At DiMera, EJ and Ava stand together with cocked brows
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In the DiMera living room, Tony tells EJ the caretaker finally put up a plaque in Jake’s memory. EJ quips that their dearly departed brother is still alive. In Ava’s mind, anyway. After filling his brother in, EJ expresses worry for Ava, but Tony knows he’s up to something. EJ insists he’s just concerned about an unstable shareholder upholding their duties. Tony retorts he’d have to oust half the shareholders on that basis. Perhaps, EJ responds, but today he only needs to oust one. Tony counters that even without Ava’s vote in play, he still has to worry about Li who is firmly on Gabi’s side. EJ smirks that he took that into consideration and went over his head. Wei Shin is calling a shareholders’ meeting immediately.

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Ava and Li talk in the DiMera board room

From the DiMera boardroom, EJ calls Rolf demanding he make Stefan forget all about Gabi. She enters, wondering why he’s talking about her. He lies that he was talking to his father about their relationship. They move on to discussing Ava and the company, which turns flirtatious. Li kisses her neck as they talk about long-term projections and stocks going up. They tear off each other’s clothes as they make out — until Wei enters. “What is the meaning of this?!” he shouts. Li looks up from Gabi’s neck, exclaiming, “Father!”

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In the DiMera boardroom, a half dressed Gabi and Li look off camera, gaping

In the crypt, Ava runs her hand over Jake’s plaque and flashes back to seeing Stefan, who she thought was Jake. She hears a noise and turns. “Jake?” she calls out. Johnny reveals himself. He saw the door open, so he wanted to check it out. She explains she feels close to Jake there. She recounts “seeing” him at the mansion. Ava knows he’s dead, but it felt so real. When she jokes she sounds crazy, he assures her he doesn’t think that — considering he was possessed by the devil. Ava thanks him for being so nice to her. He calls her a friend and a member of the family. So no one gives her crap and gets away with it. She chuckles over how Vitali-esque that sounds. He leaves to give her space to be with Jake.

Alone again, Ava tells Jake’s plaque that her love for him was real and it always will be. She hopes he doesn’t mind that she’s lying to his family. She did it for selfish reasons but also for him. To do all the things he didn’t have a chance to.

Johnny joins EJ and Tony in the mansion. Johnny says he was just with Ava, who revealed she thought she saw Jake. He is happy to hear his father was kind to her when she needed a friend. Tony stands nearby, eyeing their interaction.

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Kristen enters the lab and learns that Stefan escaped. Rolf recounts that Ava saw him, but believes she was hallucinating Jake. He warns Stefan’s love for Gabi is more powerful than he knew. He’s not sure it can be overcome. But even if he is successful, he can’t promise Chloe would return Stefan’s feelings. Kristen grows emotional as she orders him to perform the same procedure on Chloe then. Rolf notes she’s more agitated than usual. She explains about seeing Rachel and how she needs to be a family with her and Brady.

In the park, Chloe and Brady discuss Kristen’s fight for full custody of Rachel. Brady notes that since her pardon, in the eyes of the law, her crimes don’t exist. Chloe wonders what if she committed a crime after the pardon? She tells him how Kristen threatened to stab her at the office. Incensed, Brady shouts that he won’t let her get any form of custody.

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Brady and Chloe talk on the park bench

Brady calls Kristen who tells him he’s had full custody of Rachel long enough. It’s her turn. Brady counters that she threatened Chloe’s life. Kristen says it’s Chloe’s word against hers and she’ll destroy her on the stand if need be. Brady declares Kristen will never get Rachel back — ever.

At DiMera, Li and Gabi quickly dress, as Wei admonishes them. He leaves to freshen up. Gabi wonders why Li didn’t tell her his father was in Salem, considering he was just on the phone with him. He says his father has always liked to catch him off guard.

After hanging up with Brady, Kristen orders Rolf to speed up Stefan’s procedure. Rolf says it takes time, but he vows Stefan won’t step out of this room until he has been reprogrammed. Kristen gets a text from Wei, summoning her to DiMera.

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In the DiMera board room, Li buckles his belt and his shirt hangs open as he looks at his father. Gabi stands behind him

Wei returns to the DiMera boardroom, and Li apologizes to his father. Wei instructs them to call the custodial staff to scrub down the conference table because he just called a shareholders’ meeting. Gabi asks for what purpose. Wei responds that she’ll find out.

Back at the mansion, Ava joins the DiMera men. EJ suggests they hold a small service for Jake to honor his memory. She thinks that would be nice. He gets a message from Wei and acts surprised by the news of a shareholders’ meeting.

In the conference room, Gabi wipes down the table, as Kristen enters. She assures Gabi she’s still on her side, but warns that you never know which way the wind blows. Li glowers.

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As one of the moms watches Rachel in the park, Brady worries that Kristen has gotten into his daughter’s head. Brady wants Chloe to testify that Kristen threatened her, but Chloe worries about Kristen’s reaction if she’s the reason she never sees Rachel again. Brady needs to know if he can count on her testimony. She agrees to testify that Kristen shouldn’t have any custody of Rachel. The girl walks up demanding to know why Chloe doesn’t want her to be with her mommy.

Ava and the DiMera men show up to the boardroom, quickly followed by Wei. EJ starts the meeting by requesting Ava be disqualified as a shareholder and removed from the meeting. Meanwhile, Rolf attaches electrodes to Stefan’s forehead and says, “Life as you know it will never be the same.”

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