In his lab, Rolf glares at Li
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In Li’s hotel room, Rafe encourages Gabi not to give up on love. She laments how unfair it is that she didn’t get more time with Stefan, but promises to be open to something new. However, she’s not sure how to read Li. Rafe in turn admits his jealousy over Nicole and Eric. Gabi feeds his insecurity by pointing out they were each other’s first love and have a bond that can’t be broken. However, she adds that they couldn’t make it work and Nicole is lucky to have Rafe.

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Rafe and Gabi sit on the edge of a Salem Inn bed

In the lab, Rolf tells Li his medical staff did a wonderful job and thanks him for funding the lab while he was incarcerated. Li wonders what could be more important than saving the life of Stefano DiMera’s son. He recalls investigating a slush fund he stumbled upon and how the reality of what it turned out to be exceeded his wildest expectations. However, he’s not thrilled Rolf didn’t tell him he was using Jake’s heart and threatens to defund his experiments if he keeps things from him again.

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In the lab, Rolf glares at Li, who looks over his shoulder

Li asks if the transplant was a success. Rolf confirms and speculates Stefan should be waking up in an hour or two. That doesn’t work for Li, now that he’s involved with Stefan’s widow. If Gabi suddenly finds him alive and well, then she’ll run back to Stefan, and then he’ll be left in the cold. So, Li needs their patient to have an unexpected setback. Rolf threatens fisticuffs if Li wants him to pull Stefan’s plug. Li lowers Rolf’s dukes and simply asks him to delay Stefan’s return so he can strategize. He doesn’t care what he tells Kristen, but until he says otherwise, Stefan remains on ice. Rolf doesn’t like the idea of lying to Kristen, because she scares him. Li assures Rolf he’s the one he should be afraid of.

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At John and Marlena’s, Kristen dismisses Chloe because she’s there to talk to Brady. Brady orders her not to treat Chloe that way, but Kristen reminds them she’s the boss and instructs Chloe to send her a file. Chloe leaves, and Kristen demands Brady bring Rachel home so she can see her. Brady agrees, and he’ll even give her shared custody, but only if she resigns from Basic Black and leaves him and Chloe alone. Kristen respects the power move, but tells him to take his deal and shove it. As for Rachel, she’ll simply fight for shared custody now that she’s been pardoned.

At the station, Shawn introduces Belle as his wife to Jada. After Jada leaves, Belle says she was happy to hear him call her that and that she came by to see how he was doing on his first day back. He admits he woke up to imaginary cries, but he’s glad to be back at work. She in turn tells him she had to resolve a lot of legal issues surrounding Jake’s death.

He asks how things are with EJ. She responds, awkward, but cordial. She relays that EJ did ask if she and Shawn were getting back together. She told EJ she didn’t know, but she tells Shawn she does love him, and that she’d like to move home. She’d stay in Claire’s room, but it’s a good place to start. Shawn would like that very much and agrees taking it slow is best. Belle needs him to know she never wanted Shawn to lose Shawn Christian the way he did. He appreciates the sentiment and grabs her hand. They make plans for Shawn to grill them steaks later that night.

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Jada, Nicole and Eric stand outside Brady's Pub

Eric runs into Nicole outside the Pub. She tells him he looks good and assumes he’s wearing a new shirt. “I guess you’re going all out for your big date,” she says. She admits she overheard him and Jada at the station and left so as not to make it weird. Jada appears. She’s sorry she’s early, but she was in an awkward position at the station and had to get out of there. Nicole knows the feeling.

As Eric and Jada sit at a table inside, Eric fills her in on Belle and Shawn. He asks if she wants to see the room before they eat. She confirms and grins as Eric grabs the keys.

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At Brady's Pub table, Jada leans her chin to her hand and grins

Nicole peers through the windows of the Pub as Chloe runs up. Chloe asks for the files Kristen needs. Nicole suggests they go inside and she’ll send them over. They enter to see Eric and Jada heading upstairs. As they sit at a table, Nicole snarks about Jada and Eric going upstairs on their first date. Chloe wonders why she cares since she’s married to Rafe.

As Eric shows Jada the room, he says he’ll give her the family discount. Plus, he’s right down the hall. She asks how soon she can move in. He hands her the keys.

Back downstairs, Chloe teases Nicole over her jealousy until Jada and Eric return. They share that Jada is moving upstairs and leave. Nicole sighs over them living together.

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When Kristen returns to Rolf, he lies that Stefan’s numbers aren’t right, so they need to wait to wake him up. Chloe returns to Brady who vows not to let Kristen come between them. Meanwhile, Li returns to Gabi and asks if she’s really ready to introduce him to her family. Gabi says she wants to see where their relationship can go. She has no idea how happy he is to hear that, he says.

At the Bistro, Jada tells Eric she was also married before, but their careers got in the way, and they drifted apart. They toast to new beginnings.

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