At the DiMera mansion, Chad gives EJ a sheepish look
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Sonny returns from Sweet Bits to Will who is still in bed. Sonny shows him the article about Lucas’s arrest. Will can’t believe his father could have killed Abigail. When Sonny defends him, Will points to them rolling up Leo in a carpet as evidence anyone can turn to violence when they’re operating out of fear. Sonny thinks this is different. Will concedes it’s all speculation anyway since Lucas can’t remember.

Will asks his husband to distract him from all this. Sonny gives him a scone and iced coffee. When Sonny remarks he’s getting crumbs all over the bed, Will leans back and asks him to help him with that. Sonny obliges and kisses his chest.

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As Will and Sonny cuddle after sex, Will gets a message on his phone. The streaming service he previously wrote for wants another series from him, but he has to go to Los Angeles. He doesn’t think he can leave, but Sonny encourages him to go for it.

In the interrogation room, JJ demands to know if Lucas killed Abigail. Lucas tears up admitting he doesn’t know. JJ wonders why he looks so guilty then. Lucas shouts that he feels shame and hates himself for everything he’s done. JJ grabs him and raises his fist, threatening to beat the truth out of him. Jennifer enters and orders JJ to stop.

JJ lets go of Lucas, and Jennifer promises her son they’ll get answers. JJ leaves. Lucas offers to let Jennifer yell at and hit him too. Jennifer would never hit him. She loves him. He thinks he deserves everything that’s coming to him. Jennifer knows he loved Abigail and that he didn’t kill her, but she wishes he would have told her what was going on. Lucas says he could barely tell himself that he could have taken Abigail away.

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At home, Marlena lashes out at Kate for keeping quiet about Lucas kidnapping Sami and letting EJ take the fall. Kate rolls her eyes over EJ, who isn’t exactly innocent. As for Sami, she’s no one’s victim. She knows Lucas made a mistake, but she doesn’t think he deserves to go to prison. Marlena asks why she’s there. Kate wants her to help Lucas. If not for him, then to help get justice for Abigail.

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Marlena comes to see Lucas to hypnotize him, but she makes it clear she’s not doing it for him. Nothing discussed there will end up in court, but they need to find the truth. Lucas needs to know if he did this.

In the DiMera living room, EJ talks to Stefano’s portrait about all he’s lost when it comes to family. He laments not hearing from Chad in days, as his brother walks in. Chad apologizes for blaming him for Abigail’s death and EJ apologizes for not telling him about Clyde. EJ vows to help his brother get justice, whatever it takes.

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A smirking EJ points at Stefano's portrait in the DiMera living room

When EJ moves on to ranting about Kate’s treachery, Chad confesses he also knew EJ was innocent. He knows it was wrong, but he was so angry at him. He planned to come clean, but then he thought he saw him force himself on Abigail. He just wanted to punish him. Chad hopes he can find a way to forgive him. EJ calmly says he has to give the matter careful consideration, especially since Chad’s betrayal cost him Samantha. He notes that Chad keeping quiet about Lucas’ crimes may have cost Abigail her life, and leaves his brother to stew in his devastation.

EJ later returns to the living room to find Kate with Chad. He’s decided how they can make restitution. If they wish to remain out of prison, they have to sign over their DiMera shares to him.

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EJ confronts Chad and Kate in the DiMera living room

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In their Salem Inn room, Xander comes out from the shower in a towel, disappointed Sarah’s already dressed. They kiss, and she removes his towel. They fall to the bed.

After sex, they get dressed and kiss on each other until Sarah breaks it off. She has to pick up her prescription refill. They remark on the new dosage helping, but Sarah doesn’t think she’s out of the woods yet. She is grateful that she didn’t hurt anyone while hallucinating and hopes their lives can return to normal. Xander wishes the same were true for his best mate. She suggests he go check on Jack.

At the Horton House, Xander tells Jack he’s sorry he didn’t approach him at the funeral, but he didn’t want to intrude on the family. He offers his condolences and hopes Jack knows he’s there for him. Jack does and asks about Sarah. Xander notes they’re still working through her ordeal, but he knows how lucky he is to have another chance with the woman he loves.

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Sarah faces a scowling JJ in Horton Square

Holding a white paper bag, Sarah runs into JJ in the Square. She tells him how sorry she is about Abigail. He asks how she is doing after being injected with the same drug as Abigail. She says she’s better, but admits to her hallucinations of Kristen and wanting to kill her. She explains Marlena suggested she talk to Abigail about being drugged. Maybe if she had, she could have stopped the killer. JJ points out she could have been killed too. If it wasn’t Lucas who killed his sister, JJ declares, god help the person who did it.

Xander returns to Sarah in their room. They agree they need to make the most of their time together. She asks how he wishes to make the most of today. Xander was thinking they should get married. Sarah grins.

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EJ maybe have been wronged in this instance, but he’s no angel. Look at the photo gallery below for some of his more nefarious behavior.

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