Brady confronts Kristen at the hearing
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Steve sneaks into the interrogation room. Orpheus chuckles. He’s been waiting for someone from the “Justice League of Salem” to show up. “Guess Cyclops drew the short straw,” he quips. Steve gives him one chance to tell him what he did to Kaya, Kate and Marlena. He clicks a pen and sits on the table, pointing it at Orpheus. The villain mocks Steve’s choice of weapon, but Steve knows if he hits an artery, it could kill him instantly. That’s exactly what’s going to happen if Orpheus doesn’t tell him what he did to Kayla.

Chloe comes to the police station and asks Shawn to testify that Brady didn’t kill Philip. Shawn can’t do that. Chloe declares, then “that bitch” wins again.

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Shawn talks with Chloe in the squad room

In Marlena’s hospital room, Kayla reassures Stephanie on the phone that everything is okay. Despite coughing, she lies that there’s nothing to worry about. After hanging up, Marlena says she and John decided not to tell their children either. Marlena coughs during a phone session with a patient. Kayla tells her she shouldn’t be working, but Marlena is just trying to keep herself distracted from the custody hearing. Kayla doesn’t know what judge would grant a child to Kristen DiMera. She then worries over Steve’s visit to Orpheus.

After more goading, Steve lunges at Orpheus. Shawn rushes in and pulls his uncle off of the perp. He orders Steve out.

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Shawn grabs Steve who attacks Orpheus in the interrogation room

At the hearing, Belle questions John about what kind of father Brady is. John stares off, thinking about Orpheus’ warning about Marlena, Kayla, and Kate dying. He wipes a tear and says he gets emotional when he hears someone question what kind of father Brady is. He starts to rattle off Kristen’s crimes, but the judge stops him. John references her alleged crimes to point out how Brady always put Rachel’s feelings first. John explodes when he brings up Kristen stabbing Victor, but reins it in.

When it’s Kristen’s turn, she calls John’s competency to judge her crimes into question considering his wife went on a crime spree for months — unnoticed. After bringing up the possession mess, Kristen asks where Marlena is today. What’s more important than supporting her own stepson? John stands and shouts, “Because at his moment she could be dying, you miserable bitch!”

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John, Belle and Brady surround Marlena in her hospital room

The judge calls a recess and John tells his kids what’s really going on with Marlena. Belle rushes off to see her mother with John, as Brady hangs back upon Kristen’s request. She tries to express sympathy regarding Marlena, but he rails at her. They each make threats over how far they’ll go for Rachel, and Brady storms out.

Brady joins John and Belle at Marlena’s beside. After expressing their love and worry, Belle gets a message from the judge and leaves with Brady. John sits with his wife as they marvel over how good they did with their kids. John fills Marlena in on the hearing, and she continues coughing.

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John holds Marlena's hands at her hospital bedside. They looking lovingly into each other's eyes

Roman finds Kate dressing in her hospital room. When he questions her, she states she’s getting the hell out of there. She doesn’t want to wait around there to die. If she only has a short time left, she doesn’t want to spend it like this. She walks past him toward the door. He mutters, “Damn it,” and follows.

At the Pub, Roman and Kate eat in silence before rehashing the situation. Chloe enters and asks Kate to testify that she doesn’t think Brady killed Philip. Kate flashes to telling Roman she knows exactly what happened to Philip and where he is. Chloe recounts what’s happening at the hearing and implores Kate to help. Kate will think about it. Unimpressed, Chloe leaves.

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At a table in Brady's Pub, Kate leans her face against her propped up hand, as she peers at Chloe. Sits across from them.

Roman declares to Kate he’s going to talk to the judge himself. She begs him not to do that. It could jeopardize the progress Philip’s made. While Roman doesn’t think Brady deserves to lose Rachel to Kristen, he concedes that it’s Kate’s decision. However, he urges her to really think about it.

Chloe returns to the court and exchanges barbs with Kristen about Brady, and Stefan’s bizarre return. After Kristen steps back into chambers, Chloe sees the judge in the hallway. She asks to talk with her.

Once the hearing gets back underway, closing statements are made. Kristen again accuses Brady of killing Philip, as Roman enters. He’s sure what he has to say will be relevant to this case. The judge tells him he’s too late. She’s already made her decision.

Steve finds a coughing Kayla at the hospital. She demands to know what he did to Orpheus. As Steve downplays his actions, she gets a call from the ISA lab. They return to John and Marlena where Kayla relays the ISA is having a hard time figuring out…. she collapses.

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In her room, Kate talks with Philip on the phone. He’s heading to therapy, and she tearfully says she loves him. Roman returns to Kate to share that he didn’t have to give up Philip. The judge already decided in Brady’s favor.

Chloe enters the hearing and Brady runs to her arms, relieved over his victory. Kristen knows Chloe did something, but what exactly was it? Chloe flashes to showing the judge a video of Kristen attacking her at Basic Black. She couldn’t give it to Belle, because if Kristen knew she turned it in, she’d work that much harder against her. In the present, Kristen declares this isn’t over and storms out. Brady hugs Chloe and Belle believing they’re all going to be okay now.

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