At home, Belle holds a shirtless Shawns face as she kisses him. His arms hang at his side
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In the DiMera boardroom, EJ moves to disqualify Ava as a shareholder. When he’s questioned as to why, EJ declares, “She sees dead people.” EJ recounts how Ava thinks she saw Jake. Over Ava’s protests, EJ urges Wei to make the final call about Ava voting. Kristen defends Ava, and Wei asks if EJ has any evidence. EJ calls on Li and Gabi to back up his claims. Gabi admits she was at the mansion last night, but she didn’t witness Ava hallucinating. Li also states that EJ is lying. In response, EJ plays a recording of Johnny recounting how Ava thought she saw Jake. EJ feigns remorse over the secret recording, but he didn’t have a choice.

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In the DiMera boardroom, Ava frowns and EJ raises his brow

Wei has heard enough. While he won’t remove Ava from the meeting, he will prohibit her from voting until a determination can be made regarding her mental state. EJ motions to remove Gabi and install him as CEO, but Johnny stands with Gabi, Li, and Kristen. He declares he’s voting for Gabi after how EJ just treated Ava. That puts the voting tally in Gabi’s favor. EJ glares at his son and chuckles. “I won’t forget this,” he snarls and leaves.

Back at the mansion, Ava rails at EJ, who tells her to pack up her things and get out. Johnny enters and declares if she goes, he goes too. Tony urges EJ not to lose his son over this. A scowling EJ relents. After Johnny and Ava leave, Tony hands him a drink. EJ throws it and screams.

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Ava and Li talk in the DiMera board room

At DiMera, Li and Gabi try to explain themselves to Wei, who reminds Gabi she only got her shares because her husband died. Don’t forget that, he warns. After Wei has left, Li apologizes for how his father spoke to Gabi. She just doesn’t want Wei to be angry with him. She thanks Li for backing her up. “Don’t you know by now,” he says, “I’d do anything for you.”

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gabi sees stefan fan fiction days of our lives

In the lab, Rolf attaches electrodes to Stefan’s forehead. He instructs the comatose patient to remember the last time he saw his wife. Stefan has a flash of kissing Gabi goodbye in bed. Rolf detects Stefan is having a sweet memory and presses a button that makes him convulse. Rolf next instructs Stefan to remember when he first knew he was in love with her. Stefan recalls being trapped with Gabi and declaring his love. Rolf turns up a dial to annihilate the memory. Stefan’s whole body trembles. Rolf continues dialing up the knob as Stefan has more memories of love or lust toward Gabi. Rolf declares today is the last day of Stefan and Gabi’s love story. “What God hath joined together, let Rolf zap asunder.” Stefan’s memory of marrying Gabi dissolves as he seizes.

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Stefan holds Chloe's hands on Days of our Lives

Next, Rolf prompts Stefan to remember his feelings for Chloe. Stefan recalls Chloe singing for him and telling her how good they could be together. A smile spreads over Stefan’s comatose face. Kristen joins Rolf, who assures her once Stefan wakes up, he will only have eyes for Chloe Lane.

In the park, Rachel accuses Chloe of trying to keep her away from her mommy. Brady assures his daughter that’s not true. Rachel pleads with her father not to let Chloe send her mother away. Brady assures Rachel her mother isn’t going anywhere. Chloe says she doesn’t have to testify in court. Rachel yells that she hates her. Brady knows she’s upset, but assures her everything will be fine. Rachel runs off to say goodbye to her friends, and Brady apologizes to Chloe. He’ll be back after he talks to Belle.

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In the park, Chloe looks on as Brady holds Rachel

Belle comes home to Shawn doing sit-ups in the living room. He coldly tells her EJ called for her input about the shareholders’ meeting. So… she better call him back. Belle doesn’t want to talk to EJ, she wants to talk to him. She knows Shawn is working through his anger over EJ, who obviously goaded him by calling the landline. Belle can’t take this anymore. She needs Shawn to scream at her instead of them politely living as roommates. She assumes asking him to move past this was too much to ask. Shawn admits hearing EJ’s voice was triggering. Even if he hadn’t called, he can’t get over the fact that she slept with him. He needs more time. Belle says no and kisses him.

In a black dress, Belle stands over a shirtless Shawn doing situps at home

Shawn backs away, but Belle doesn’t think they should wait for the perfect time. They need to go upstairs and have sex right now. Brady walks in, prompting Shawn to leave. After Belle bemoans the state of her marriage, Brady tells his sister Kristen filed for full custody. Belle believes the worst-case scenario is she’ll get shared custody. She urges him not to worry. Everything will work out.

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In their living room, a shirtless Shawn furrows his brow as he faces Belle

Shawn runs past Chloe in the park and confides his woes. Since Shawn invited Belle back home, Chloe advises that he has to make a decision one way or the other. Later, Brady returns to Chloe and assures her she doesn’t have to testify. He promises Kristen can’t come between them.

Shawn returns home and tells Belle this isn’t working. He doesn’t want her to leave, but he doesn’t want things to remain the same. He says he has to take a shower and invites her to join him. She would love that. They passionately kiss, and he leads her away.

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