In Rolf's lab, Kristen glares at the mad scientist
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Shawn finds Jada at the station and welcomes her to the department. She thought he was still on paternity leave, which prompts him to fill her in on the baby drama. He then asks about her first week. She tells him about killing Jake’s shooter, as Rafe shows up. Rafe calls her a hero for saving Ava’s life. He then floats the idea of Shawn and Jada being partners. They both agree.

After Rafe steps away, Shawn learns Marcus was Jada’s dad. He recalls hanging out with him, Bo, and Steve as a kid. He then picks up Abigail’s file, and Jada notices his wedding ring. He says it’s complicated.

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At the station, Rafe grins as Jada and Shawn shake hands

Brady brings Belle coffee at John and Marlena’s as she furiously
works. Ever since Jake died, she says, DiMera Enterprises is in complete turmoil. He wonders if she’s just trying to get her mind off the baby drama. She tells him how awful it was to watch Shawn hand the baby over. She could see that his heart was broken. He asks if they’ll get back together. Instead of answering, Belle packs up her stuff and leaves for DiMera. She passes Chloe on the way out.

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At John and Marlena's, a pensive Belle talks with Brady

Li wakes up at the Salem Inn to a dressed and pacing Gabi. She’s stressed about Ava moving into the DiMera mansion. Li dresses as Gabi worries about Ava stabbing her in the back. He thinks Ava’s smart enough not to blow it, and suggests she have Ava spy on EJ for her. He then invites her back to bed.

After having sex, Li tells Gabi as long as Ava is in her control, EJ can never bring her down. She likes the way he thinks. He likes the way she does everything.

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At the Salem Inn, Li wears an open collared button down and grins at Gabi

Ava comes to the DiMera mansion with just one suitcase. She likes to travel light, she tells EJ. After brief pleasantries, EJ says he needs her to vote Gabi out at the next shareholders’ meeting. Ava appreciates the hospitality, but she can’t promise her vote. Jake was on Gabi’s side, and she wants to honor his wishes. Plus, Gabi offered her a job. He understands, but asks her to think about it.

EJ brings Ava to her room. She sees a jewelry box and realizes it was the room Abigail was murdered in. He confirms. She calls it grim, but he counters it’s the loveliest room in the house. Besides, what are the odds another beautiful woman will be murdered there? After EJ leaves, Ava gets a call from Gabi who reminds her if she stabs her in the back, she’ll expose her fraudulent marriage. Ava asks about the job. Gabi says Shin won’t go for a board seat, but she’ll talk to him about a job. They snipe at each other before hanging up.

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Rafe comes to the Salem Inn to give Gabi her mail. He meets Li, and they make plans to all have dinner together. Li gives Gabi a lingering kiss and then leaves. Rafe notes it looks like she’s moved on from Jake and asks how serious it is with Li. She says they’re just seeing where it’s going. He wonders if she loves him. She’s not sure she’s even looking for that. Stefan was the great love of her life, and she doesn’t think anyone can take his place.

EJ heads downstairs at the mansion. He’s surprised to find Belle waiting for him. After awkwardly catching up, she tells him she couldn’t find an official record of Jake’s will. Ava enters wondering what happens to his shares. Belle relays it all goes to the spouse and hands her a document to transfer his stock to her. She signs it as Ava DiMera and Belle gives her the stock certificates.

Belle comes to the station to talk to Shawn, who awkwardly introduces her to Jada.

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Rolf and Kristen stand at Jake's bed as he lies motionless and hooked up to machines

Kristen enters Rolf’s lab and discovers Jake’s body is gone. Rolf relays he performed the heart transplant and put his body back in the morgue. As for Stefan, he’s recuperating behind the curtain without the glowing blue light. Rolf declares, “Jake’s heart now beats in Stefan’s chest.” However, they won’t know how successful the transplant was until he wakes up. She orders him to do that now, but he doesn’t want to risk any complications. Kristen wonders if she can trust him. He vows he’s doing this in Stefano’s name. When he assures her he’ll wake Stefan up in the next hour, she says she’ll be back after taking care of something.

At John and Marlena’s, Chloe tells Brady that Kristen isn’t at work. She finds it odd she’s been absent since taking over. Brady muses that she could be caught up in the DiMera drama. Chloe hates waiting for the other shoe to drop with her. Brady thinks she should just not think about her. She says easier said than done. Brady thinks he can help distract her and kisses her every time Kristen’s name is uttered. He wants to move it to the bedroom, but she says they should go to work. They head to the door and open it to Kristen.

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In the lab, Rolf listens to Stefan’s heart, as someone enters. He assumes it’s Kristen, but Li stands there and says, “It’s not Kristen.”

Stefan hooked up to breathing tube in Rolf's lab

Next on Days of Our Lives: Rolf reveals a hidden connection, and Brady makes Kristen a deal.

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