At a table in the Square, Chad points over his shoulder while sternly looking at Thomas
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In workout clothes, EJ finds Gwen and Ava together. After some snarking, EJ says a friend of his brother’s widow is a friend of his and invites Gwen to dinner. That way they can discuss the secret Ava’s keeping for her. When he goes to shower, Ava tells Gwen they need to come up with another big secret — and fast.

In a t-shirt, EJ stands with Gwen and Ava at the DiMera mansion

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After changing into a suit, EJ pours drinks for himself, Ava and Gwen. He toasts to family and new friends. As for the secret they’re keeping he wonders if it has anything to do with Abigail. Gwen chokes on her drink. EJ brings up her trying to ruin Chad and Abigail’s marriage. Gwen says she was an angry woman then, but she’s devasted for Chad now. EJ gets back to their secret and Ava says it’s about Gwen wanting Xander back. Gwen confirms, especially now that Sarah’s a suspect in Abigail’s murder. EJ declares she has an alibi. Besides, he never thought she did it. When he goes to check on dinner, Gwen panics over the lie and EJ, but Ava assures her she knows how to handle him.

EJ, Ava, and Gwen toast in the DiMera glasses

In their Salem Inn room, Xander wants to go get information out of Ava about Gwen, but Sarah doesn’t think she’ll fold. She counters they should target Leo instead. Xander bemoans believing in Gwen, but Sarah knows he was hurt and trying to believe in love again. They rehash what’s happened and then revel in their love until they end up in bed. After sex, Sarah declares the last time she was this happy was the night before their wedding. She also notes her hallucinations are subsiding. Now, they just need to make Ava cough up what she knows about Gwen.

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At the Salem Inn, Sarah furrows her brow as she faces Xander

Nancy finds Clyde at the Pub and asks him to have dinner with her, Brady and Chloe. He reminds his lady that her daughter hates him. However, he appreciates everything she’s done for him, including giving him a place to stay. Especially since he was arrested in connection with Abigail’s murder. Nancy maintains the real killer is the one who sold him the jewelry. Clyde just wishes he could have given a better description of him. He suggests she have dinner with her daughter on her own. But Nancy knows Chloe will eventually love him like she does. Clyde asks if she just declared her love. She brushes it off and tells him to change his shirt, and she’ll text him with the restaurant.

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Leo comes to Basic Black to apply for the brand specialist position. Brady and Chloe know he just wants to stab them in the back. He insists he’s let their history go and angles for the job. They tell him to get out. He exits, leaving behind his look book which is full of photos of himself in various stylings. Chloe looks through it and is actually impressed, but Nancy rushes in wondering why she’s looking at pictures of Leo. They explain and Nancy calms down. She invites them to dinner with Clyde. Through a forced smile, Chloe accepts and agrees to try and focus on the fact that he makes her happy.

Clyde finds Leo drinking alone at the Bistro. Clyde grabs his arm, angrily vowing to turn him in. Leo throws pinot grigio in his face and runs out. Nancy, Chloe, and Brady enter to find Clyde cleaning himself up.

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At Horton House, a concerned Jennifer leans into Thomas

When Chad finds Thomas and Jennifer together at the Horton House, Thomas runs out of the living room. Jennifer asks what that was about. Chad says his kid hates him because he lost his temper. Jennifer in turn tells him Thomas was worried when he didn’t come home. He’s scared Chad will leave him the way his mother did. Chad wonders how he makes this okay for his son. Jennifer says all they can do is go through it together. Chad knows he’s a mess right now. He’s filled with nothing but rage. He’s trying his best to keep it together, but he’s falling apart. What are they supposed to do without Abby?

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A sullen Thomas sits on the Horton House couch

Jennifer brings Thomas back to the room, where Chad apologizes to his son for yelling at him. A sullen Thomas says it’s okay. Chad knows it’s not, but promises it wasn’t Thomas’ fault. He knows they’re both mad and sad and recalls happy times with Abigail. Chad wants to be good at coming up with great ideas like she was, but he doesn’t have it in him right now. Thomas thinks if he can make Chad feel better, then Chad can make him feel better. That might be the best idea Chad’s ever heard. Chad tells his son that he and Charlotte remind him so much of their mother. Anytime he wants to see her, he just looks at them. He says he loves them and Thomas hugs him.

Chad holds his son and invites Jennifer to get frozen yogurt with them. Jennifer suggests they have a boys’ night out alone. Chad holds Thomas’ hand as they leave.

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At the Horton House, Chad cradles Thomas on the couch as they peer up to Jennifer

In the Square, Thomas and Chad eat frozen yogurt. Thomas’ tooth falls out, and he asks his dad to keep it until he can put it under his pillow like Mommy used to. Chad would be happy to. Thomas wonders if the Tooth Fairy knows where they live now. Chad assures his son she does. Thomas declares the Tooth Fairy is a he and tells his dad about meeting him in the tunnels. He looks up and shouts, “There he is!” Chad turns to see a grimacing Leo.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Rafe notices Nicole’s preoccupation, and Clyde, Nancy, Brady, and Chloe put their heads together.

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