A pensive Chanel sits on the couch with her mother drinking from a coffee mug
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Tony finds Allie in the Square taking a poll: cherry or peach pie. As for Chanel, she’s home making an important choice of her own. Allie hopes she makes the right one. Johnny shows up knowing she’ll choose him. Staying out of it, Tony wishes them both luck and heads inside for cookies. The twins argue until Steve arrives. Their coded bickering over which pie he should buy sends Steve inside for cookies as well. Once he’s gone, Allie smashes the cherry pie in Johnny’s face. In return, he smashes the peach pie in hers.

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At home, Paulina finds Chanel deliberating over her choice. Paulina says all she has to do is decide if she prefers penis or vagina. After she picks her jaw off the floor, Chanel says it’s not about that for her. It’s about the person, not their equipment. Paulina suggests they list the pros and cons then. Chanel wants to just focus on the pros and starts with Giovanni who is funny, handsome, and smart. Paulina adds… and rich. After rolling her eyes, Chanel tells a story about a persistent Johnny winning over a local Italian crowd, and her, while singing karaoke on their trip. Paulina rounds Johnny’s list out with fearless, romantic, speaks Italian, loves Nat King Cole, and loves her daughter. He sounds like a keeper to Paulina. Chanel wistfully says, “Yeah, he does.”

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As for Allie, her pros include their rich friendship, and how they can still surprise each other despite knowing each other for so long. Chanel loves her laugh, her smile, and the way she feels things so deeply. She recounts stories about Allie caring for a little girl and helping an old man. Chanel thinks she’s so connected to the world and everyone in it. How can she not want to be connected to her?

Paulina can hear how much she loves them both Whoever she chooses will be the luckiest person on the planet because there’s not enough paper to write all there is to love about her.

As Allie and Johnny continue battling with pie in the Square, they get messages from Chanel. She’s ready to choose. They head to her place.

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At the DiMera mansion, Chad and EJ scowl

At the DiMera mansion, Chad yells a voice message to Rafe into the phone about Sarah being brought in for questioning, but still roaming free. He needs someone arrested — now! EJ enters demanding to know if Chad himself will be put arrested or will he give him his DiMera shares? Kate’s already surrendered hers. Chad icily says he’ll happily hand his over. EJ tells him to move out of the house while he’s at it.

Tony enters to find his brothers arguing. After hearing what’s going on, Tony tells EJ this isn’t the time to seek retribution. Chad just lost his wife. EJ says he did too. Chad erupts. There’s no way he can compare the two. EJ knows what happened to Abigail was tragic, but it had nothing to do with him. What happened with EJ though, had everything to do with Chad. EJ says his kids are always welcome to stay there. Incensed, Chad spits that he would never leave his children with him and storms away.

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Tony tells EJ both he and their brother are hurting. He reminds him that Stefano always put family first no matter how badly they hurt each other Later, Chad returns and slams down his stock certificates. A solemn EJ tells him he doesn’t want him to go. Chad declares this isn’t his home anymore. Not without her. He’ll have Harold pack his things.

At her desk, Gabi's brow furrows as she talks on the phone

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Kate visits Gabi at DiMera Enterprises to warn that EJ is gunning for her job. Gabi isn’t worried. As she tries to brush Kate off, Rafe calls. After Gabi hangs up, she chokes out that Jake is dead. Kate is sorry for her loss. Gabi knows he meant a lot to Kate too. The women hug.

Paulina finds Kate at the Bistro thinking about Jake. Paulina joins her, and they toast to him.

At the hospital, Kayla brings Ava to Jake’s body. Ava sits with him and reaches out to his face. From behind, a hand covers hers. She turns and sees Jake behind her. She stands and slaps him. He told her he loved her and would never leave. Jake assures her he did love her. Ava tears up as she yells that she’s alone and it’s his fault because he wouldn’t back down from the mugger. He didn’t mean for this to happen. He just didn’t want their moment to be taken from them. She tells him she could have replaced the ring, but she can’t replace him.

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At a dead Jake's bedside, Ava turns to see Jake standing next to her

She’d give anything to have him back. Even that ring. He jokes about the deal he got for it and then assures her she’ll figure out what to do next. After mourning him for a respectable amount of time, that is. She cries, and he embraces her. He tells her he’s not like the other men in her life. What they had was brief, but special. He knows she will carry it with her for the rest of her life. She nods in agreement and hugs him back.

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Gabi storms into the hospital room demanding to know what Ava did to Jake. Ava shows her the ring that someone tried to steal. Shocked, Gabi apologizes and then brings up his DiMera shares. Ava’s aghast, but Gabi has her job to think about, and EJ’s coming for it. However, he wouldn’t be able to get Jake’s shares if they go to his widow.

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