A shirtless Alex wraps a grinning Sonny in a bear hug at the Kiriakis mansion
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At the Pub, Justin meets Steve who shows him an online article about Orpheus going free. Steve wonders if he plans to go after Orpheus for killing Adrienne. Orpheus appears wondering the same thing. He sits down, explaining he didn’t intend to hurt Adrienne. Justin reminds him he ran her off the road and framed Maggie instead of calling for help. Orpheus is sorry for their loss, but now he has to get on with his life. Should he expect retaliation from either of them? Justin promises Orpheus’ miserable life isn’t worth one second of his time away from the people he loves.

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After Justin leaves, Steve asks Orpheus how he got his pardon. Orpheus says he kept his nose clean and now he needs a job. He knows he’s caused a lot of pain, but it’s all behind him now. If Roman’s hiring, he could just be Milo Harp, short order cook, instead of Orpheus, infamous villain. Steve suggests he start over somewhere new. Orpheus cryptically says he always wanted to go West. Maybe Seattle. He could look in on Steve’s kids. Steve orders Orpheus to stay away from his children. Orpheus says if his moving causes trouble, then Steve wins. He’ll stay in Salem.

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wearing a white tank top, Sonny scowls in the Kiriakis living room

At the mansion, Sonny asks the shirtless, dripping wet man in swim trunks what he’s doing there, the man grabs him in a hug. “Is that any way to greet your big brother?” he wonders, laughing. Sonny frees himself from his brother, Alex’s grip, and again asks what he’s doing there. Alex sits on the couch and props his feet on the coffee table. He explains he came for a visit, but the second he got there, he felt right at home. Surprised, Sonny takes off his tie and button-down that got wet from his brother’s bear hug. He thought he was locked in with the company in Arizona. Alex explains the twins are in sync, but he’s not. He didn’t want their differing visions to get between them, so he thought he’d come to see family.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, a stern Sonny watches as Alex glares at Bonnie

Bonnie walks in. Alex introduces himself and then spits, “You’re the woman who killed my mother.” When she expresses confusion, Alex reminds her she left his mother, Anjelica for dead after she had a heart attack. He menacingly wraps Sonny’s tie around his hands, wondering why he shouldn’t return the favor. Sonny steps in front of Adrienne, defending her. Bonnie cowers, apologizing for everything that’s happened. Alex breaks into a grin. “What the hell do I look like? The necktie killer?” he quips. He knows his mother wasn’t innocent and Bonnie makes his dad happy. And if Sonny can forgive her for what she did to his mother, he can too. He brings her in for a hug and Bonnie admires his abs. Justin returns home, and Alex rushes to hug his father.

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The family sits down together enjoying Henderson’s Hendo’s Arnold Palmers. Justin gets filled in on why Alex is home and that he plans to be there all summer. Alex wants Sonny to show him around town, but Sonny says he’s busy at Titan. Alex suggests he come work with him. Sonny hesitates. Alex thinks Sonny has always understood him. The Kiriakis brothers working together again could be awesome. Sonny half-heartedly says okay while slowly nodding his head.

Outside the jewelry store, Jake steps to the tattooed man with a gun, that goes off. Jake grabs his stomach and blood oozes out. He crumples to the ground as Ava holds him. Jake passes out. She feels for a pulse and yells for help. The tattooed shooter looks on in shock and then aims his gun at Ava when she pulls out her phone. It’s nothing personal, he tells her. He just can’t have any witnesses.

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Outside the jewelry store, Ava catches Jake as he falters, clutching his stomach

After Eric takes Nicole to the hospital, Jada meets Rafe in the park. He updates her on the man attacking Nicole, who is with her ex-husband at the hospital. Jada raises an eyebrow as Rafe gets word on shots fired.

Back at the jewelry store, Ava tries to reason with the tattooed shooter, but he can’t let her call the cops. He keeps his gun trained on her, as Rafe and Jada come up behind him. Jada shoots him when he won’t lower his gun. Rafe races over and declares the shooter is dead and Ava reports that Jake has a weak pulse.

Ava hovers over Jake who lies on the ground. Their hands cover his stomach, as blood oozes

At the hospital, Eric waits with Nicole for Kayla to examine her. Kayla wraps her ankle and warns her about PTSD before getting paged away for a gunshot victim.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Kayla meets Ava, Rafe and Jada as they come in with Jake on a stretcher. Kayla heads off with Jake to surgery, leaving Rafe to assure Ava he’s there if she needs him.

Rafe finds Nicole with Eric in the exam room. With Nicole on crutches, Rafe tells them the man who attacked her was shot dead after he shot Jake. Rafe apologizes to Eric for how he acted in the park and thanks him for bringing Nicole to the hospital. Eric leaves.

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At the hospital, Nicole stands on crutches and gapes at Rafe, who side-eyes Eric

In the hospital lobby, Jada finds Ava, whose hands are still bloody. She tries to reassure her and offers to listen if she wants to talk. A defensive Ava softens, explaining she thought for the first time in her life she could hold on to the person she loves, but… she catches herself and declares she will not be weak. Jada assures her she’s not weak and leaves to get her food.

Eric finds Jada in a break room, as she tries to process the fact that she killed a man. He thinks she should be proud of herself. She saved someone’s life today.

With a look of compassion, Eric clasps Jada's shoulder at the hospital

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Kayla returns to Ava to tell her Jake’s heart stopped on the way to the operating room, and he couldn’t be revived. “I’m sorry,” she says, “but Jake didn’t make it.”

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