In front of the hospital coffee cart, Evan looks at Shawn who reads the paternity test results
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Leo finds Gwen crying in the Square over an online article about Jake’s death. He reminds her that he cheated on her with Gabi, but she can’t help remembering all the good times they shared. After a few glib remarks, Leo offers his condolences and suggests she think about her future now that she’s out of prison. Namely, how to get Sarah away from hunky Xander. She thinks she might have a chance now that Sarah’s a person of interest in Abigail’s murder.

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On the bench in the Square, Gwen purses her lips and looks off, as Leo reaches out to her

Chad comes to see Sarah at the Salem Inn. He demands to know if she was really there the night Abigail was killed. Sarah would tell him if she could, but she doesn’t know. She tells him about her hallucinations and Chad recalls Abigail experiencing the same thing. Chad asks if it’s possible that she had a hallucination the night Abigail died. Sarah tearfully nods. He icily asks if it’s possible she thought Abigail was Kristen and she stabbed her to death.

Sarah doesn’t remember being at his house, but she can’t rule it out. Chad points out she usually remembers her hallucinations. She says her dosage was off and her brain was hazy. He thanks her for her honesty. After he leaves, Sarah paces. She needs to find out if she killed Abigail. She writes a note and says out loud, “What the hell? It’s worth a shot.” She leaves.

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In the Square, a sheepish looking Leo stands between a tense Gwen and Chad

As Leo and Gwen argue over Leo doubting her innocence in Abigail’s murder, Chad appears. He’s unsurprised to see them together. Gwen knows he hates her, but she’s terribly sorry about Abigail. Chad is unmoved. She offers to help with the kids, but she’d be the last call he’d make. He orders her to stay away from his children and leaves.

Gwen and Leo move to a table where Leo offers to buy a champagne lunch. She wonders where he got the money since he doesn’t have a job. He flashes to the stolen jewelry, but just says he always finds a way to make a buck.

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Sitting on the Horton couch, Chad peers down at Thomas

Chad returns to the Horton House and finds Thomas looking at a tablet on the couch. He stayed behind with Julie and Doug, while his grandparents took Charlotte to the aquarium. He didn’t want to go without his mommy. Chad suggests they go outside and kick the soccer ball around. Thomas gets upset at Chad who’s never around. He yells that he wants to go home. He just wants his mom back. Chad shouts that she’s gone and there’s nothing they can do about it. Chad quickly apologizes, but Thomas slams down his tablet and runs out. Chad picks it up. His face crumples upon seeing a photo of Abigail on the screen.

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Chad sits on the floor of the Horton House, slumped against a chair. He solemnly looks at a tablet.

Xander barges into the interrogation room. He threatens to tear Lucas apart with his bare hands if he doesn’t tell the cops he made up his memory of Sarah. Lucas insists he only told the cops what he remembered through hypnosis. Xander calls the therapy a load of crap, but Lucas counters Marlena is highly respected. He knows he saw Sarah there. While he can’t prove it, the cops found the knife he used to cut lemons, and it only had his blood on it. Also, the knife used on Abigail was likely a steak knife. Xander doesn’t think that proves his innocence or Sarah’s guilt. Lucas retorts that it proves his story is starting to make sense.

In the interrogation room, Xander leans over the desk. He glares at Lucas who sits hancuffed to the chair

As Gwen and Leo toast to Jake with mimosas, Xander strolls through the Square. She stops him and urges him not to give hope on Sarah. She thinks Lucas is the killer, but he tells her it’s looking more and more like he’s innocent. Leo’s eyes bulge, and he takes a sip from his flute. When Xander says the cops are looking for a steak knife, Leo flashes to the knife he used in the tunnels and slams the rest of his drink.

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At the Pub, Steve tells John they need to deal with Orpheus before he hurts someone they love. They need to eliminate the threat. John whispers, “It sounds to me like you’re talking about killing the guy.” Steve responds, “It sounds like that for a reason.” John counters that they should find evidence to put him away forever, instead. Steve knows something bad will happen if they don’t take immediate action.

Marlena finds Orpheus in her office chair. She reluctantly agrees to hear him out. He admits Evan is mentally unstable and asks her to be his psychiatrist. Marlena is aghast, but he points out she already worked with The Necktie Killer and was going to help Jan Spears. What’s one more reformed murderer? Besides, she was an important mother figure for Evan as a child. She reminds Orpheus he was holding her hostage. They still formed a bond, Orpheus retorts. Marlena agrees Evan needs therapy, but it won’t be with her. She accuses Orpheus of playing mind games and offers to find someone else to treat his son.

Sarah’s arrival interrupts Marlena and Orpheus. Sarah recognizes Orpheus as the reason her child is dead. She calls him a monster. He wonders what that makes her, considering the news is reporting she stabbed her own cousin to death. He hopes she finds a way to live with herself.

After he exits, Marlena apologizes to Sarah. Orpheus was only trying to provoke her, she says, but Sarah wonders if it’s true. She needs to know and asks Marlena to hypnotize her.

Shawn rolls the stroller off the hospital elevator and meets with Evan. He tells him his Aunt Kayla will oversee the paternity test. Evan is fine with that, and they head out.

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Near the nurses station, Shawn and Evan face each other. The baby stroller is between them

As Evan waits for the paternity test results, Orpheus meets with his son in the hospital lobby. He reports he failed to get Marlena to agree to treat him. Evan insists he will be fine once he has his son. Later, Shawn comes back with the test results. Evan grabs them and reads it. He grins. “I told you so, “ he says, beaming.

Orpheus comes to the Pub as John tells Steve he’s on his own. Orpheus remarks he was just with Marlena, leading Steve to ask if John still wants to play by the book.

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