EJ hands Stefan a glass of liquor in the DiMera mansion
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Chloe is shocked to find Stefan at her Salem Inn door. She wonders how it’s possible. He explains everything after she lets him inside. Chloe asks if Gabi knows. Stefan insists he doesn’t care about Gabi. “The woman I care about,” he says, “is you.” He recalls the connection they were developing, but she reminds him he slept with Gabi.

Stefan declares Gabi was trying to destroy him and he should never have let Chloe go. But now, they can be together. Stunned, Chloe tells him she’s with Brady. Stefan reminds Chloe that Brady was helping Gabi break them up. Chloe says they moved past that and tells him to leave. Stefan obliges, but he won’t give up. He was given a second chance at life. He’s hoping she’ll give him a second chance at love.

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Stefan gapes and fixes his ties as he faces Chloe in her doorway

As Gabi interrogates Li about the night Ava saw “Jake,” Li asks if she is accusing him of lying. Gabi is just trying to understand what happened. Li doesn’t know what to tell her, but he did just see Stefan. She wonders if he was looking for her. Li states that he wasn’t, suggesting he went to find Chloe. Gabi thinks Stefan’s confused after being dead for four years. She knows the only woman Stefan ever loved was her. Li disagrees, remarking that Stefan wished the two of them well.

Li suggests it’s a good thing Stefan doesn’t remember his feelings for Gabi because her life is amazing right now. Maybe it’s best she and Stefan wipe their slate clean. Her future is with him now, and she needs to let Stefan go. Gabi appreciates Li’s support, but she needs to be alone. He understands and declares his love. When she’s ready, he’ll be there. An emotional Li leaves, and Gabi clutches her wedding band to her chest.

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Sitting at her desk, Gabi gesticulates while peering up at Li

At the mansion, EJ calls someone to track down Stefan, who could be the key to ridding DiMera of Gabi. Later, EJ makes a follow-up call demanding information on Stefan’s whereabouts, as Stefan walks in. EJ hugs his brother, thrilled to see him alive. Wary, Stefan reminds him they’ve never met. He’s only ever seen EJ wrapped in bandages. EJ quips miraculous recoveries must be in their DNA.

Despite their familial connection, Stefan points out they’re strangers. So why is EJ so happy to see him? EJ references their father and pours them drinks. He knows they’ll do great things together at the company. He pitches the idea of getting rid of Gabi and taking back the company. Stefan smirks, and they clink glasses.

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Kristen quesitons Brady in judge's chambers

In the judge’s chambers, Kristen accuses Brady of killing Philip in cold blood. He declares he did no such thing, but Kristen reiterates the charges that were brought against him, as well as his being drunk. She hands the judge official records of those facts. Brady assures the judge those records have no bearing on the kind of father he is. Besides, no one was hurt. Kristen’s actions, on the other hand, are a different story. He rattles off her past crimes, which the judge declares inadmissible. Enraged, Brady rants about her recent crime of threatening Chloe. The judge orders Belle to rein in her client.

Kristen tells the judge she doesn’t want her daughter raised by a homicidal alcoholic. Kristen says Brady was a good and decent man until he again got involved with Chloe, who pushed him to kill. Until Brady frees himself from Chloe, she doesn’t want him around her daughter. Belle stands to present actual facts in this case, but the judge adjourns until tomorrow.

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The judge looks through a file as Kristen questions Brady

Before Kristen leaves, Brady declares her antics won’t work. She counters Brady’s outburst will work against him. And that’s all she needs. Plus, she plans to present the fact that Victor retracted Philip’s declaration of death so Brady wouldn’t go to prison. She is confident that when the judge reads through his file, she’ll agree that Kristen had no choice but to tell her about him and Chloe.

Brady storms out and Belle appeals to Kristen’s love for Rachel, who will be the one to suffer. Belle urges her to work out a joint custody agreement. Kristen refuses. Instead, she tells Belle to convince Chloe to move on from Brady and on to someone else.

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In their Salem Inn room, Brady furrows his brow at Chloe

Defeated, Brady returns to Chloe’s Salem Inn room. He just wants to take a shower and regroup. He invites her to join him. Chloe would love that, but first, she tells him about Stefan’s visit. He believes Kristen is up to her neck in it.

After Chanel opens Allie’s door to him, Johnny says he needs a place to stay. He explains Ava was only helping him out and she stopped anything from happening between them. But, maybe, someday, when she’s ready, who knows? Chanel exclaims that Ava is old enough to be his mother. In fact, she is Tripp’s mother. He accuses her of being judgmental. If gender doesn’t matter why should age? He thinks she should understand they were just looking for some comfort. She softens and says she does get that.

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Johnny purses his lips at Chanel in Allie's apartment

In the Square, Ava clarifies to Allie she and Johnny never slept together, so she doesn’t need to worry about her hurting her brother. Allie is relieved to hear it and is sorry if she came across as insensitive. She extends her condolences for Jake.

Allie comes home to Chanel and Johnny exchanging a charged look. She tells Johnny she’ll think about letting him stay there. But why should she help him? He points out they’re family and family helps each other. Oh, like he helped Paulina try to break up her and Chanel, she retorts. He apologizes to both of them for his mistake. After more bickering, Allie agrees to let him sleep on the couch.

Ava sits alone in the Bistro and recalls kissing Johnny.

Ava glares acros the room at the Bistro

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