In Horton Square, Chad grabs Leo's arm
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From home, Sonny leaves Chad a message about working for Titan. Alex walks up and hears Sonny admit he’s still pissed off at Uncle Vic for hiring his brother without telling him. After he hangs up, Alex asks if he’s mad at him too. Sonny insists he’s not. He just feels disrespected. When Alex argues Victor thought he’d enjoy working with his brother, Sonny scoffs. Alex asks if he has an issue working with him. Sonny just doesn’t appreciate being condescended to by him.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex watches Sonny talk on the phone

The brothers bicker until Alex promises he will not steamroll him. Sonny is the boss. He will defer to him. Sonny thinks Alex will have a hard time with him calling the shots. Alexi is disappointed to hear that. He has no problem deferring to him, and he looks at this as an opportunity to truly bond. Sonny suggests they have dinner together, but Alex has plans. They hug and exchange ‘I love yous’ before he leaves.

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At John and Marlena's, Belle talks with Eric

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Eric stops by John and Marlena’s, but Belle says they’re out. He notices his sister’s bags, and she tells him she’s moving back home. She knows it will take time to fix things with Shawn, but moving in is a good first step. Eric, in turn, tells his sister he went out with Jada. In fact, she asked him out. Belle’s delighted he’s moving on.

At the station, Jada asks Shawn how things went with his wife. He shares she’s moving home. She’s happy for him and says she knows what marital strife is like. When he asks, she recounts that her divorce happened a while ago. It felt like a failure at the time, but she’s moving on. She even went on a date with Eric. He thinks it’s great, but she worries about his ex-wife. Shawn believes they’ve all moved on and that Nicole is happily married to Rafe.

After Rafe picks Nicole up from work, he brings her to the Square for dinner. They talk about the shooting and how shaken up Jada is over killing someone in the line of duty. He mentions he partnered her up with Shawn, who really likes her. Nicole says Eric likes her too. Rafe raises an eyebrow and Nicole explains they’re dating. Rafe thinks they’d make a great couple, but Nicole shrugs. When he questions her, she says she hopes it doesn’t get awkward if it doesn’t work out, considering they’re living down the hall from each other. Rafe says, hopefully, it will work out, right?

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At the Bistro, Clyde explains to Nancy

At the Bistro, Clyde tells Nancy, Brady, and Chloe he just saw the guy who sold him Abigail’s jewelry. Brady wants to call the cops, but Clyde stops him. When Nancy questions him, Clyde reluctantly explains he fenced the jewelry, which is a violation of his parole. He could end up back in prison. As Brady, Chloe, and Nancy press Clyde for a description of the guy, Clyde says all he knows about the weasel is that he was wearing a floral jacket. Chloe and Brady roll their eyes and say, “Leo.” They show him Leo’s look book and Clyde confirms it’s him. Nancy delights in Clyde’s weasel and her weasel being the same person.

At a table in the Square, Chad points over his shoulder while sternly looking at Thomas

Thomas tells Chad in the Square that Leo is the Tooth Fairy he saw at the house the day his mama went to heaven. Chad chases after Leo demanding to know why he was at his house. Leo tries to leave, but Chad drags him to the police station. In the interrogation room, Chad tells Shawn that Leo killed Abigail. As Leo denies Chad’s claim that Thomas ran into him in the tunnels, Chad lunges at him. Shawn pulls Chad off and orders Leo to stay put while he talks to Thomas.

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At the police station, Chad glares at Leo

In the squad room, Chad encourages Thomas to answer Jada and Shawn’s questions. Thomas complies, but worries he got the Tooth Fairy in trouble. The adults assure the boy he did nothing wrong. Chad tells his son he’ll call Grandma Jennifer to pick him up, and promises he’ll come home. But first, he needs to talk to the Tooth Fairy. Thomas wants Chad to tell the Tooth Fairy he owes him $50, if he’s not too mad at him. Chad hugs him and says he owes him more than that.

Later, Chad demands Leo be arrested — now. Shawn explains they need to bring Rafe up to speed first, but he’s gone for the day. Chad declares he found the killer so Rafe needs to be there. He calls him, and Rafe leaves dinner with Nicole.

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Jada runs into Eric outside the Pub, and he asks her to dinner. She grins and accepts. He leads her into the Pub, as Nicole walks up. Her face drops.

After Rafe questions Leo, he concludes he doesn’t have enough to hold him. Chad rages, but Rafe says he doesn’t have testimony from a corroborating witness. Clyde enters with Nancy, and says, “Oh, yes you do.” Leo glares.

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