In the graveyard, Chad scrunches his face as he touches his forehead to Abby's
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In the morning, Stefan finds a disheveled EJ pouring coffee at the DiMera mansion. As they discuss Clyde’s shooting, Stefan remarks he’s grateful EJ brought Abigail’s killer to justice. He thought he loved her once, but it turns out it was just an obsession. He didn’t know what love was until he met Chloe, but then Gabi got in their way. EJ is glad he agrees Gabi needs to be ousted from DiMera. However, Stefan’s shares might not be enough to give them a majority. Shin could restore Ava’s voting rights, so they need someone to switch sides. EJ plans to target Johnny.

EJ asks if Stefan knows why Rolf kept him alive, but Stefan doesn’t. They muse on Kristen’s involvement, but Stefan’s not sure who else. It’s all so hazy. EJ gets a message that Stefan’s shares are officially his for the taking.

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With a loose tie and holding a mug, a serious EJ faces Stefan in the DiMera living room. The latter raises a brow

Li visits Chloe in her Salem Inn room. He claims to be concerned for her mother after what happened with Clyde, but then brings up Stefan and Gabi. He asks about her feelings for the resurrected DiMera. Chloe points out she’s in a relationship with Brady. Plus, Stefan cheated on her with Gabi, so if Li thinks she can keep Stefan away from Gabi, that’s not going to happen.

In her office, Gabi looks at her wedding band, as Ava strides in. She just heard Stefan is alive. Gabi confirms and rants about Stefan claiming he never loved her. Not to mention, Stefan wants his shares back. Ava understands Stefan’s side. An annoyed Gabi points out that if Ava gets her voting rights back, she can’t be booted as CEO. Ava isn’t sure they can still count on Johnny’s vote though. She fills Gabi in and admits she feels bad about kicking him out. She kinda misses him. Panicked, Gabi urges her to go get him and tell him that.

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At DiMera Enterprises, Gabi and Ava have a tense conversation

Chanel leaves Allie’s bedroom and stares at a shirtless Johnny asleep on the couch. Johnny wakes and asks what she’s looking at. She picks his blanket off the floor and hands it to him. Allie joins them and tells her brother to leave. It’s been two nights already, and he makes more of a mess than Henry. Not to mention, he’s provocative around Chanel. Johnny taunts Allie, who orders her smelly, near-naked brother to take a shower and get out.

After Johnny steps away, Chanel asks if Allie is jealous. Allie asks if has a reason to be. Chanel made her choice and is not looking back. But it’s difficult when Allie doesn’t trust her. After Johnny showers and leaves, Chanel assures Allie she only wants her. If words can’t prove it then maybe this will…. she kisses her.

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At her desk in a stunning yellow dress, Gabi look somberly at her wedding band

Li comes to Gabi’s office as she looks at Stefan’s ring again. She thanks him for giving her space last night. She stayed with Rafe. Li still wants to marry her, and he hopes she feels the same way. Stefan arrives. While EJ takes care of paperwork elsewhere, Stefan tells Gabi he remembered his feelings for Chloe. So, it would be wise for her to move on with her life. Li smirks. EJ joins them as Stefan states he’s filing for divorce as soon as possible and demands the stock certificates. As the DiMeras gloat, Gabi states she’s still CEO and orders them out.

A wry EJ stands next to Jake at DiMera, as Gabi hands the latter a file. Li observes behind Gabi

Johnny strolls through the square with his bag. Ava sees him, deducing he still doesn’t have a place to stay. She invites him back to the Salem Inn with her. He agrees, and they run into EJ, who invites them back home. After his ordeal with Clyde, he understands more than ever how important family is. He won’t let more time pass being estranged from his son, who he truly loves. As for Ava, it’s a mea culpa for his unfair conclusions about her mental health. They agree to consider it and walk away.

Inside the Salem Inn, Chloe opens her door to Stefan hiding behind a flower bouquet.

Nancy comes to see Clyde in his hospital room. With a guard standing by, she asks if anything between them was real. Did he ever really love her? Clyde reminds her he told her that time and again. He swears he wanted to be a better man for her. She’s a special person, and he wishes he hadn’t hurt her. Is there any way she can forgive him? She tells him to seek forgiveness from his victims and their families. As for her, she will pray for him. Everyone deserves that. She leaves in tears.

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In the cemetery, Abigail wears a white dress and stands over Chad, who crouches next to her gravestone

Chad brings flowers to Abigail’s gravestone. There’s so much he wants to say to her, but he doesn’t know where to start. Abigail appears in a white dress and says, “I do.” She’d like to know how he feels upon finally finding her killer. A tear runs down his cheek. Chad thought he’d feel relieved, but he just feels empty. He doesn’t know what he’s living for. She points out he almost died last night. Is that what he wants? Clyde chokes out, “Maybe. Because then I could be with you.”

Abby gently tells him it’s not his choice to make. Chad thinks it should be because he doesn’t know how to go on. He doesn’t think he can. She takes his hand. She knows he’s suffering, but begs him to remember all he has to live for, especially their precious Thomas and Charlotte. And all the memories he has of their love. She wishes they could have made more, but every day, every hour, every second she spent loving him is more precious than if she had lived 100 years without him.

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A teary Chad holds Abigail's face in the cemetery

The greatest gift Chad can give her is to live his life and find joy again. To find love again. Chad insists there will never be anyone else. There’s only her. Abby knows he won’t feel that way forever. Chad wonders how he could ever think of loving someone else when she has his heart. Abby knows he will never stop loving her, just like she will never stop loving him. She lives on in their children. Doesn’t that help? He holds her close and sways with her as he states all the ways he sees her in their kids.

Chad strokes Abby’s face as she asks him to kiss her goodbye. He gently leans in and presses his lips to hers. They touch foreheads, and he tells her he loves her with all his heart. She loves him forever. Chad closes his eyes. When he opens them, she’s gone. He covers his contorting face and blinks back tears. Kneeling at her grave, Chad kisses his hand and touches her headstone.

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Chad crouches next to Abby's gravestone and reaches out to it

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