In scrubs, Kristen and Rolf loom over Jake's body in the morgue
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At Chanel’s, Allie and Johnny urge a rambling Chanel to, “Just tell us.” Chanel makes them promise what she’s about to say won’t come between them. They promise to act like grownups — just tell them! She loves them both, but the person she hopes to be with for the rest of her life is… Allie.

Allie is thrilled, but Johnny seethes. Chanel tries to explain that she and Allie are best friends and they deserve a chance to see where things go between them. She asks if Johnny can understand that. Johnny can’t. They remind him he’d accept Chanel’s choice. Johnny relents and tells Allie she’s a lucky woman and to be good to Chanel. He leaves.

Allie wants to celebrate, but it feels weird since Johnny’s so upset. Chanel wonders how long they should wait to be together. They decide they’ve waited long enough and kiss. They head to the bedroom and declare their love under the sheets.

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At Paulina's place, Johnny and Allie stare intently at Chanel

At the Pub, Roman pours Abe a drink and asks about Eli and Lani. He relays that Eli found a great apartment and Valerie is helping with the twins. He’s missing them like crazy though. Roman understands considering Sami took off after the Lucas debacle. He tells his friend that Kate knew Lucas was the kidnapper the whole time, so they’re done. Abe is stunned, but he encourages Roman not to throw love away.

Over drinks at the Bistro, Kate recounts to Paulina her relationship with Jake and falling back in love with Roman, who dumped her. Paulina thinks they seemed so happy together; why would he break up with her? Kate admits she knew Lucas kidnapped Sami. Paulina understands and compares their life experiences. She urges her not to give up.

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Kate sits with Paulina at the Bistro

Kate laments her grandkids not talking to her. Paulina thinks Allie might be feeling more forgiving after talking with Chanel. She then asks if Kate would support Abe if he ran for Governor. Of course, Kate would, but is he running? Paulina says she planted the seed. Kate says she planted one in her too and leaves to see Roman.

Kate shows up at the Pub and sees Abe. She asks if Roman is around, as he returns from the kitchen. She asks him to talk. Roman doesn’t have time and doesn’t have a hell of a lot to say to her. He storms away and Abe urges Kate not to give up hope. He thinks it’s only a matter of time before Roman gives her another chance.

Johnny finds Paulina drinking alone at the Bistro. She can tell by the look on his face he’s not there to celebrate. Johnny confirms Chanel wants to be with Allie. Paulina buys him a drink. “Between us,” she says, “I was pulling for you, kid.”

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In the morgue, Gabi stares at a distraught Ava, whose back is to her

In front of Jake’s dead body at the morgue, Gabi tells Ava if Jake’s shares went to her, there’s nothing EJ could do about it. Ava points out they aren’t married. Gabi counters, “Says who?” Ava becomes emotional looking at Jake, so Gabi covers his face with the sheet. She begins laying out a plan, but Ava cuts her off, incensed over her insensitivity. She won’t help her go up against EJ. In fact, what’s to prevent her from teaming up with EJ against her? Gabi points out she knows they’re not married so she could ruin any plan she makes with EJ. Ava wants to think about it, but Gabi’s on a clock. What’s it going to be?

As EJ laments how quiet the mansion is to Stefano’s portrait, Kristen walks in. When she learns Chad and the kids moved out, she declares she’s moving back in. EJ scoffs at first, but then thinks they should join forces to vote out Gabi and take back the company. Kristen declares Gabi’s been good to her, but EJ explains he now has Chad and Kate’s shares. If he added hers, they could take over the world. Kristen wonders how she can trust him. EJ says he’d be a fool to betray her since he needs her shares. Kristen isn’t sold on the idea. The siblings continue to bicker until Rolf emerges from the tunnels to tell them about Jake’s death.

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At the DiMera mansion, Kristen smirks at EJ

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EJ says he needs to get to the hospital to take charge as the next of kin, but Kristen knows he just wants to get to Jake’s stock. Since she rejected his offer, EJ expects her gone when he gets back. After EJ leaves, Rolf suggests Kristen get to the hospital. After talking offscreen, Rolf says he lives by the creed, “What would Stefano do?” And there is only one choice to make. Kristen asks if he really thinks he can do it. Rolf says, yes… with her help.

Sonny brings a lasagne to the Horton House that Maggie made, and Chad tells him he and the kids just moved in. He doesn’t know what they’ll do once Jack and Jennifer go back to Boston though. Sonny tells him to move into the Kiriakis mansion. There’s plenty of room, even if Alex moved in. He doesn’t know how to feel about his brother staying in Salem and wanting to work together. Based on Chad’s experience, he says it’s a bad idea. Chad apologizes for letting his feelings about EJ cloud his opinion and then gets a call from Tony about Jake.

At the hospital, EJ tells Kayla he wants to have Jake buried at the DiMera crypt. She says there’s paperwork the next of kin needs to fill out. Since Vivian is a criminal, EJ steps up as head of the family to do it. Gabi joins them and says as Jake’s wife, wouldn’t Ava be considered next of kin?

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Back with Jake’s body, Ava puts a wedding band on his finger. “With this ring, I thee wed.” She puts the other ring on her own finger. She will always remember how happy they were this morning and she’ll always love him.

Ava joins Gabi, EJ and Kayla to confirm she and Jake got married this morning. Kayla gives her the forms to sign. EJ seethes and then warns Gabi he’ll get to the bottom of this “convenient” marriage.

In scrubs, Kristen and Rolf sneak into the morgue. Rolf leans toward Jake’s body and whispers, “Ready for your next adventure?” Kristen really hopes Rolf didn’t lose his touch while he was in the slammer. They roll Jake’s body away.

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