In a statesville office, Xander wears a priest collar with his arms around Sarah. They both turn, gaping
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In the morning, Sonny brings Chad a green smoothie in the Kiriakis mansion. A hungover Chad turns his nose up at it and apologizes for his behavior. Sonny recalls work helped him when he thought Will was dead and offers Chad a VP job. Alex enters and says the position’s been filled. After Sonny introduces his brother to Chad, Alex explains Uncle Vic hired him. Sonny’s irate that Victor didn’t consult him, but says they’ll talk about it later.

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On the Kiriakis couch, a grimmacing Chad turns his head from a green drink Sonny holds in front of his face

After Alex leaves for the office, Sonny rants about Victor going behind his back — and to Alex of all people. He recalls idolizing Alex, but now he resents his brother for thinking he’s in charge of him. After more Alex talk, Sonny suggests to Chad that he talk to someone about his grief. Chad just needs to talk to his son and leaves.

In the Kiriakis living room, Chad watches as Alex and Sonny argue

Outside Sweet Bits, Allie brings Chanel a floral delivery. Allie rants, assuming they’re from Johnny, but Chanel discovers they’re from her mother. Allie looks at the card that says, “I’m sorry,” and wonders what that’s about. Chanel reluctantly explains that Paulina briefly thought about helping Johnny win her back. Allie stomps off to confront her brother.

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In nothing but a towel, Johnny barges into Chad’s room looking for shampoo, but finds Ava dancing with earbuds in. Her robe drops as she turns to see him. He turns as she covers up and takes out her earbuds. She explains EJ invited her to move in after she married Johnny’s uncle. Johnny’s irate believing she married Chad, but she corrects him — his Uncle Jake. He offers his condolences for her loss and welcomes her to the family, but suggests she hire a food taster. As he heads for the bathroom for the shampoo, his towel drops. He says he’s sorry about that, but Ava isn’t.

Later, Allie storms into the DiMera mansion and yells at Johnny about Chanel. Ava enters the living room and snarks at Allie for breaking Tripp’s heart. Allie tells Ava they need to be careful with each other. She wants her to be part of Henry’s life, but she won’t be if she continues speaking to her like that. She turns to Johnny, who promises he’s over Chanel. Allie orders her brother to back off or else she’ll go full Brady on him.

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After Allie’s gone, Ava asks if Johnny is really over Chanel. He says pining isn’t his style, but he’s not good at letting things go. He thanks her for having his back though and apologizes for earlier. She says it’s forgotten. He smirks and says, “Really?” Ava smirks back, “Mostly.”

Outside Sweet Bits, Chanel smiles as Alex shakes Allie's hand

As he passes through the Square, Alex is amused by the name Sweet Bits. Chanel tells him she came up with it and gives him a free sample. He turns on the charm as he introduces himself. He asks her to help him get reoriented to Salem, but she says she can’t. He assumes she has a boyfriend, but she corrects him as Allie walks up.

Alex introduces himself as a Kiriakis, and Chanel explains he was just hitting on her. Alex says he didn’t realize they were gay. Allie clarifies she’s bi and Chanel says, “I’m… me.” He proposes they all go out together then, his treat. He’d love to have a hot couple like them on his arm. Chanel is into a four-star night. Alex says, five star. Allie accepts. Chanel admires him as he leaves and then asks how things went with Johnny. Allie tells her Tripp’s mom was there.

Gwen bangs on Ava’s apartment door, and is surprised when Kristen opens it. Kristen explains Ava is at the DiMera mansion now and asks for dirt to oust Ava from Kristen’s rightful place. Gwen stonewalls her, but Kristen reminds her of what she did for her. She warns she might be asking for something in return one of these days. Before Gwen leaves, she tells Kristen the DiMera mansion isn’t so great anyway, declaring it a mausoleum. Kristen assures her she’ll be redecorating it soon enough. After Gwen leaves, Kristen calls Rolf demanding he wake up Stefan.

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Gwen comes to the DiMera mansion as Johnny leaves Ava in the living room. Gwen notices Ava’s engagement ring, which used to be hers. She puts her rage aside to plead with Ava not to tell anyone she helped her get out of Statesville the day Abigail was killed. Ava asks, “Is that because you killed her?” Gwen insists she didn’t, but thinks they both benefit from keeping quiet. Ava assures Gwen her secret is safe.

Johnny returns to Ava’s room with the shampoo and smirks at the sight of her robe.

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Xander wears a priest collar as he stands in front of a woman at a desk at Statesville

In a priest collar, Xander comes to the Statesville warden’s office. He says something about a literacy program, as the warden gets called away. Sarah runs in after calling in a non-existent prisoner altercation. She slides a USB into the warden’s tablet to download the files on Gwen. As they wait, Sarah gets turned on by Xander’s hot priest getup. They make out as the warden returns. Sarah slyly pulls the USB out as Xander makes up nonsense to the warden. They make a quick getaway.

In his priest getup, Xander kisses Sarah in the Statesville office

Back in their room, Sarah and Xander go through the files on Gwen. Sarah discovers that she was unaccounted for over several hours the night Abigail was murdered. They also discover Leo and Ava visited her the next day. They find the Ava visit odd, considering she sold Gwen down the river. Sarah also discovers Gwen made two calls the day of the murder. One to Leo and the other to Ava. Since Leo is her friend and Ava has mob ties, they deduce Ava is the key to proving Gwen killed Abigail.

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At the Salem Inn, Xander and Sarah smile as they look at a tablet on the desk

Next on Days of Our Lives: Thomas shocks Chad, and EJ overhears Gwen and Ava.

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