In a Brady Pub room, Kate sits in bed, while Rex looks to Roman at her bedside
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Roman comes to Kate’s room at Brady’s Pub room, with something that might make her feel better. Rex enters and gives his mother a hug. He thinks she should be in the hospital, but she knows there’s nothing they can do for her. Rex vows to figure out what’s making her sick. He’s seen the labs and believes what’s causing her, Kayla, and Marlena to be sick is a man-made pathogen created in a lab. As they muse on it, Roman suggests Rolf could have helped Orpheus. Rex recalls when Roman was sick in South America twenty-five years ago and wonders if the women have the same illness. Kate thinks it makes a strange kind of sense since Orpheus’s vendetta started with Roman. Rex rushes off to compare Roman’s medical records with the women’s.

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Stephanie talks to Kayla, who lies in her hospital bed with downcast eyes

Stephanie finds Steve at the hospital and yells at him for not telling her that Kayla is seriously ill. She had to hear about it from Eric. Steve was going to tell her when they had a better idea of what they are dealing with. They’re waiting for labs from the ISA, whose first test results were inconclusive. All they know is Orpheus is behind this.

Stephanie and Steve come to Kayla’s room. She tries to get out of bed, eager to check on Marlena. Steve stops her and heads out to talk to the doctor for her. Stephanie suggests they call Joey and Tripp. Kayla doesn’t want her brothers jumping on a plane, but Stephanie doesn’t think she can stop them. Kayla asks her to put a positive spin on it for her brothers. Stephanie calls Joey and lies that Kayla’s situation isn’t that serious. After she hangs up, Kayla admits she didn’t want to talk to Joey because doesn’t feel she can be strong for him. Stephanie assures her she doesn’t have to be strong for her. She gets her ice chips and gives her a neck rub like Kayla used to do for her when she was a little girl.

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An emotional Stephanie hugs Kayla in her hospital bed

John sits in the chapel and prays Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are given the strength to fight this. Brady enters and tells him Belle and Eric are with Marlena, who is asleep. John wants to help the woman he loves, but there’s not a damn thing he can do except pray. Brady embraces him. After John rants about the ISA not finding a cure, Brady gives him some good news — he won custody of Rachel. And it was largely due to Chloe. John’s so glad they reunited.

John and Brady run into Steve near the elevators. The men share in each other’s frustration and feelings of helplessness, but Steve has a feeling someone will crack this thing wide open soon.

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In the hospital chapel, Brady gives John an earnest look. The elder Black places both hands on his chest.

Chloe opens her Salem Inn door to Stefan. She reminds him she’s in love with Brady. Stefan’s just there to wish her a happy birthday. He asks what her plans are, but she doesn’t have any. “Don’t tell me no remembered your birthday,” he scoffs. She admits no one did. “Only me, huh?” he smirks. She confirms, but points out there’s a lot of drama going on with her family, and with Brady, right now. He knows she’s in love with Brady, so he won’t push it. He promises no more pop-ins and apologizes for making her feel uncomfortable. She knows it can’t be easy coming back after four years. He’ll get over his feelings for her, eventually, but in the meantime, he hopes they can still be friends.

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Chloe stiffles a smile as she opens her Salem Inn door to Stefan, who peeks out from behihnd a flower bouquet

Stefan pulls out Champagne and orange juice for mimosas. He toasts to “The most extraordinary woman he ever met.” Brady walks in as they sip. “What the hell’s going on here,” he asks. Chloe assures him Stefan knows they are just friends. Stefan adds he came by to wish her a happy birthday. Realization washes over Brady’s face, and he apologizes for forgetting. He promises they’ll do something fun tonight. Stefan offers Brady orange juice, after glibly confirming he’s still on the wagon, but all Brady wants is alone time with his girl. After Stefan leaves, Chloe consoles Brady over Marlena.

Back at the mansion, Stefan tells Stefano’s portrait he’s making progress. Slow and steady wins the race. And make no mistake, he will win. Because like Stefano, whenever he wants something, he goes after it with a vengeance. And he wants Chloe Lane. He will not stop until she is his.

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In his lab, Rolf works on his what is perhaps his most important project ever, as Kristen barges in. She needs him to fry Chloe’s brain. He tells her to leave, but Kristen orders Rolf to kidnap Chloe and zap her love for Brady. Rolf doesn’t want to return to prison, so he will play by the rules. He maintains he has more pressing matters to tend to, considering Orpheus released his deadly toxin. Rolf tells her the same toxin almost killed Roman twenty-five years ago. And if anything happens to Kayla, Marlena, and Kate, he could be blamed.

Rex runs into John and Steve at the hospital and tells them his plans. After looking at medical records, Rex thinks they should treat the women the same way they did Roman years ago, and pray that it cures them. John recalls going to the jungle with Hope to find an orchid so Rolf could develop a cure. Steve says that’s what they need to do — get their hands on one of those orchids.

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Back in the lab, Rolf tells Kristen that so far no one knows he had the toxin, which he was preserving for research purposes. He never meant to hurt anyone. Kristen points out he did though. However, he saved Roman years ago when Stefano ordered him to come up with a cure. She asks if he can cure the disease again. He’s been working around the clock and produces a plant that is the key to bringing the women back from the brink of death. This can save their lives, he declares.

In Kate’s room, Roman gets a text from Rex. Kate hopes his idea works because she doesn’t know how much longer she can hang on. Roman urges her not to give up because he loves her.

With somber expressions, a fully clothed Roman holds Kate, who wears silk pajamas, in bed.

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