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As we get into Salem, Kayla thanks Steve for flowers… that he didn’t send. They muse that one of the kids sent them, but they’re actually from Orpheus! Steve hurries Kayla away from the gift and starts searching for a bomb. He doesn’t find one, but still tells Kayla this was a threat and says he’s going to deliver his own message to Orpheus — by killing him! “Are you insane?? Put that gun back!”

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Kayla tells Steve that Orpheus is playing mind games and to just ignore them. He wouldn’t be eager to put himself back in prison. Steve can watch him like a hawk, but this is too far. He can’t take matters into his own hands, no matter what Orpheus is planning. If he kills Orpheus, he’ll go to prison. Fine, Steve says, she has his word he won’t kill him. For now. He escorts Kayla to the hospital, where they get an alert from the home alarm. But it stopped. Kayla says it’s always malfunctioning just before Steve leaves to check it out.

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Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny greats a random woman in the living room who’s made herself right at home. Alex arrives and introduces her with the wrong name. After a few missteps with Lisa Sloan, Alex casually mentions striking out with Gabi and hitting on Allie. Sloan wanders off annoyed, then after a bit more sparring between brothers, lets herself out.

Alex calls his brother out for being judgmental over casual sex and Sonny counters by saying Alex uses people. Sonny tries insisting that everyone wants love, but Alex just says all that sounds boring and suffocating, which prompts his brother to go off on how important a loving partner is to him. Alex points out that he’s suddenly gotten incredibly defensive.

As Sonny’s about to leave in disgust, Alex spots the article that Leo’s a suspect in Abigail’s murder. Sonny blames himself for her death, because he roped Chad and Abigail into helping break up Leo and Craig. Sonny tries calling Chad to see how he’s doing, but gets voicemail. Was Leo really that angry, Alexander asks. Sonny tells his brother about Leo drugging him, and Alex gets upset and says that was sexual assault and wants to know why he didn’t say anything before. Sonny admits he was embarrassed, but Alex is ready to take Leo down. Sonny still doesn’t think Leo would kill anyone.

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Before they head off to work, Sonny then gets an email about the company he wanted to buy until it fell through. The LLC that stole it is offering to sell it to Titan. Alex says he should jump on it, but Sonny doesn’t trust it. Why is Sonny so suspicious? Something’s wrong, he says, and he’s passing, no matter how much Alex tries to convince him otherwise. “Damn, bro, trying to help you out here,” he mutters to himself after Sonny leaves.

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Chad and Jada, meanwhile, arrive at the DiMera mansion, determined to find proof that Leo killed Abigail. After commenting on Stefano’s portrait, she incredulously follows Chad through the secret panel to the basement. As Chad explains the tunnels and their sordid history, Jada wonders why they don’t just seal them off. “Where else would we store wine?” Spotting Leo’s breakfast plate still in the wine room, they begin looking for the murder weapon. Jada asks how Leo knew about the tunnels and Chad says one person comes to mind.

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Gwen greets Jack at her hotel room, who informs her that Leo’s in custody for killing Aibgail. He questions Gwen over whether Leo hinted at killing his daughter, but she stays mum, pretending not to remember their conversation. Gwen insists “Matty Cooper” isn’t capable of murder, but Jack says he had a motive and was hungry for revenge. No, Gwen tells him, Leo wouldn’t do that. If Leo didn’t, then who did?

She says she wishes he could help him, but then Chad shows up at her door and informs both that they found evidence Leo was hiding out in the secret room. He accuses Gwen of telling Leo about the tunnels and helping him plan Abigail’s murder. Jack jumps to his daughter’s defense, but Chad doesn’t buy it. She had more than enough motive. “Those tunnels,” she insists, “they’re not exactly Salem’s best kept secret!” Chad admits she may not have known about Leo’s murderous plan, but she still told him about the tunnels. She begs him to listen to her, but he refuses and storms out after threatening her.

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In the SPD, Leo flirts flippantly with Shawn as he comes in to question him some more. Shawn offers him a deal to talk to the DA if he confesses to murder. Leo insists he did not kill anyone, but Shawn says Clyde proved that he was there. Leo claims ignorance, saying he’s framed, but Shawn wants to know why Clyde would blame him. Struck by inspiration, Leo blames Nancy and says the police have nothing that’ll stick.

Jada arrives back at police headquarters and tells Shawn she thinks she “cracked this case wide open.” They get talking about the tunnels and the secret passageway and he mentions his mom and sister-in-law have been held captive down there.  “What is it with everyone in this town acting like that’s completely normal?”

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Just then Sloan walks in. She’s Leo’s attorney. She tells him that the police have nothing. A kid and ex-con aren’t credible, and they’re leaving. Before they can slip out, Jada bursts in with proof that Leo was in the basement — the fork they grabbed has his fingerprints.

In the show’s last few minutes, Steve gets back home and bursts in with gone drawn… on Stephanie! “Poppa, don’t shoot!” Chad tries pulling himself together with a drink at the Hortons’, only to shatter the glass. He heads over to the hospital to see Kayla.

Gwen tells Jack that Chad is wrong, and Jack agrees, saying Chad just needs to calm down. God willing, Gwen tearfully thanks her dad for defending her. Despite Sloan informing the cops that their evidence is circumstantial, Shawn says he’s got enough to lock Leo up.  “I did not kill Abigail,” Leo tells them… “but I know who did it. I can prove it.”

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