishes he’d known that before being a jerk.

At the Horton house, Chad walks in as Jennifer gets off the phone, after which she lets him know she’s going to rehab. He’s shocked to hear she relapsed. She explains that her brother, Mike, oversees a facility in NY she’s going to go to. Chad apologizes for leaning on her too much and making things worse as she struggled. At least Abigail has justice now. “It’s not enough,” Jen says. “It’ll never be enough, but it’s something, right?” He admits he saw Abby, and he knows he needs to be strong now. Jennifer’s floored that Chad actually got to communicate with her, then she tearfully says she saw her too and recalls the car ride.

She let down so many people, but Chad says everyone else let her down. He wasn’t there before, but he is now. “You’ve always felt like a mother to me, and I think Abby would want that. For us to be close.” We are, Jennifer assures him. After Chad leaves, Jen again thinks back to the car ride the night before and is horrified to remember Gwen. “Oh my God, I was the one who hit Gwen. It was me!”

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Back at the hospital, Gwen wakes from a nightmare about the accident to find Sarah standing over her. Sarah wonders if she remembers any new details… or saw the driver. No, Gwen says, she can almost see the driver’s face, but she lost it. Sarah’s glad she’s awake, not to do any medical stuff, of course, but to have a little chat about Gwen’s attempt to frame her with Abigail. “What do you want from me, Sarah?”

Sarah demands to know if it was just revenge. Gwen couldn’t get Xander back in prison. Gwen admits she did all she could to separate them, but Sarah won in the end and got all she wanted, while Gwen’s alone, in the hospital, lucky to be alive. She then offers her congratulations and apologizes. As if. Sarah just sees bitterness in her eyes. Gwen’s not sorry. She then tells Gwen she “damn well better” stay away from Xander.

Leo then pops in, saying he just heard. She’s bruised, traumatized, alone and miserable, but she’ll live. He offers her chocolate covered strawberries. Strawberry. He ate one of them. Suddenly, Gwen remembers Jennifer was driving, and wonders if she did it on person. Leo happily agrees that Jennifer mowed her down intentionally, despite Gwen’s apprehension. He then goes off about how “we’re” going to expose her.

“Who is we?” Gwen wonders nervously. Leo says they’re going to blackmail her and make some money.

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Jack’s staring at a report on Gwen’s accident at the Pub, only to be surprised by Xander asking how he’s doing… and if there are any leads on the driver. Jack says the cops have no clue, which Xander thinks is odd since it happened at the police precinct. “Leave it to the Salem PD to foul up a crime on their own doorstep.” Xander then asks Jack for a job, he’s short on money.

He was going to beg Roman for a job, but says since Jack’s here, he’s a much better fit for an executive position at The Spectator. He knows he’s being cheeky thinking he could come in as an executive, but surely there’s something there. “I think Jennifer’s the one who hit Gwen,” Jack replies. He then explains what’s been happening. Xander tries reassuring him that he’s doing the best he can. Jack isn’t sure Jennifer would even remember what happened, he doesn’t know how to approach her with the news.

Jack needs to find out if she did it or not and Xander promises not to say a word. Jack needs to get home and find out what happened, so Xander offers to bring Gwen her lunch.

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Stephanie arrives at the hospital only to run into Alex who wonders what’s wrong as she gets off the phone. She snaps at him she’s fine, and he gets bitter, snapping back that “I forgot, I’m not following our rules.”

Chad and Stephanie run into each other just as Joey calls and she puts him off. Again. She then admits that Kayla’s in the hospital and tells Chad what’s going on. She was just there, Alex handed her a ton of work and she’s behind on Paulina’s campaign – she’s all stressed out. Chad sits down and offers to help. He’s done DiMera PR, he can figure it out, even if it is pitching in for Titan. She happily accepts his help.

In the show’s last few minutes, Xander arrives at the hospital where Sarah grabs the lunch and offers to have a nurse bring it to Gwen after her tests. She wants to know why Jack sent him instead of brining the food himself. Over at the Hortons’, Jack finds Leo waiting to blackmail him for tons of money. And Jennifer arrives at Gwen’s hospital room. “What brings you by? Come to finish me off?”

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Next on Days of Our Lives: Mike Horton returns to Salem, and Chad gets a new offer.

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