Kristen smirks while sitting at the DiMera Enterprises desk
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Outside the Pub, Eric finds Brady ordering someone on the phone to double security. When he hangs up, he tells Eric he has no idea what Kristen will do, but he knows he won’t get any warning.

In the apartment, Jake wakes up with a bad back on the air mattress with Ava. Kristen happily wakes up from a lovely dream in their bed. Thanks to the governor, she says, she’ll make those dreams come true. Jack and Ava roll their eyes as Kristen makes herself right at home. She gets out of bed to begin stirring the pot.

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Later, Ava massages Jake’s back as Kristen plans to collect on her favor with Gabi. Jake demands to know what she wants from her. Kristen is sure “his girlfriend” will be thrilled to see her and help get her back on her feet. Ava spits that Gabi is his ex-girlfriend. After Kristen flits away, Jake wonders if he should warn Gabi. A stewing Ava thinks she must already know.

When Jake returns from a shower, Ava tells him she’s trying not to be jealous, but she’s falling for him. She doesn’t want to set herself up for disappointment if he’s still in love with Gabi. She won’t be second choice again. Jake admits he was second choice for Gabi as well. They loved each other, but they weren’t the loves of each other’s lives. He’s over her and falling for Ava too. He confesses he counts down the minutes until he can get home to her. She admits she feels like a teenage girl waiting for the phone to ring. He sees past her tough exterior, and the way she looks at him makes him feel like he won the damn lottery. They kiss, which turns passionate.

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Gabi wakes up in Li’s room. He tells someone on the phone he loves them and hangs up. From the bed, Gabi demands to know who he was exchanging “I love yous” with. He assures her it was just his mother. Since this is the first she’s heard of his mother, she realizes there’s still a lot she doesn’t know about him. Meanwhile, she’s an open book. He brings up Jake, but she reminds him he’s with Ava. He asks if that bothers her. She lies back in bed ready to show him how little it bothers her.

In Horton Square, Kayla looks up from her table at Steve who holds two coffees

In the Square, Steve and Kayla worry about Orpheus being free, as Jada approaches. Steve hugs her and introduces Kayla to Marcus Hunter’s little girl. Kayla tells her what a great man her father was and how sorry she is to hear he passed away. Steve explains he helped his buddy’s (from his orphanage days) daughter get a job with the Salem PD. She relays she’s on Abigail’s murder case, and she needs to talk to Kayla about Sarah’s medical history. Kayla bristles. She can’t just hand over her medical records. Jada counters there are exceptions for law enforcement. Steve suggests they talk it out over breakfast at the pub.

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In Horton Square, Jada smiles wide at Steve who cocks his head at her

Inside the pub, a tattooed man passes Brady and Eric’s table as they discuss Kristen potentially heading to California for Rachel, who’s staying with Theresa. Now that she’s been pardoned, Brady needs to figure out how to control how and when she sees their daughter. At the bar, the tattooed man shiftily looks around and slides his hand toward the tip jar. Eric grabs him. Brady walks up as Eric tries to give the man his card if he needs help. The man runs out past Steve, Kayla, and Jada.

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Steve introduces Jada to Eric and Brady, who leaves to check on Chloe. Eric sits with the trio as Kayla fills Jada in on the Brady family tree. Kayla asks Eric how many miles he ran today and Jada mentions she’s a runner too. He offers to show her some great trails near the park sometime. She asks what he does. He explains he used to be a priest, but now he’s figuring out what to do next. She coyly smiles at him.

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At DiMera Enterprises, Gabi and Li glare at Kristen

Gabi and Li show up late to the office to find Kristen behind the DiMera desk. Gabi’s shocked, but Li explains Kristen was pardoned. Kristen reminds Gabi she helped put her in the CEO seat and has the power to vote her back out. However, she is happy with Gabi in charge, but she does want to cash in on that favor. Gabi wonders what she wants.

Back at the Pub, Eric mentions Roman rents rooms upstairs if Jada needs one. As Jada watches him head out for his run, Kayla grimmaces. Jada stands to leave and tells Kayla she doesn’t want to make things tense. She just wants to get justice for Abigail. Steve wishes Jada luck. Salem cops always need it.

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Nicole comes to work buzzing about her successful business trip. Chloe bursts her bubble by telling her Kristen has been pardoned. Floored, Nicole wonders what else she can get away with. They discuss the weird hold Kristen has on Brady and Chloe suggests it’s like Nicole and Eric. Nicole insists she’s happy with Rafe, and Eric being back does not affect her. A stressed Brady races into DiMera and embraces Chloe. After Nicole leaves, Brady asks if Chloe is okay. Chloe responds now that he is there, she is.

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As she walks through the Square with Jake, Ava wonders why they’re there. Jake points out that the ring store is there. Neither Gwen nor Gabi were the loves of his life. But maybe she could be. Maybe she is. Ava asks, “Are you saying you want to marry me?”

As Brady checks in with Theresa on the phone, Kristen bounds into Basic Black. She grins, wondering who wants to get their new boss coffee.

In the park, the tattooed man from the Pub encounters Nicole and demands her purse. Eric runs up on them. The man grabs Nicole and sticks a gun in her side.

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