At night, an anguished Jennifer drives. An impassive Abigail sits in the passenger's seat
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie consoles a heartbroken Nancy. Chloe calls, and Bonnie tells her Nancy’s staying with her for a while. After Bonnie hangs up, Nancy beats herself up for falling for Clyde’s con. Bonnie doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with trusting and believing in love. Speaking from experience, Bonnie assures her it gets better. Nancy learned a lesson, and now she needs to believe in herself. She can’t let Clyde or Craig take that away from her. Bonnie makes her promise not to stop trying to be happy or believing in love.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie holds Nancy as she cries

At home, Jennifer looks at Abigail’s photo and takes a pill. She hides the bottle when Jack returns. He tells her he visited Leo. He doesn’t think he did it. Jennifer calls all the back and forth on suspects too much. Shawn calls Jack and tells him Clyde is the one who killed Abigail. For sure, for sure this time. When Jack gets off the phone, he suggests he and Jennifer go to the station, but she says she’s overwhelmed and stays home.

At home, Jack holds an anguished Jennifer's arms

After Jack leaves, Jennifer cries over missing her daughter. Abigail appears to her in a white dress. Jennifer reaches out to her, but a silent Abigail backs away. Jennifer confides she started taking pills again because she doesn’t know how to go on without her. If she just understood why… is that why Abigail’s there? Jennifer needs the truth so badly, more than the pills or anything. Abigail opens her mouth as if to speak, but just looks down at the blood stain on her dress. Jennifer reaches out to hug her, but Abigail disappears. Through tears, Jennifer yells for Abigail to come back.

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At home, Jennifer turns to Abigail who touches her shoulder

In jail, Leo sings the Salem Prison Blues. Gwen arrives and tells him Clyde set him up. So, Leo should be out soon. Leo wonders why she came to tell him, considering she’s the reason he’s in there in the first place. She grins and says, “Now, we’re even!” They both apologize, and Leo asks if he can make it up to her. She suggests he can help her decide what to do about her pill-popping stepmother. She thinks Jack deserves to know the truth, but she doesn’t want to make things worse between her and Jennifer. Leo accuses her of going soft. Jennifer’s pill problem is hers alone, not Gwen’s.

With a creased brow, Gwen stares at Leo behind bars

In the squad room, Jack runs into Gwen, who relays she knows all about Clyde. When Jack mentions Jennifer’s home alone, Gwen expresses concern. She tries to play it off, but Jack has learned to detect when she’s lying. Gwen tells him about the pills. Jack doesn’t believe it, but Gwen urges Jack to help his wife.

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In front of a window revealing the Salem skyline at night, Gwen crosses her arms and faces Jack

In the cemetery, Chad points his shaky gun at Clyde. He shouts, “I want you to tell me what you did to my Abby, or you have two seconds to live… One!” Clyde throws up his hands and calmly recounts going to the mansion to find Belle. He was going to fix it so EJ would find her strangled to death. But he couldn’t find her. Instead, he ran into Abigail in the upstairs hallway. He lied that he was there with a business opportunity for Chad, but Abigail spotted his black leather gloves and knew he was lying. She tried to call the police in her room, but Clyde stopped her and then spotted the knife.

In front of trees at night, Chad holds a gun and screams at Clyde, whose back is turned. Clyde closes his eyes and twists his mouth.

Chad’s eyes water and his face scrunches as he listens to Clyde, who suggests they stop right there. The rest will be even harder on Chad. Clyde turns to leave, but Chad shouts for him not to move. He wants to hear it all. Clyde continues that he picked up the knife and told Abigail he’d be damned if she ruined his life like she ruined his son’s. As he rattled on about her past with Ben, he relayed that he was there to pay back EJ for telling Belle he was the one who had him shot. Since he threatened EJ’s family if he told anyone the truth, and Abigail is technically family, he lunged for her and stabbed her in the struggle.

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Chad can’t believe he and his kids were eating popcorn and laughing at a movie while Clyde was doing that to Abigail. “Did you enjoy it?” Chad asks. “Did you??!!” Clyde explains that after learning about Leo’s list of enemies, with Abigail’s name on it, he knew all he had to do was take someone else out, and it’d look like Leo was picking them off one by one. He followed Leo to Sonny’s office and set the scene. When Chad threatens him again, Clyde points out he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet.

Shawn, Belle, and EJ arrive at City Hall but find the room empty. They wonder why Clyde never showed up for the wedding. Over EJ’s protests, Belle tells Shawn that Chad went after Clyde with a gun. Shawn gets hold of a tablet with security feeds of City Hall on it. They find footage of Chad grabbing Clyde, but can’t figure out which way they went. As Shawn and Belle look at different angles, EJ slips out.

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Draped, dark wooded room, Belle and EJ flank Shawn, who looks at a tablet

Jack returns home and finds just the pill bottle on the floor. Meanwhile, Jennifer drives with a bloody Abigail in the passenger seat. Jennifer vows to make anyone who ever thought of hurting her pay. She promises her daughter justice. At the police station, Gwen steps outside. Her eyes widen as headlights shine on her face.

In the graveyard, Clyde lunges for Chad’s gun. They struggle and Clyde pins Chad to the ground. He wraps his hands around Chad’s throat, declaring he’ll be with Abigail soon. A gunshot goes off, and Clyde topples to the grass, bleeding from his back. EJ emerges holding a gun.

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With a wall of shrubbery behind him, EJ points a gun at night.

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Days of Our Lives now exclusively airs on Peacock. To make sure you never miss an episode, click here. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

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