Clyde peeks through the blinds into a sleeping Sonny's hospital room
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Jada stops by Basic Black as Nicole works. Jada explains she’s there because she knows it’s Eric’s first day. Nicole snarks, did she bring him a lunch? Jada explains she accidentally grabbed his phone when… Nicole interjects, “When you woke up in bed together this morning?” Jada calls her out for being bothered by their relationship. Nicole denies it, but Jada accuses her of hoping they fall apart. She also calls into question the reason for, and timing of, her job offer to Eric. Jada feels like they are in competition for his affection, but Nicole insists she’s just protective. Jada takes that to mean Nicole doesn’t think she’s good enough for Eric. Does she know how that makes her feel?

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At Basic Black, Jada stands in the doorway holding a phone, while Nicole sits at a desk with her laptop. They exchange wry looks

Eric’s presence interrupts them. He asks what’s going on. Jada explains the phone mix up, and they exchange them. Nicole side-eyes them as Jada kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Eric asks Nicole about the tension between her and Jada. Nicole admits she lied to Rafe about offering him a job as a way to explain her visit to his room. So, she offered him the job to cover. Eric quits.

Nicole begs him to stay. While the circumstances of the offer weren’t ideal, they do need a photographer like him on staff. Eric agrees to stay, but only if Nicole is honest with Rafe about them working together. Nicole agrees. She’s not sure why she lied in the first place. Especially, Eric says, when her dream about him was so innocent. Nicole admits it was really a sex dream. Eric fesses up to his sex dream as well. But they’re just dreams, right? Nicole agrees. Yeah, just a dream, yeah.

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Eric intently looks at Nicole at Basic Black

After Nancy tells Chad about Clyde wearing a vanilla scent, Chad’s eyes widen. He asks if she knows where Clyde is now. She responds that he’s at the hospital. He rushes off.

Brady comes to the Salem Inn and tells Chloe he signed all the documents, so he officially has full custody of Rachel. He doesn’t know how the judge ruled in his favor after everything Kristen dredged up. Chloe grins and tells him about her meeting with the judge. She’s sorry she didn’t tell him, but she’s not sorry she did it. Brady doesn’t want to hear apologies. Because of her, he has his daughter. He says he adores her and they kiss.

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In their Salem Inn room, Chloe pulls a face as she braces for a response from Brady

In the interrogation room, Rafe questions Craig about his whereabouts since his failed wedding. Specifically the night Sonny was stabbed. Craig can’t believe he’s being accused of the crime as well as Abigail’s murder. Craig points out he wasn’t even in town. And the fact that Rafe is listening to Leo is an insult. Rafe asks for an alibi for both attacks. Craig will have his secretary look at his schedule and get back to him.

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At the Salem Inn, Nancy gesticulates as she talks to Craig. Behind them, Chloe leans back on Brady with closed eyes, while he scratches his head.

In their room, Chloe and Brady’s kisses grow more passionate, until they’re interrupted by Nancy. She excitedly tells them she and Clyde are getting married today. Chloe wonders why she’s rushing into this. Nancy wonders why they should wait. She’d really like them to be her witnesses. Craig shows up and tells Nancy he might not be able to be at her wedding because he was just accused of murder. They’re all outraged. Nancy knows Craig will clear himself with an alibi, and asks if today can be about celebrating her. Craig agrees to be there for her. When she leaves to get dressed, Chloe implores Craig to help her stop the wedding.

Outside Sonny’s hospital room, Will interrupts Clyde’s flashback to swinging at Sonny’s back with the knife. Will wonders what he’s doing there. Clyde explains he’s there for a drug test. After tense back and forth about their time in prison, Clyde says he’s so glad to hear they caught the guy who attacked Will’s husband. He smirks and leaves for his wedding at City Hall.

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Chad and Will look down at Sonny who lies with closed eyes in his hospital room

Chad rushes off the elevator and finds Will. He asks if he’s seen Clyde. Will says he was just there. Chad announces he thinks Clyde is the attacker. They go into Sonny’s room and wake him up. Chad asks if he remembers seeing Clyde when he was attacked. Sonny closes his eyes and recalls seeing Clyde’s reflection as he lunged toward him. Sonny wonders why he would do that to him. Chad points out the knife Clyde used was also used on Abigail. Which means he murdered his wife. However, his alibi checked out with surveillance video of him fishing at the docks. Sonny knows he saw his reflection though. How could that be? When Chad asks, Will tells him Clyde is going to City Hall to marry Nancy today.

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Chad says he’ll tell the police and leaves. Sonny worries to Will that Clyde could come back to finish him off. Will thinks he’s safe as long as Leo’s locked up for the crime. Sonny knows this isn’t just about him. Could Clyde have really killed Abigail? Will says Chad thinks so and is probably with the cops convincing them of that as well.

Clyde walks through the Square in a suit and tie. He pins his boutonniere and pricks his finger, which draws blood. Nancy runs into him. He assures her nothing will stop them from sharing a wonderful life together.

Jada comes to the station and asks Rafe if there’s news on the case. Rafe tells her Leo might be innocent and asks her to look over the evidence for anything he might have missed. After Jada looks at the surveillance footage of Clyde at the docks, she tells Rafe there’s a problem with it. She points out the timestamp has been messed with. Which means, Clyde doesn’t have an alibi for Abigail’s murder after all.

Chad enters the DiMera mansion and takes a gun out of the safe.

Chad narrows his eyes as he looks over his shoulder in front of the DiMera safe. Stacks of cash are piled inside

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