In front of the jewelry store, Jake puts a diamond ring on Ava's finger
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At Basic Black, Kristen announces to Brady and Chloe that she’s the boss now. Brady and Nicole are still CEOs, but she’s the executive in charge of Basic Black. So, they report to her. And for her first executive decision, Chloe’s fired. Brady points out she doesn’t have that power. Kristen knows. She was just having some fun. Going forward though, she could make Chloe’s life so miserable she’ll want out. Chloe knows this is just about getting Brady back. She declares she and Brady are together and there’s not a damn thing Kristen can do about it. She pulls Brady into a kiss.

At Basic Black, Chloe kisses Brady in front of Kristen

As they make out, Kristen writes Chloe up for inappropriate corporate behavior. Basic Black has zero tolerance for sexual harassment, which means a case could be built for her firing. Kristen leaves to type up the report, leaving Chloe to wonder if she should just resign. Brady insists she not do that and vows to fix the situation.

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At DiMera Enterprises, Sonny leans forward on Gabi's desk. Gabi sits across the desk, resting her elbows on it

Sonny bursts into Gabi’s office accusing her of stealing a business acquisition out from under him. Gabi’s never heard of the business. Besides, she’s been dealing with Kristen all morning. When Sonny asks her about Jake, Gabi declares she and Jake were never right for each other. Now, she’s moved on with Li. They’re having fun, but he’s not the love of her life. There’s only one of those: Stefan.

Later, as Brady’s complaints to Gabi about Kristen get him nowhere, Kristen returns to Chloe, who assures her nemesis she can give as good as she gets. Kristen smirks, “Declaring war, are we?” Chloe retorts, “Hell yeah. And I don’t plan on losing.”

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At Basic Black, Kristen smirks at a glowering Chloe

In Horton Square, Jake wants Ava to believe that he’s serious about them and that they have a future. Ava thinks a ring is a little soon, but it isn’t for Jake. She’s his first and only choice. They don’t have to get married right now, but it would say they are in this relationship for the long haul. She asks if he’s sure it’s what he wants. “You are what I want. Now and forever,” he responds. Ava points out they haven’t even said, ‘I love you’ yet. Jake says it. In fact, he tried to tell her at the apartment. She says it back, and they kiss. When she gives him the go-ahead, he tells her to sit tight, and he’ll be back with a diamond.

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When Jake returns, Ava tells him she can’t accept the ring. It’s the one Xander bought for Gwen. He thought it was beautiful, but she thinks it’s a bad omen. He suggests they go back to the store together and pick out something that makes her happy.

In the park, Eric tries to talk down the tattooed man who holds a gun on Nicole, demanding her purse. Eric promises not to call the cops. He just wants him to let Nicole go. The man lowers the gun, pushes Nicole toward Eric, and runs. A teary Nicole thanks Eric for helping her, as he tends to her hurt ankle. She doesn’t know what she would have done if he wasn’t there.

They embrace, as Rafe walks up, scowling. Nicole explains what just happened and Rafe rushes to her side. He calls it in and tries to help Nicole stand, but she can’t walk on her ankle. Eric offers to take Nicole to the hospital so Rafe can deal with the assailant.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah worries to Maggie that she killed Abigail. Maggie assures her she’s not to blame. Sarah knows that falls to Gwen and Kristen, and goes on to lament not marrying Xander when she had the chance. Maggie points out no one has accused her of a crime so she should live her life and have that wedding. She orders her daughter to find Xander and bring him back. They’ll be married within the hour. Sarah hugs her and leaves a distraught-looking Maggie.

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A shirtless Xander hands a sobbing Gwen a tissue in his Salem Inn room

In just a towel, Xander opens his Salem Inn room door to Gwen. After he puts on pants, she brings up Sarah being brought in for questioning in Abigail’s murder. She wonders if Sarah’s really been hallucinating. Xander spits that she has some nerve bringing it up when it’s her fault. Gwen knows he’s right and if she’s the reason Sarah snapped and killed Abigail, she’d feel so terrible. She wishes she could have been there to help her sister.

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At the Salem Inn, Gwen aims a gun at Sarah who holds out a knife. A stressed and shirtless Xander watches

Xander looks affected and hands Gwen a tissue as she blames herself. He brings her in for a hug as Sarah returns, demanding to know why Gwen is there. Gwen wanted to apologize for what she did to her. She has no right to ask, but could Sarah ever forgive her? Sarah hallucinates Gwen pulling a gun and declaring if she can’t have Xander, no one can. Sarah imagines Gwen saying she would rather see him dead than with anyone else. Sarah picks up a knife. She will kill Gwen before she lets her hurt Xander.

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In their hotel room, Xander holds Sarah who grips a knife

Xander holds Sarah as she rants about Gwen trying to kill him. He calms her down. When she realizes Gwen doesn’t have a gun she runs to the bathroom. Gwen vows to Xander she won’t go to the police, but she is worried. What if Sarah does that again and comes after him? Xander tells her to go. Before she does, Sarah returns and apologizes to Gwen. Gwen says she understands and leaves. Sarah crumples into Xander’s arms wondering why this won’t stop.

Outside a jewelry store, a young tattooed man points a gun at Jake and Ava

After leaving the jewelry store, Ava tells Jake he was right. The ring he originally bought was the most beautiful one. She wants it, Gwen be damned. As he puts it on her finger, the tattooed gunman demands they hand over the “nice rock.” Ava starts to take off her ring, but Jake won’t allow it. He steps to the tattooed man and says, “You don’t know who you’re messin’ with, do ya?” The gun goes off, and Jake flinches.

Sonny enters the Kiriakis mansion, yelling for Uncle Vic. He finds a shirtless, sweaty, ripped man drinking an Arnold Palmer. “I am not Uncle Vic,” he says, grinning.

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A sweaty and shirtless Alex drinks an arnold palmer in the Kiriakis living room

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