At Basic Black, Kristen scowls, holding a letter opener to Chloe
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Brady brings Rachel to see Marlena at her office. After Marlena hears all about Rachel’s trip, Brady gives her headphones so he can talk to Marlena. He tells his stepmother he’s decided to give Kristen a chance to see Rachel. He expresses his concerns about it, but if he doesn’t allow it, Kristen might fight him for full custody — and he can’t let that happen.

At Basic Black, Kristen dismisses Chloe’s ultra-thick report on a marina deal, even though she asked for it. Kristen states Chloe won’t get paid for her weeks-worth of work, and orders her to whittle it down to twenty pages. They argue until Kristen picks up a letter opener, threatening to drive it straight through Chloe’s heart. Kristen backs off when Brady calls to invite her to Marlena’s office.

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As Brady asks Marlena if Rachel could benefit from seeing a therapist, Kristen arrives, declaring she doesn’t need one. Rachel runs to her arms. Kristen shows her the Valentine she always keeps with her and gives Rachel a locket with a picture of the three of them together. Brady scowls. After Marlena takes Rachel to the cafeteria, Brady lashes out at Kristen for giving Rachel hope they will be a family again. Kristen wonders, “Who says we won’t?” Brady declares they will never get back together. Just because Rachel wants Kristen in her life doesn’t mean he’ll do whatever she wants. Kristen asks when she gets to see Rachel again. Brady responds she’ll see her when she’s the mother Rachel deserves. He storms out.

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In his Salem Inn room, Li grins and reaches out to Rolf, who crosses his arms

While Li is on the phone with Gabi, Rolf comes to his room. After Li hangs up, Rolf yells at him for trying to kill Stefano’s son. Li knows he doesn’t care about Stefan. He’s just a science project to him. Rolf mentions Kristen’s wrath, and Li relays his new plan for Stefan placated her. He asks Rolf if he can make Stefan forget he ever loved Gabi. Rolf says that’s not his area of expertise, but Li has faith in him. If anyone can make Stefan fall back in love with Chloe Lane, it’s him. He orders Rolf to get back to the lab and get working on Stefan.

Gabi eats lunch alone in the park, as Johnny runs by. He stops and awkwardly says he owes her an apology. She mentions they almost had sex on her desk, which he’s surprised to hear about. What he is sorry for is coming between her and Jake. Gabi says he actually did her a favor. He exposed the cracks in their relationship and now she and Li are together. He wishes her the best and runs off.

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A shirtless Johnny peers down at Gabi sitting on a park bench

Later, Chloe bursts through Gabi’s office door. She says Kristen just tried to kill her. She can’t live like this. Gabi suggests she resign, but Chloe points out she has a son to support. Chloe urges her to talk to Kristen, but Gabi can’t have Kristen turning on her. Chloe thinks this is about Stefan. She brings up being happy with him until Gabi swooped in. Gabi tears up as she recounts that her being with Stefan wasn’t about hurting her. Their marriage of convenience turned to true love. Chloe apologizes. She was hurt when it happened, but Gabi and Stefan were meant to be. “Until the day he died,” Gabi says. Gabi agrees to do what she can with Kristen, but warns Chloe that she won’t quit. Chloe knows, but she’s not the only one who can play hardball.

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At DiMera Enterprises, Gabi clutches her necklace while talking to Chloe

At the mansion, EJ threatens to tell Rafe what he overheard between Ava and Gwen. Ava hands him a phone. He thinks she’s bluffing and orders her to sign over Jake’s shares to him. Ava doesn’t think Rafe will believe anything EJ has to say, but encourages him to try it. He relents. He doesn’t need to inform the police just yet. Leo’s on the hook for Abigail’s murder now, but if he comes up with an alibi, then he will make that call. Ava warns if she were to give up her shares, she’d give them to Kristen because she actually gets along with her. EJ warns that Kristen would never betray family. Ava retorts she’s family now.

As they bicker, Johnny comes home. Ava stomps out and Johnny defends her to his father. EJ doesn’t think Jake’s “poor widow” is as grief stricken as Johnny seems to think.

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Sitting on a DiMera bed, a fully clothed Johnny and Ava hug

Johnny comes to Ava’s room and finds her crying. He apologizes for his father’s behavior. She assures him she’s no pushover. He asks why she was crying and she recounts all of her recent loses, She’ll be okay though. She always is. Johnny offers to listen if she needs someone to talk to. They hug as a scowling EJ passes by.

At Basic Black, Rachel shows Chloe her locket with the photo of Kristen and Brady. She says she wants to be a family again.

Marlena returns to her office and tells Kristen that Rachel wanted to see Chloe, so she and Brady left. Also, Brady and Chloe love each other and nothing she does can change that.

Li opens his Salem Inn door to Gabi, who sees Rolf in the room. “What do you two have to meet about,” she demands to know.

Li opens his Salem Inn room door to Gabi, who frowns at Rolf standing behind him

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gwen gives her version of events, and Gabi grows suspicious.

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