In Rolf's lab, Kristen points over her shoulder while glaring at Li
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As Alex gawks at Gabi in the Bistro, Allie calls her over to meet him, and an equally impressed Chanel. Gabi sits at their table as Allie explains to Alex she’s Arianna’s mother. Alex can’t believe they haven’t crossed paths before, noting her photos don’t do her justice. Alex leaves to get more drinks, and Chanel fangirls over Gabi because she’s Gabi Chic’s best customer. Alex returns to flirt more, but Allie tells him Gabi has a boyfriend.

Alex has heard of Li and mentions that he’s working at Titan. He hopes she doesn’t mind a little friendly competition. Gabi lives for it. Allie and Chanel grin over their continued banter. The foursome make plans to go out again, with Li of course, before Gabi leaves. Chanel and Allie rib Alex about striking out with three women. He says the night is young and suggests they go home and shower together. They decline.

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At the Bistro, Gabi, Chanel, Allie and Alex gather around a table

Abe and Paulina come to the Pub as it’s closing. Roman holds a baby monitor since he’s watching Henry and gets them all drinks. Paulina brings up Abe’s gubernatorial run and Roman senses Abe’s hesitation. Paulina was hoping he could help convince Abe to get onboard. While Roman’s all for it, he thinks it should be Abe’s decision. Paulina agrees to drop it for now and then asks Roman when he’s going to change his mind about Kate.

After Paulina pleads Kate’s case, Roman explains he knows what it’s like to have a child go to prison. He could have pulled strings, but he let Eric pay for the DUI that killed Daniel. Still, Paulina advises that when you find love, you shouldn’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Roman says if Kate can’t stop coddling her kids, nothing will change between them.

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At the Pub, Abe eyes Paulina who makes an animated point to Roman

At a table in the Square, Lucas tells Kate he changed his plea to guilty. Kate explodes, but Lucas explains he is confessing to earn back Allie’s respect. Also, he’s already been sentenced and headed to Statesville for three years for second-degree kidnapping. He asked her there today to say goodbye. They stand and hug. Kate’s more proud of him than she’s ever been. Lucas says he has to tell Allie now and Kate asks him to put a good word in for her. Kate cries as she tells Lucas how much she loves him.

Kate comes to the Pub as Abe and Paulina are about to leave. Paulina pretends to fumble with her purse so she can witness Kate and Roman’s interaction. Kate tells Roman Lucas pled guilty and she’s going to confess to being an accessory after the fact. Roman wonders why she’d do that. She responds that it’s never too late to do the right thing.

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At a table in the Square, Lucas talks with Kate

Back at the Bistro, Alex says his offer stands if Chanel and Allie ever want to try a threesome. He leaves to get a drink and Chanel asks Allie if she’d ever think of doing that. Before Allie can answer, Lucas calls.

After Chloe hangs up with Nancy in her Salem Inn room, she tells Brady that Clyde identified Leo at the police station. Brady’s attention drifts. He tells Chloe that Kristen threatened to go after custody of Rachel. It’d be hard, but he’s open to shared custody for Rachel’s sake. Though, he worries Kristen will go after full custody and possibly run off with his daughter. Chloe knows Kristen won’t go anywhere that Brady can’t find her. Brady promises Kristen is not a threat to them and kisses her. They grow more passionate and end up in bed. After, Brady tells Chloe he loves her.

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Dressed in all black, Li emerges from blue curtains and gives Kristen a menacing look

As Kristen enters Rolf’s lab, Li emerges from behind a curtain. Kristen asks, “What the hell are you doing here?” Li says he just found out about this lab and he came to investigate. A machine beeps, and a panicked Kristen whips back the curtain to Stefan. Li smirks as Kristen scrambles to turn the power back on to his machines. She demands to know why he is trying to kill her brother. He plays dumb, but she realizes he’s the reason Rolf is delaying bringing Stefan back.

Li admits he has been funding this operation because he thought Stefan’s resurrection would give him leverage at DiMera. Kristen cackles over it backfiring on him when he started dating Gabi. Li knows he can win her heart, but he needs more time. Kristen tells Li he’s done. She’s in charge of her brother’s care now. She pulls out her phone to call Rolf.

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Li stops her, suggesting Stefan’s revival could benefit them both. He reminds Kristen that Stefan was once interested in Chloe. Perhaps Rolf could revive the dying embers of the torch Stefan once carried for her and breathe new life into it, which would give Kristen a clear path to Brady. Kristen likes the plan, but she can’t forget he was just trying to kill Stefan. Li smirks that plans change. Kristen also points out there’s no guarantee that Chloe would reciprocate Stefan’s feelings. Li retorts, one step at a time.

After Li’s gone back to Gabi, Kristen tells a comatose Stefan, that if he can help her get her family back, he will be her favorite little brother.

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