In her office, Gabi holds her wedding band and wistfully looks off screen
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At the Horton House, Chad and Jack muse over Leo’s perceived guilt. Chad doesn’t know what to believe anymore. After Chad leaves, Jack brings ice cream and sundae toppings to Jennifer, who looks at family photos. Jennifer doesn’t think she’s up for it because it was one of Abigail’s favorite family traditions. She doesn’t know if she wants to carry on the tradition without her. Jack suggests that next time they recruit the kids and share all their memories of their mother. Would that make it easier? Jennifer thinks it’s a great idea and agrees to the sundaes now. He hugs her, and her smile turns to anguish.

Jack and Jennifer laugh over bowls of ice cream on thier couch

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As Jack and Jennifer enjoy their sundaes, Jack recalls their history and credits his wife with saving him from being continually cranky. She taught him that loving someone with all their heart is the best and most important thing anyone can do. The day she came into his life was the luckiest of his life. “Mine too,” she says.

After dinner at the mansion with EJ, Stefan sits down for a glass of wine with his brother. They agree they’re cut from the same cloth — Stefano’s. EJ declares they can do great things together, beginning with destroying Gabi Hernandez. Stefan paces and loosens his tie. EJ wonders why he’s so hesitant about bringing her down. Stefan just wants to hear the whole plan first. EJ says Stefan needs to take back his shares, now that he’s alive, which could give them the vote to oust her. Stefan would just have to be willing to take her down. EJ asks, “Are you?”

Chad enters, stunned to see Stefan. Irate, Chad rebuffs Stefan’s proposal they put the past behind them. Chad will never, considering what he did to Abigail, who is dead. Stefan processes the news, and Chad shares that Leo is the main suspect and that Sonny only remembers the attacker smelling like vanilla. He goes upstairs to look for Charlotte’s stuffed bear and to wrap his head around… he looks at Stefan and says, “This.” Alone again, EJ wonders if Stefan is on board with the plan against Gabi.

In his office, Rafe holds Gabi's left hand and raises his brow

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Gabi stuns Rafe with the news about Stefan in his office. Rafe wonders how her boyfriend feels about all this. She tells him he’s her fiancé now. Rafe looks at the ring and whispers, “Oh, boy.” He wonders if they are moving a little fast. Gabi says when it feels right, it feels right. But Rafe wonders since she’s still technically married to Stefan, does she want to stay with her husband, or marry Li?

Gabi doesn’t know what she wants. She does love Li and wouldn’t have doubts if Stefan hadn’t returned. When Li proposed, she was really ready to put Stefan behind her. But how can he do that when he’s right there? She can’t just give up, right? Rafe doesn’t think Stefan’s giving her much of a choice.

Gwen and Leo frown at each other while sitting on the motel room bed.

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In Gwen’s motel room, Leo deduces that Craig is the real killer and is setting him up. Gwen doesn’t think Craig is so cold-blooded, but Leo points out Craig used to be quite shady. Leo rattles off how he imagines Craig carried everything out, but Gwen wonders how he knew about Leo’s hit list. Leo doesn’t know, but this feels personal, and no one has reason to hate him more than Craig.

Gwen picks up the phone to call the police, but Leo stops her. He asks if she’s going to turn him in. She assures him she has forgiven him for turning on her. She just wants to prove his innocence. He agrees to bring that twisted lovesick man’s life to a screeching halt. Gwen texts Rafe directly to suggest he investigate Craig.

Rafe receives Gwen’s text and tells Gabi he needs to look into it. Gabi leaves for her office and looks at her wedding band. She is so grateful Stefan is alive, but how can he forget what they meant to each other? Stefan enters her office and spots her wedding band. She notices he’s still wearing his as well. Could that on some level mean he still loves her?

At Brady's Pub, Nancy stands next to Clyde, who extends his hand to a glaring Craig

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At the Pub, Craig tells Nancy he came back because of Leo’s alleged crimes. He blames himself for dumping Leo at the altar. When Clyde interjects, Craig asks, “Have we met?” Nancy introduces him as her fiancé. Craig knew she was seeing someone, but he didn’t know it was so serious. Nancy remarks that Clyde swept her off her feet. Craig eyes Clyde and says, “I bet he did.” He goes to the bar to get them celebratory drinks. He balls up his fist and puffs out his cheeks.

At a table in the Pub, Craig leans forward across from a cozy Clyde and Nancy

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As the threesome sit down, Craig notes Chloe told him about Leo’s hit list. He knows she and Brady had to be on it. Nancy notes Leo hasn’t signaled that he’s after them, but why would he spare them? Craig believes it’s because Leo still cares about him. Despite Clyde thinking that’s a bit narcissistic, Craig suggests they go out with Chloe and Brady to celebrate the engagement — his treat. Nancy grabs Clyde’s hand and says that’s very kind of him. Clyde remarks, “You’re a real stand-up guy.” Craig’s smile darkens.

In the Square, Nancy says she wants to tell Chloe the news by herself. She leaves the men to get to know each other better. Craig confronts Clyde about his past. Clyde assures him he’s paid his debt to society and has stayed out of trouble. Craig doesn’t think he’s good enough for Nancy. Clyde points out that Craig is the one who deceived her for their entire marriage. He’s the last person who has any right to be judgmental about him. Craig is not proud of what he did to Nancy, and he doesn’t want to see her get hurt again. The last thing Clyde would ever do is hurt that woman. As her husband, he’ll treat her with the kind of love and respect he deserves.

Chad happens upon them. Clyde wants an apology from Chad for accusing him of murdering his wife so Craig can hear it was a big misunderstanding.

Craig glances to Chad who confronts Clyde in the Square

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As Leo looks forward to hiding out with Gwen in her motel room, Rafe kicks down the door. He handcuffs Leo as Gwen gloats that she actually texted Rafe to tell him a dangerous fugitive turned up on her doorstep. “You know what they say — one good turn deserves another.” She sticks out her tongue at him.

In the motel, Gwen scowls at Leo as Rafe arrests him

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