In a warehouse, Kayla and Marlena sit back to back, scowling
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In the Square, Alex tells Allie and Chanel he met the woman of his dreams: Stephanie Johnson. Allie notes that’s her cousin. Alex hopes Allie can put in a good word for him. They giggle as he recounts how she turned him down. However, he knows she’ll eventually see that they’re soulmates. Allie reminds him that no means no. Alex vows not to pressure Stephanie into anything. He’s waited his entire life to meet a woman like this. He won’t blow it by coming on too strong. When he walks away, the women quip that he’s totally going to blow it.

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In the Square, Allie and chanel face Alex

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At Titan, Stephanie tells Sonny she can’t work for him because Alex will hit on her all the time. Sonny promises that won’t happen because when it comes to women, his brother has a very short attention span. Sonny recounts finding Alex with Sloan, and they laugh over how Adrienne would react. That’s why he wants to work with Stephanie. Because they love the same people. She agrees to the job, as Alex arrives with flowers for Stephanie. She leaves.

Sitting on his desk, Sonny looks at a smirking Stephanie

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Sonny blocks the door to stop Alex from going after Stephanie. Alex declares what Sonny predicted came true. He met “the one,” and she’s Stephanie. Sonny bangs his head on the door and reminds his brother they have a strict no-dating policy at Titan. He can’t even take her out for coffee. Alex says he’ll quit then. Sonny retorts he still won’t have Stephanie because she doesn’t feel the same way about him. As his brother and boss, Sonny tells Alex to respect Stephanie’s wishes. Alex vows she’ll come around and like him.

At Titan, Stephanie rolls her eyes at Alex, who holds a flower bouquet

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Marlena and Kayla come to in a warehouse tied to chairs. Kayla yells for help, but Marlena knows Orpheus made sure no one can hear them. Marlena also knows John and Steve will come for them, but until then, they have to take care of themselves. Kayla recounts all the turns the car made on their way there and Marlena recalls hearing church bells. They deduce they are on the docks. Not willing to wait to be rescued, the women maneuver their chairs, so they’re back to back and try to loosen their restraints.

At a Brady Pub table, Kate, Roman, Abe and Paulina raise glasses

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At the Pub, Kate, Roman, Abe, and Paulina toast Roman’s birthday and Abe’s bid for governor. Abe follows it up with a toast to the four of them having a wonderful year. Orpheus enters and says, “Looks like I’m just in time for the celebration.” Abe and Roman order him out. He obliges, but not before cryptically stating he’ll be seeing them around.

Once Orpheus is gone, the foursome get back to celebrating. Abe vows that once he’s in office, guys like Orpheus will stay locked up. Kate suggests cake and Paulina says Sweet Bits could take care of that. Kate leaves to get it, and Abe notes Roman’s sudden lack of interest in celebrating.

Kate comes to the Square and asks Allie and Chanel for a cake. Allie coldly says they sold them all. Chanel goes inside to find her something. Alone, Kate tells Allie that Roman forgave her. She’s hoping Allie will do the same. Allie softens when she hears Kate pled guilty to being an accessory after the fact in Sami’s kidnapping. Kate tears up and says she will regret what she did for the rest of her life. Allie hugs her and agrees to let her see Henry. Allie steps away to see what’s taking Chanel so long.

In Horton Square, Allie clasps Kate's hand, as they exchange loving smiles

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Steve meets with John in the park. Neither man has a lead on Orpheus or their wives’ whereabouts. Steve blames himself for walking into Orpheus’ trap. John assures his partner it’s not his fault and that their wives know how to fight back. When Steve leaves to search his place for a clue, John gets a call from Abe. He tells him Orpheus put a damper on Roman’s birthday celebration and John dashes over.

Orpheus returns to Marlena and Kayla just as they break free. He handcuffs them to their chairs and taunts them while eating a hamburger. Marlena asks what he plans to do with them. All questions will be answered in due time, he replies. He tells them this party is just getting started and leaves. The women bring their chairs together again to try and get out of the cuffs.

In a warehouse, Orpheus crouches next to Kayla who is handcuffed to a chair

At home, Stephanie asks Steve about Kayla. He lies that Marlena and Kayla are at a medical conference. Stephanie apologies for last night. She knows he just wants to keep them all safe. She declares he does a really good job of it. They hug as Steve worriedly glances at a photo of Kayla.

John arrives at the Pub and gets updated on Orpheus’ visit. As they wonder what’s taking Kate so long, Roman gets a call from her phone. It’s Orpheus who is in the warehouse with a bound and gagged Kayla, Marlena, and Kate.

At home, Steve embraces Stephanie

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