Sonny lies wide-eyed in a hospital bed
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Outside the Pub, Nancy comes upon Clyde making a cryptic phone about keeping something from her. He says he was talking to Ben, who is living the dream in Nova Scotia right now. Wary, she follows him inside to eat. After small talk about the killer, Nancy flatly declares she knows he’s lying to her. She doesn’t want any part of his illegal dealings, so they’re through.

When Clyde insists he’s done nothing wrong. Nancy asks if he’s cheating on her with another woman… or man. He promises he’s not. She demands to know what the big secret is. He pulls out a ring box. He didn’t want Ben to spill beans before he popped the question. He gets on one knee and promises to dedicate himself to making her happy. Will she do him the honor of becoming his wife? Nancy cries. Not too long ago she felt so foolish over Craig’s rejection. Now, to feel so wanted and loved makes her feel hopeful. He assures her she is those things and he’s lucky to have her in his life. She says yes, and he rises to kiss her.

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Clyde proposes to Nancy at Brady's Pub

In her motel room, Gwen looks at a photo of her and Xander. She remarks that he’s married now, so she needs to let it go. Leo urgently bangs on her door, imploring her to hide him from the cops. She counters she should turn him in instead, just like he did to her. Leo insists he’s being framed and she’s the only one he can turn to for help. He says she has no idea what it feels like to be so completely alone. She looks at the photo of Xander and declares that she does.

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Gwen and Leo frown at each other while sitting on the motel room bed.

Gwen relents and asks who Leo thinks is the culprit. Leo can only narrow it down to someone who hates him. Someone who really has an axe to grind against him. He concludes it’s Nancy, but Gwen doesn’t think she’d kill anyone. Gwen suggests his ex, Jackie Cox, a.k.a. Darius, as the culprit. Leo thinks, of course, it’s Darius, but then again, he’s been deported back to Canada.

As Leo ponders who could have set him up, he has an epiphany. He knows who it is for real this time. Meanwhile, Clyde promises to help Nancy put her painful past behind her — just as Craig walks in.

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Sonny lies on his side in his hospital bed facing Chad and Will

In his hospital room, Sonny tells Chad and Will about Leo’s visit. He is starting to think Leo really is innocent. If he wanted to kill him, he could have done it then and there. Will and Chad remain skeptical, but it’s a gut feeling Sonny has. A really strong one. Chad suggests Marlena hypnotize him. Will points out Marlena’s under the weather. So, Chad suggests he and Will help instead. Will doesn’t want his husband to relive that moment, but Sonny wants to remember. Will fills in for Marlena as he guides a relaxed Sonny through the night of his attack. Sonny recalls smelling vanilla. Whoever came into his office smelled like it. That’s all he can remember though.

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Xander reaches out to Jack with a desperate look at the Horton House

Xander visits Jack at home. He needs to know how to fix things with Sarah, and begs him for advice. Jack doesn’t have a magic fix, but also he kind of understands Sarah’s anger. Xander appreciates Jack just being there and realizes he shouldn’t depend on others to fix his problems. Jack marvels at Xander’s personal growth. Xander asks about Abigail’s case. Jack says Leo is still on the loose. Xander wants Jack to get justice, but he doesn’t think Leo is a killer. Based on his investigative instincts, Jack finds it very likely it’s him. Xander hopes they find him then. His heart goes out to Jack for losing Abigail and for suffering through the investigation. Jack thanks him and remarks that Sarah will come around — because she loves him.

Later, Chad comes to the house and tells Jack that Sonny doesn’t think Leo is guilty. Jack remarks that Xander doesn’t either.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah furrows her brow and points at Maggie

Sarah surprises Maggie at home. She thought Sarah would be on her honeymoon. Sarah says the honeymoon is over, and so is their marriage. She paces as she rants about Xander breaking up Nicole’s marriage. Maggie doesn’t understand why it’s a deal breaker considering the hell Xander was going through. When Sarah remains furious, Maggie warns her that if she leaves Xander, Gwen could swoop in. Sarah doesn’t think that’s helpful.

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Sarah also doesn’t believe Xander would go back to Gwen after everything she did. Maggie counters Gwen is very manipulative and would try every trick in the book to take advantage of the situation. Besides, Sarah knew all about Xander’s moral failings before she married him. And just like Maggie with Victor, Sarah shouldn’t blame Xander for his past. Sarah can’t believe her mother is telling her to forgive him. Maggie points out that Xander spent the past year and a half thinking Sarah wanted nothing to do with him, but he never stopped loving her. If that’s not for better or worse, she doesn’t know what is.

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Xander grabs Sarah's face and passionately kisses her in their Salem Inn room

At his hotel room, Xander tries to compose an apology text, as Sarah returns. She realizes she overreacted, but he thinks she is right to be upset with him. That may be, but Sarah wasn’t right to give up on him. She loves him and made a commitment to him. He grabs her and kisses her. He loves her too. She makes him promise that he’ll never pull anything like that again. He promises. She makes him a better man, and she’s all he needs. All he wants.

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