At Titan, Sonny glowers at a contrite looking Leo
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At Titan, Sonny yells at Alex for texting Stephanie. In the Square, Stephanie reads the text that invites her to Alex’s hot tub to celebrate her partnership with Titan. She ignores it and researches where to go for a decent Cosmo.

Since he hasn’t heard back from Stephanie, Alex says he’s heading out for his plan B — drinks with Chanel and Allie. On his way out, Alex tells Sonny he does enjoy working with him. “I love you, Dummy,” he says. Sonny grins and repeats the sentiment.

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At Titan, Alex drapes his leg over the armrest of his chair while gesticulating to Sonny who glowers down on him

At the Bistro, Leo drinks a Cosmo as he reads an Intruder article about turning in Gwen. Stephanie enters, and Leo is taken with her style. He invites her to join him and introduces himself as Matt. Stephanie shares her recent heartbreak, and Leo shares his falling out with his bestie.

When Leo heads to the bar to get them refills, Alex walks in talking on the phone with Chanel. He sees Stephanie and quickly hangs up with his plan B. Stephanie again rebuffs Alex’s come-ons, as Leo returns wondering if she’s nuts. How could she not be into him? Alex recognizes him as Leo Stark and grabs him. Leo declares he was exonerated for Abigail’s death, but Alex yells at him for what he did to his brother. Stephanie urges Alex to let Leo go.

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After Leo scampers away, Stephanie hands Alex Leo’s drink. “You earned it,” she says with a smile. As they sit and talk, Alex learns she used to be a race car driver. He finds that sexy and ruins their friendly drink by bringing up the hot tub. She tells him to give up because she won’t just fall into his arms because he’s handsome. All he hears is that she called him handsome.

Leo heads to Titan and asks Sonny to get his brother to back off. Sonny wonders why he’d do that. Leo admits he was adrift when he lost Craig, but he has since discovered revenge is hollow. He sincerely hopes they can be friends. Sonny isn’t buying Leo’s contrite act. Leo says he’s truly sorry for everything he’s done to him. Too little too late, Sonny retorts. Leo hopes they can at least not be enemies. Sonny reluctantly agrees.

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A furious Chad visits Gwen in her cell. She insists she didn’t kill Abigail. Leo only gave her up to protect himself. Chad shouts at her about wearing the Sarah mask. She declares she wore it to frame Sarah, not to hurt Abigail. She swears when she left Abigail’s room, she was still alive. She wonders if Leo’s lawyer convinced him to go against her. She is confident Leo murdered Abigail as payback for Craig. When Chad isn’t swayed, Gwen tells him of a list Leo made of all the people he had it out for. All of them should be watching their backs, she warns.

Leo returns to the Titan office to validate his parking. He finds his hit list on Sonny’s desk with blood on it and wonders how it got there. He sees Sonny lying motionless on the floor… with a knife in his back.

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Orpheus smirks in the doorway of the warehouse

At the warehouse, Orpheus lowers the gags on Kate, Marlena, and Kayla and declares that one way or another, this all ends tonight. After he leaves, Kayla asks why Kate is there. She relays Orpheus showed up at the Pub right after she reunited with Roman. When Kate mentions she was chloroformed, Marlena scoffs that’s what Lucas used on Sami. Kate hopes Marlena can forgive her. She explains she turned herself in to make amends. She asks Kayla to tell Marlena to forgive her, but Kayla doesn’t think Marlena should. After Kate defends herself, Marlena relents.

As John, Roman, and Steve wait for word from Orpheus at the empty Pub, a package arrives. They open the box to a tablet. In video, Orpheus tells the men if they solve a series of puzzles, they will find the women’s location. But they only have an hour, otherwise, something unfortunate will befall the women they love. John knows that means he has a bomb. As the video ends, a live feed of the women displays and then cuts out.

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Orpheus’s voice pipes into the warehouse to update the women on the bomb in the electrical panel. Time is growing short for their men to find them, so he wishes them a fond farewell.

At the Pub, the men open the first clue which alludes to when their story began. They need a specific year to open a lockbox. Roman recalls partnering up with Orpheus on a mission that led to Orpheus’ wife Rebecca’s death. It started his reign of terror. The year was 1979. Those numbers open the box to another paper which laments Orpheus’s lost time with his family. They convert the letters of his wife and children’s names into numbers which leads them to an address.

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At the warehouse, Kayla grimmaces while bound to a chair. Steve leans in close to her while John uses bolt cutters behind her

John, Steve, and Roman burst into the warehouse, and the women direct them to the circuit box. Steve cuts different colored wires, but the bomb keeps counting down. He clips the black one, for John Black, and the clock stops with one second left. John cuts off the women’s handcuffs, and they reunite with their men, as Orpheus watches the live feed in a drab room. He says, “I’m sorry John, but the games have just begun.”

In the warehouse, Steve and Roman study a circuit box rigged up as a bomb

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