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Allie turns away upon spotting Chanel and Johnny kissing in the square. Chanel notices her and yells for her to stop. She’s sorry she had to see that. Johnny’s not. The siblings bicker until Allie punches Johnny. After he recovers, the twins continue fighting. Chanel yells at them for not respecting her boundaries, but they can’t wait any longer. They need her decision… now.

Chanel grows emotional, but knows they’re right. She needs to choose. She didn’t think it’d be this hard, but since her first two marriages were blink-and-you-missed-them, she wants to do it right. She tells Johnny she can’t accept his ring. Allie grins, asking if Chanel chooses her. Chanel says she’s not choosing either one right now. She wants to sleep on it.

After Chanel leaves, Johnny asks Allie if they’ll be cool with whatever Chanel chooses. She confirms they will be and they hug.

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In the Square, Johnny and Chanel stare wide-eyed at Allie

In the prison visitors’ room, Orpheus yells at Evan to stop pacing, but Evan can’t sit by and let Shawn Brady raise his kid. He needs to get out of there. Orpheus teases that could happen today thanks to the password Jan got for him to the Salem PD. Orpheus orders his son to go about his day like nothing’s changed. After Evan leaves, Orpheus pulls a cell phone out of his sock.

Abe comes home to Paulina who has Big Mama’s good china set out. Abe wonders what the occasion is. Paulina responds they’re having a surprise guest. There’s a knock at the door, which Abe opens to the outgoing Governor Mitchell. Paulina explains they are old friends, and she asked the governor there to endorse Abe for the next election. Michell didn’t realize Abe was interested in running. Abe says, “Neither did I.” Paulina knew he’d need a push.

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At home, Abe and Paulina talk with a silver haired politician

The governor gets a call and steps aside to answer to Orpheus, who got his number from his personnel file. Orpheus knows everything he has done. The governor asks what he wants. Orpheus responds, “That is exactly what I wanted to hear.” After hanging up, the governor makes his apologies to Abe and Paulina and rushes out.

Abe turns to his wife and says, “You have some explaining to do.” Paulina just wanted to repair the damage she caused his reputation during the Pricetown debacle. Abe notes he doesn’t even want the job. Paulina thinks no one would make a better governor than him. Plus, she wouldn’t mind being First Lady.

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At home, Abe gives Paulina a knowing smile. She holds a glass of wine and averts her gaze

Chloe comes to Shawn’s with a gift for the baby. He hands the little guy over for her to hold and opens a Velcro baby pacifier she wishes she had with Parker. He thanks her and then tells her Belle wants nothing to do with the baby — or him, considering she slept with EJ. Chloe defends Belle and suggests that in addition to looking out for his son, Shawn should have looked out for his marriage. Shawn knows Belle can’t separate the baby from Jan. He didn’t think he could either, but then he saw him and, “He’s my boy.”

Chloe thinks Belle’s heart will melt too when she holds him. Shawn retorts that she can’t be in the same room with him. As a witness to their love story, Chloe believes they’re meant to be together. When Shawn gripes about Belle and EJ, Chloe accuses him of bonding with Jan the last few months, which Belle witnessed. She urges him to talk to Belle so they can find their way back to each other.

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At Shawn's, he stares off pensively, as Chloe holds the baby behind him

Belle stops by John and Marlena’s to see Brady, who gets a call from Statesville. He answers to Kristen who asks him to bring Rachel to see her. Brady can’t because Rachel stayed in California with Tate and Theresa. Kristen is incensed, but Brady won’t argue with her and hangs up. Kristen punches the wall in anger.

Brady explains to Belle how scared Rachel is of everything, so Statesville isn’t the best place for her right now. He then asks how she’s doing. Belle updates him on Sami telling Shawn about her and EJ before she could. He asks if she wants to work things out with Shawn. Of course, she does. He’s the love of her life and sleeping with EJ was a mistake. She wishes she could accept Jan’s baby, but she doesn’t think she can do that. Even if she could, Shawn doesn’t want to see her because of EJ. Brady urges her to talk to him.

When Chloe stops by to see Brady, Shawn calls Belle and asks to talk. She goes to him immediately.

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Evan talks to Kristen in the prison infirmary

Even enters the infirmary to find Kristen there for her hand. After some sniping, she admits she hit a wall because she doesn’t know if she’ll ever see her daughter again. Evan understands because he has a son, but he’ll be with him soon. Kristen asks if he’s getting out of there. Evan says he’s up for parole, but she knows better. She demands to know how he’s getting out. Evan can’t tell her. Kristen puts him in a headlock and threatens to push a pencil through his eyeball until he relents. After he tells her the plan offscreen, Kristen orders him to get her some paper.

The governor visits Orpheus who accuses him of lining his pockets by selling prisons to the highest bidder. The governor offers to give him a transfer, but Orpheus wants out. When the governor balks, Orpheus threatens to expose his dirty dealings if he doesn’t spring him.

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In the prison visitors' room, Orpheus sits across a table from the siver haired politician

Orpheus returns to his father, who tells him it’s all taken care of. Evan nervously gives him Kristen’s letter. Orpheus reads it and calls his son an idiot. He calls the governor and then orders Evan to sit tight until the plan is executed.

At home, Abe comes around to the idea of running for office, and Paulina sees that the governor is giving a press conference. They turn on the TV, as do Brady and Chloe as they cuddle on John and Marlena’s couch. Mouths drop as the governor issues full pardons for Orpheus, Evan, and Kristen.

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