In the interrogation room, Chad's blue eyes bulge at Rafe
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At home, Jennifer looks at a photo of Abigail and pops a couple of pills. Jack walks in and Jennifer palms the bottle. She gets emotional over Abigail, and Jack embraces her. When the doorbell rings, Jennifer insists Jack answer it, which gives her time to hide the bottle behind Abigail’s photo. Jack returns with Gwen, and Jennifer thanks her for turning Leo into the police. Gwen admits she did it mostly out of spite. All that matters to Jennifer is that her daughter’s killer is in custody, but Gwen isn’t so sure. Jack has his doubts as well. Jennifer asks, if not Leo then who? Gwen relays Leo’s theory about Craig. Jennifer knows Craig is no angel, but a murderer? Why would he kill Abigail? Gwen proposes Abigail was collateral damage in Craig’s revenge plan.

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An anguished Jennifer embraces Jack in the Horton House

Gwen is sorry she was never able to make amends for what she did to Abigail, and she hopes her killer pays dearly. Jack thanks her and offers to walk her out on his way to the paper. When they leave, Jennifer grabs the pill bottle. Gwen returns and sees it. Jennifer claims they’re antibiotics for a sinus infection, but Gwen recognizes what they are. Her mother used to hide her pills behind picture frames too. Gwen isn’t judging her. She wants to help her. Gwen turns to get Jack, but Jennifer yells, “Don’t you even think about it!” Jennifer declares Gwen only has a relationship with Jack because she allows it. If Gwen tells Jack what she saw, Jennifer will make sure she never sees Jack again. She yells for Gwen to get out.

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Jack furrows his brow at Gwen, who glances offscreen

A totally “smitten” Clyde and Nancy meet at the Pub. As they revel in their engagement, Clyde gets a text message from his probation officer for a random drug test. He fesses up to doing a little bit of dealing, but now, her love is the only drug he needs. He wants to marry her today! Nancy’s speechless, but Clyde thinks they should double down on sticking it to Craig, who seemed jealous last night. Nancy remarks Craig definitely won’t be happy. Clyde wonders if she’s afraid of him. Nancy just wants to get married when it’s right for them, not in reaction to her ex.

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A wide eyed Nancy grins at Clyde at the Pub

Clyde proposes they get married just the two of them — today — because he can’t wait to share his life with her. Nancy agrees, but she wants to have Chloe there, and she will want to bring Brady. Also, Craig should be there because they’re family and always will be. Clyde wishes Ben, Ciara, and the baby were there with them. Nancy wishes Joy were as well, but they’ll celebrate with them another time. Clyde leaves to take his drug test, and Nancy plans to call Craig with her news.

In the interrogation room, Chad tells Rafe about Sonny smelling vanilla right before he was attacked. Then, when Chad saw Craig, he got a strong whiff of the scent. Rafe wonders, what’s Craig’s motive? As vengeance toward Leo? Chad doesn’t think it’s that crazy. He just wants the right person locked up. Rafe agrees to look into it.

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Craig gives Leo a menacing grin between jail cell bars

Leo stews in a cell over Gwen turning him in. Craig shows up, fully caught up on the case and how Gwen turned on Leo as payback. Leo accuses Craig of setting him up for Abigail’s murder and Sonny’s stabbing. Craig scoffs, but Leo knows it’s true and will prove it. Craig grabs Leo through the bars. He doubts there’s anyone who would miss Leo, but he insists he didn’t stab anyone. If anyone is framing Leo, it’s not him. Leo calls him a crazy, sadistic, stone-cold killer. Leo will prove Craig is guilty and then he’ll be sorry he ever met Leo Stark. Craig is already sorry.

Later, Rafe finds Craig in the squad room and invites him into the interrogation room for some questions.

At the hospital, Alex visits Sonny with balloons, jelly beans, and a stuffed pony. A disdainful Sonny accuses his brother of trying to steal his job and take over Titan. Alex insists it was Victor’s idea to take over on an interim basis, but Sonny knows he’s been making big moves. Offended, Alex declares he’s only doing what’s best for the company and starts to storm out. Sonny stops him. He apologizes for overreacting. He’s just frustrated being stuck in the hospital. Sonny gives Alex a few jelly beans as a performance bonus. He’s proud of Alex for the smart moves he made. They hug.

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Alex stands at Sonny's hospital bedside with purple balloons

Stephanie stops by with a request from a reporter about a deal. Sonny asks what about it? Alex shifts and says he’ll take care of it, but Sonny wants to know. Stephanie relays the reporter wants to know why an LLC owned by Alex bought a company and immediately sold it to Titan. Sonny is furious and accuses Alex of plotting against him since he got to Salem. Alex insists he only bought the company because Sonny almost blew the deal. He didn’t want him to miss the opportunity. Sonny shouts that Leo isn’t the only one who stabbed him in the back and orders Alex out of his room. After Alex leaves, Stephanie apologizes to Sonny. She didn’t mean to cause trouble, but Sonny now knows he can’t trust his brother and he never will again.

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At the hospital, Stephanie stands at the foot of Sonny's bed. Alex sits next to his brother as they both look up at her

At the elevators with the balloons, Alex bumps into Clyde, who grumbles, “Watch where you’re going, son.” As Clyde walks away, Alex shouts after him, “I’m not your son!”

Back at the office, Alex wants to tell Stephanie his side of the story. He invites her to lunch to figure out how to handle this mess, but Stephanie will handle it herself.

Nancy leaves a message for Craig outside the Pub. Chad walks up and tells her he saw Craig yesterday. He asks if her ex has always worn a vanilla scent. Nancy says he never wore cologne, but Clyde wears that scent. Chad recalls seeing Craig with Clyde in the Square.

Outside Sonny’s hospital room, Clyde flashes to walking toward Sonny while gripping a knife.

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