In the interrogation room, Rafe questions Gwen
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In the interrogation room, Rafe slams the Sarah mask he got from Leo onto the table. Gwen points out Leo can’t be trusted, but Rafe knows she wasn’t at bed check the night Abigail was killed. Gwen insists she didn’t do it. She’d never do that to her father. Rafe invites her to convince him. Gwen admits to leaving the prison temporarily. The how doesn’t matter, but she left after Abby smashed her gift for Jack on his birthday. She put the Sarah mask on at the mansion to make Abigail think Sarah was hallucinating. She pulled out a syringe, they struggled, and the mask came off. Abigail realized Gwen wanted people to think Sarah attacked her so her rival would get locked up. Gwen insisted the syringe was only filled with saline and that Abigail was just a means to an end.

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Gwen continues that the two argued about Laura, and Abigail threatened to call the cops. Gwen begged her to let her go back to Statesville on her own. Abigail gave her one hour. Then she’d call Statesville, and if she weren’t there, there would be nowhere Gwen could hide from her.

Gwen again claims to Rafe that she didn’t kill Abigail. Leo did. Rafe doesn’t think her story gets her off the hook for murder. Gwen insists Abigail was alive when she left the house. Can Leo say the same thing?

Sloan comes to Leo’s cell to tell him Gwen’s been brought in. Also, she needs to hear his story whole story. Leo recounts his time in the tunnels including that Gwen wanted him to get a knife to stab Abigail. Sloan asks if he took the knife upstairs. He recalls putting the knife in his bag, but he only wanted to steal something as payback for Chad and Abby running his wedding. However, when he got to their room with his bag, he hid when the couple came in and had sex.

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When it was all clear, he used the knife to open the lock on the jewelry box. He recalls packing his bag with the jewelry and leaving the knife behind. He assumes Gwen came in and used it on her sister. He orders Sloan to tell Rafe his story and get him out of there. That’s the last thing Sloan is going to do. She believes him, but the knife puts him at the scene. She orders him to keep this all between them. At least until they slam the door on Gwen.

Gabi demands to know what Rolf is doing in Li’s Salem Inn room. Li says Rolf came by looking for work. Gabi declares Rolf will work for them over her dead body. Rolf ignores a call and quips he has no problem with that. She rails at him for refusing to save Stefan when she asked and calls him a joke and loser. Rolf defiantly shouts that she would get on her knees and thank him if she had any idea what he had achieved. What does that mean, she wonders. Li and Rolf exchange uneasy looks and then Li makes a show of throwing Rolf out. In the hallway, he orders Rolf to finish his job in the lab.

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Li opens his Salem Inn room door to Gabi, who frowns at Rolf standing behind him

Li returns to Gabi who is emotional over reliving the loss of Stefan. Li offers to help her forget about all that stress, and they make out. Later in bed, Li asks a distant Gabi if she’s still thinking about Stefan. Gabi just can’t get what Rolf said out of her head. What did he mean that she’d thank him if she only knew?

Alone in Marlena’s office, Kristen leaves a message for Rolf. She demands to know if he talked to Shin about making Stefan love Chloe. Chad comes to the door wondering what she’s doing there. “Trying to figure out why you’re such a terrible person,” he deadpans. She tells him about seeing Rachel. Chad asks about her call regarding Chloe. She explains she’s heading up Basic Black where Chloe is floundering.

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In Marlena's office, Kristen looks at

She changes the subject by asking about his bandaged hand and why he came to Marlena’s office. He brushes her off, but she knows he’s struggling. Chad spits that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Kristen insists she does care. He’s her brother, and he’s the best of them. She knows he’ll get through his pain because he loves his kids and is a good man. He’ll put his children first and not fall apart like she did. She’s really sorry for what she did to him and Abigail. Stone-faced, Chad says the time Abigail was on that island was time they should have been together. Time they’ll never get back. Kristen says he’s right. She’s of no use to him, but she wishes she were. She leaves.

At the Horton House, Jack wrings his hands over Gwen possibly being the one to kill his and Jennifer’s daughter. “I’m so sorry,” he tearfully tells his wife. He knows he made things worse by giving Gwen so many chances. Jennifer doesn’t blame him for what happened, but she needs him to get through this and look forward, not back.

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In Marlena's office, Kristen uses her hands to make a point to Chad

Kristen meets Rolf in the lab. She asks if he can erase Stefan’s feelings for Gabi. Rolf says it would give him great pleasure to wipe out his love for that she-wolf forever. Kristen needs Stefan to also have laser focus on Chloe. Rolf says one thing at a time. It’s a delicate operation, so he needs total concentration… and solitude. Fine, Kristen says. But she wants results. She leaves.

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Jack and Jennifer have a serious conversation on the Horton House sofa

Chad comes back to the Horton House, where Jack and Jennifer tell him about Gwen being brought in for Abigail’s murder. They ask if he’s okay. A dazed Chad leaves to make the kids dinner.

At the station, Rafe tells Sloan he’s keeping Leo behind bars. As Gwen’s led to a cell, she passes Leo, and they snipe at each other.

In his lab, Rolf taps at his keyboard and turns a knob. He looks at his flashing monitor and says, “Finally.” He turns to Stefan, whose eyes open. His hand grabs Rolf’s arm.

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