As Sonny sleeps on his side in his hospital bed, Will sits behind him and touches his arm
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At the Horton House, Maggie and Jennifer talk about Sonny’s stabbing. Maggie then asks her how she’s getting through these days. Jennifer talks about Jack, but Maggie wants to know about her. Jennifer says someone has to be strong for everyone who’s struggling. Maggie worries there’s no one to be strong for her. Jennifer gets a call from the paper and walks out of the room. Maggie knocks Jennifer’s purse over and picks up a bottle of pills that spills out. She whispers, “Painkillers. Oh, Jennifer.”

When Jennifer returns, Maggie confronts her with the pills. Jennifer at first claims she refilled them for Doug, but eventually admits she was thinking about taking them. She’s just glad Maggie didn’t find her rifling through the medicine cabinet for an empty bottle. She confesses she’s been struggling since she lost her mom and then Abigail. Maggie apologizes for not seeing it earlier. Jennifer cries admitting she can barely get through the day. She hasn’t gone to a meeting because it makes her feel like a failure. Maggie knows that’s the disease talking. She says there’s a meeting at the hospital they can make right now. Jennifer drops the pills into the trash can, and Maggie hugs her. Maggie turns for the door, and Jennifer glances at the trash can before following her.

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In the Kiriakis living room, Alex blames himself for not taking Leo out when he had the chance. He tells Victor he’ll never forgive himself if Sonny doesn’t make it. Victor orders him not to turn this into his personal tragedy, but vows Leo will rue the day he ever laid a finger on a Kiriakis. Victor wants Alex to take over as interim CEO of Titan, so Sonny comes back to a thriving business. After showing Alex an article threatening lost confidence in Titan, Victor declares Stephanie needs to work full time to get this PR crisis under control.

Rafe glares at Sloan at the SPD

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At the station, Rafe demands Sloan tell him where Leo is. He shows her the knife that was plunged into Sonny’s back, noting Leo was standing over him. Also, the knife was used on another of Leo’s enemies — Abigail DiMera. She calls his evidence circumstantial, but Rafe pulls out Leo’s hit list. He’s not charging Leo yet, but he will talk to him. Either she helps bring him in, or he’ll charge her as an accessory.

In Leo's nightmare, Chad holds a knife to Leo's throat

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Leo wakes up in the motel panting from a nightmare about Chad stabbing him. He calls the hospital pretending to be Alex looking for an update on Sonny. He’s relieved to learn Sonny’s alive, but now he has to find the rat who’s setting him up. Sloan calls, as a spiraling Leo packs a bag. She claims she believes him and wants to prove that someone is setting him up. She asks where he is. After stressing about it, he reluctantly tells her.

After hanging up, Sloan vows to recommend Leo come to the station and make a statement, but she won’t tell Rafe where her client is. Rafe threatens to throw her into a holding cell. She relents, but insists on going with him.

Sloan intently looks at Rafe at the SPD

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Chad steps off the hospital elevator and sees Justin and Stephanie. Justin relays Sonny is stable, but still critical, before rushing off to see his son. Chad tells Stephanie that Sonny has to pull through because he can’t handle losing anyone else he loves. Will races off the elevator and Stephanie leads him to the ICU.

In Sonny’s room, Justin talks to a sleeping Sonny. He sings a song Adrienne used to sing to get Sonny to sleep. He cries and says he’d give anything to hear her sing that again. Will comes in and embraces Justin, who tells him they are just waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. Will sits with his husband, as Justin says the doctors are hopeful, but monitoring his condition very closely. Justin assures his son-in-law that Sonny will pull through. Will says, “He has to.”

At the hospital, Justin gazes at Sonny, who sleeps on his side

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Stephanie returns to Chad with a breakfast sandwich. She wants him to eat and then go home to sleep. Chad won’t budge until Sonny’s awake. Justin returns to Stephanie and Chad. He thinks Will is the best medicine for Sonny. Justin heads to the chapel as Chad goes to check on Will. Stephanie gets a call from a very business-like Alex, who orders her to come to the Kiriakis mansion.

In Sonny’s room, Will pleads with a sleeping Sonny to wake up and remind him not to sweat the small stuff like Gabi spoiling Ari while back-to-school shopping. From the doorway, Chad says it’s all small stuff. Will can’t stop thinking this is his fault. He could have made Sonny back off his vengeance for Leo. Chad knows Sonny would never have listened. It’s just the guy he married. Will agrees, “And I love that guy so much.”

At the hospital, Chad looks to Stephanie with watery eyes

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Stephanie storms into the Kiriakis mansion. After updating them on Sonny, she demands to know what she’s doing there. Alex shows her the article. Victor orders her to handle this under Alex’s supervision. They must work non-stop to salvage the reputation of his company. Through gritted teeth, Stephanie assures him she and Alex are on it.

Maggie returns to Victor, who updates her on Sonny. She relays that Jennifer is struggling, but she thinks she’s feeling better. Meanwhile, Jennifer returns to the Horton House and fidgets on the couch. She takes the pill bottle out of the trash.

At Titan, Alex relays a text to Stephanie from Justin: Sonny’s vitals are still holding steady. Alex attributes Sonny’s improvement to Will’s presence. He hopes to have what they have someday. Stephanie awkwardly looks around and then shows him her press release. He calls it amazing — just like her. She reminds him of her boundaries, but he ignores her by leaning in close. He thinks what she wrote about him is almost sexy.

Sloan and Rafe come to Leo’s motel room, but he doesn’t answer. Rafe kicks in the door, and they discover the room empty. In Sonny’s hospital room, Leo stands over Sonny wearing a blonde wig and fake breasts. Sonny stirs awake and looks at him with a confused expression.

At the hospital, Leo wears a blond wig, makeup and scrubs. He looks forward with a serious expression

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