A grinning Sarah and Xander enter the Horton Living room. She wears a scoop neck, white, sleeveless dress. Xander wears a formal kilt. Jack stands behind them
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In their Salem Inn room, Sarah tells a towel-clad Xander she’s hoping to get reinstated at the hospital. She’s ready to get her old life back. Well then, he says, they should finally get married. She asks when and where. He responds, “How does today sound?” She asks to put it off a little bit so they can get a jump on the wedding night. They make out, and Xander’s towel drops.

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In the Horton Living room, Jack looks at Jennifer with concern

At the Horton House, Jennifer pulls the pill bottle out of the trash can. Jack walks into the living room and asks if something is wrong. She hides the pills, but Jack already saw them. She lies that they’re for headaches. He’s appeased, and then tells her he hired a lawyer to represent Gwen. Jennifer can’t believe he didn’t talk to her first. Jack points out Sonny was stabbed while Gwen was in jail. If that stabbing is linked to Abigail, then it couldn’t have been her. He knows his daughter is no saint, but she deserves a whole lot better than what she got from him. He asks Jennifer to understand. With tears in her eyes, she says she does.

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At the police station, Chad confronts Trask about Leo roaming free. She tells him Rafe knows where Leo is hiding out and should be bringing him in shortly. She is confident Leo is the one who killed Abigail and stabbed Sonny. Chad asks what about Gwen then? Trask replies she’s still in custody. Gwen appears and says, “Not anymore.” She explains her lawyer argued Sonny’s stabbing is connected to Abigail’s murder, so Leo’s statement was just a frame job. Trask doesn’t think Leo’s guilt proves her innocence and storms out to get answers.

Alone with Chad, Gwen again insists she didn’t kill Abigail, but Chad doesn’t believe her. Gwen mentions Leo’s enemies list and warns he could come for Chad next.

In Leo’s motel room, Rafe accuses Sloan of tipping Leo off about them coming. She insists she didn’t, but Rafe threatens to arrest her.

Leo wears a long, blonde wig and scrubs at the foot of Sonny's hosptial bed. Sonny glowers at Leo who holds the call button

Sonny wakes up in his hospital room to Leo dressed like a nurse. He explains it was the only way he could get in to see him. Leo asks who stabbed him. A groggy Sonny says, “It was you!” Leo grabs the call button as Sonny grows more upset and writhes in pain. Leo insists he didn’t stab him and encourages Sonny to recall their truce. Sonny remembers it, as well as being hit in the back. He doesn’t remember anything else, so he can’t clear him.

Leo ignores a call from Sloan and begs Sonny to believe him. A nurse walks in, thrilled to see Sonny’s awake. She turns to let his doctor know, but Leo, with his back to her, fakes a voice and says he already did that. “Right, hon?” he warily asks Sonny. Sonny covers for Leo and the nurse leaves. Leo takes that as a sign that Sonny believes him about being framed. Sonny does and declares, “Whoever it is, they seem to hate both of us.”

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In a hospital room, a nurse stands behind Leo in a blonde wig and scrubs. He glowers offscreen

Back in the motel, Sloan tells Rafe her call went straight to voicemail. Rafe rants about being back to square one. He calls to set up a quadrant search and then calls the DA. Rafe realizes Leo went straight for Sonny and runs out. Sloan calls Leo and tells him Rafe is on his way to the hospital. Panicked, Leo hangs up.

Trask returns to Gwen in the station with her personal effects. Gwen orders her to get justice for Chad and his children. Trask stomps off. Gwen has someone to thank and leaves as well.

Back at the Horton House, Sarah, in a sleeveless wedding dress, and Xander, in a formal kilt, show up. They announce they’re getting married and hoped Jack and Jenn would be their witnesses. The marrieds say they’d be honored. Sarah and Xander explain Maggie is meeting them at City Hall, but Jennifer suggests they get married there.

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In the horton living room, Xander wears a formal kilt as he lovingly gazes at Maggie

Maggie shows up, and Xander talks with Jack alone. Jack brings up Gwen, but says it can wait. Maggie helps Jennifer with flowers and asks how Jack reacted to the pills. Jennifer says she hasn’t had a chance to tell him. Sarah returns after freshening up and asks if Xander is ready to get married. Xander says yes and kisses her, as Gwen comes to the opened front door. She sticks her head inside and hears the commotion.

Sarah holds flowers and wears a sleeveless white dress as she kisses Xander, who wears a formal kilt

In the living room, Maggie begins the ceremony, but Xander asks her to skip to the good bits. When prompted to say his vows, Xander can’t remember his speech. Maggie suggests he say what’s in his heart. He tells Sarah that being loved by someone like her is more than he ever dreamed of. When he thought he lost her, nothing mattered anymore, so he reverted back to his old way. Then, a miracle happened. He looks at Jack and Jenn and says because of Abigail Sarah came back to him. Now, he’ll spend the rest of his life taking care of her and being so grateful for that miracle.

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In the horton house, Maggie marries Sarah and Xander

Sarah wipes her tears and says she feels like she’s been entrusted with a wonderful secret. She knows the real him. The Xander he was born to be before life made him bitter and angry. Before she knew she loved him, he became her friend. Her crude, pushy, unfailingly loyal friend. She found herself wanting to get to know him better. Something told her if she did, it would be the gift of a lifetime… and it was. Now, she gets to spend the rest of her life with the love of her life. Her husband.

In a white, sleeveless dress, Sarah puts a ring on a formal kilt wearing Xander's finger.

They say their “I dos,” exchange rings, and are pronounced husband and wife. Sarah and Xander passionately kiss. Gwen walks in and gapes. Xander turns and shouts, “What the bloody hell are you doing here?!” An emotional Gwen explains she was released from jail. She vows she didn’t mean to ruin their wedding. They are obviously meant to be together. She thanks Jack for having her back and states she had no intention of hurting Abigail. She just wanted to keep Sarah from Xander. She turns to Jennifer and declares she didn’t kill Laura. She hopes she believes her. Jennifer will think about it. After Gwen leaves, Jack makes a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Xander Cook.

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At Sarah and Xander's wedding In the Horton living room, Gwen faces Jack, Maggie, Jennifer, and the bride and groom

Gwen returns to her motel room where Leo’s been hiding out, and finds it trashed. She digs out a box from under the bed and pulls out a picture of her and Xander. She cries and curls up on the bed.

Rafe rushes to the hospital and learns a nurse was just with Sonny. He races to the room and asks Sonny if Leo was just there. Sonny says he just missed him, as Leo gets on the elevator.

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