In the cemetery, EJ and Chad crouch next to Clyde's body. EJ holds a gun
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Jennifer drives at night with a bloody Abigail in the passenger seat. She vows vengeance against anyone who ever hurt her. Gwen leaves the police station and squints at blinding headlights. Later, Rafe finds Gwen’s contorted body on the ground. He calls for an ambulance.

Julie finds Jack at home with Doug’s pill bottle. Julie claims they never refilled it, but Jack informs her Jennifer did. Jack starts to rush out to find his wife, but Jennifer returns, rattled. She tells them she spoke to Abigail. Jack reminds her that’s not possible. Jennifer says of course, she imagined she talked to Abigail. Jack and Julie share a look. She explains she couldn’t just sit there waiting for word about Clyde, so she drove to the police station. However, she felt dizzy and came back. She asks if they caught Clyde, but Jack wants to talk about the pill bottle. She denies taking them and runs out of the room.

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At City Hall, Belle gapes at Shawn who points a finger at her

From City Hall, Belle rushes off with Shawn who gets word about shots fired at the cemetery.

After EJ shoots Clyde in the cemetery, the brothers gloat over the still-alive criminal facing damnation. Between gasps, Clyde asks them to call for help. Chad and EJ remark they don’t hear anything. Instead, they take in the beautiful night among the dead. Clyde’s head lolls, and his eyes close. As the brothers wish Clyde would hurry up and die, Belle and Shawn arrive. Shawn calls for medical assistance and spots EJ’s gun. Belle steps in as EJ’s lawyer and orders him to stay quiet. Chad declares he doesn’t need a lawyer because he has nothing to hide.

In a suit and tie, Clyde's body lies crumpled on the cemetery grounds

As Xander visits Sarah on her break at the hospital, Gwen is wheeled in. Later in the lobby, Xander asks Rafe what happened to Gwen. Rafe says it looks like a hit-and-run. Xander asks if Jack knows. Rafe pulls out his phone to call him.

After Jack’s left for the hospital, Jennifer returns to the living room. Julie tells her about Gwen. Jennifer wonders what happened. She hopes she’s all right. Julie knows Jennifer has been struggling and gets her to admit she has been for weeks. Jennifer cries as she recounts taking the pills until the bottle was empty. Julie wipes her tears. She doesn’t presume to know her pain, but she does know there is nothing more tragic than when a parent loses a child. But her life is important too. It’s important to all of them, but especially to her grandchildren. They need her and will for a long time. They all will. Jennifer sobs in her arms.

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At the hospital, Sarah returns to Xander and Rafe. She relays Gwen has some broken bones and possibly a concussion, but there doesn’t seem to be any internal damage. However, she’s sedated, so Rafe can’t question her right now. Since Jack’s not there yet, Xander asks to sit with her, so she’s not alone. Sarah leads him to her.

At the station, Chad recounts to Shawn everything that happened with Clyde. He says, “Clyde didn’t intend to kill my wife… he was after yours.” After Belle and EJ join them, EJ helps explain how Clyde wanted to keep him quiet about his involvement in EJ’s shooting, but he learned Belle knew the truth. Shawn can’t believe EJ was so reckless, but Belle defends him. She gets emotional as Chad continues the story about how Clyde showed up to kill her, but found Abby instead.

The brothers finish the story by relaying how Clyde overpowered Chad and EJ picked up the gun and ended it. Belle tells Shawn EJ had no choice. Clyde was going to kill Chad. The younger DiMera confirms, stating if EJ hadn’t shown up, he’d be with Abby right now. Shawn tells the brothers to stay there and hugs his wife. They exchange “I love yous,” and Shawn heads to the hospital to question Clyde.

Alone with EJ, Belle says she doesn’t expect the brothers to be charged with anything. Not if she can help it. EJ apologizes for putting her in danger. He should never have told her about Clyde. Belle doesn’t blame him. She just wishes they could have stopped Clyde before he killed Abigail. EJ looks across the room at a solemn Chad, and says, “Me too.”

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EJ brings Chad cold and bitter coffee, just the way he likes it. He owns up for not putting a stop to Clyde immediately. He failed them all. For that, he can never forgive himself. Chad says they both made mistakes and did things they regret. There’s no point in keeping score, but thanks him for saving his life. EJ confesses he didn’t do it for Chad. He grins as he says he just wanted to shoot him. They chuckle.

Shawn finds Rafe at the hospital and fills him in about Clyde, who is recovering from his bullet extraction. Jack rushes off the elevator and gets filled in on a stable Gwen. After he learns about Clyde, Jack demands to know what room he’s in. Shawn reluctantly takes him.

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Shawn questions Clyde at his hospital bedside

Belle returns to the brothers at the station. Trask is gone for the day, so she’ll speak to her on EJ’s behalf in the morning. As for Clyde, he’s going to live. Chad calls that a disappointment. Belle hopes knowing the truth brings Chad peace of mind. Chad tears up. He knows Abby would have wanted justice for her kids and for all of them. EJ hugs Chad, who blinks back tears.

In a hospital room, Shawn stands by as Jack demands to know why Clyde killed his daughter. Chained to a bed, Clyde drawls that he won’t talk without his lawyer. Jack unleashes his rage at Clyde, who thinks Jack is better off without his daughter, who was no angel. “That little slut, cheated on my boy,” he shouts. Jack explodes, but Shawn pushes him out of the room. When Shawn returns to Clyde, he declares he won’t rest until the criminal is back in Statesville. And this time, he’s never getting out.

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At Gwen's hospital bedside, Sarah and Xander look at the patient with compassion

In Gwen’s room, Sarah observes as Gwen slowly opens her eyes to Xander. Her face is scratched, and a bandage wraps around her head. She wonders why she’s there. Sarah tells her she was involved in a hit-and-run. Rafe joins them, and Sarah and Xander leave. Jack rushes in as Rafe asks if Gwen remembers anything about tonight. She recalls a car coming directly at her, but she couldn’t see the driver. She wonders who would do something like that and just drive off outside a police station. Jack’s face falls as he remembers Jennifer telling him she drove to the police station that night.

Back at the house, Jennifer can’t believe she went driving in her condition. Julie remarks she’s lucky she didn’t hurt herself. Jennifer adds, “Or anyone else.”

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