At Belle and Shawn's, Sami and Belle face off
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In the morning, Marlena finds Sami reading an online Intruder article about Lucas’s arrest. Marlena encourages her to process her feelings, but Sami says if she starts crying she won’t be able to stop. Marlena asks where she went after storming out of the church. Sami recounts going to see EJ, who was having sex with Belle. A gob-smacked Marlena urges Sami not to take her anger out on her sister. She’ll just be hurting herself. When Marlena leaves the room, Sami darts out of there.

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At John and Marlena's, a grave faced Marlena faces Sami who stares with crossed arms

Kate brings coffee to Lucas in the interrogation room, but he doesn’t want her to see him like this. Kate doesn’t either, and that’s why she hired the best defense lawyer in the Midwest. She knows he’ll beat this. “Not if I plead guilty,” he responds. Despite her protests, Lucas declares he needs to take responsibility for this.

Brady comes to Chloe’s Salem Inn room after visiting Tate. She acts cagey, and he takes in a rumpled bed and two wine glasses. Suspicious, he asks if someone is in the bathroom. Chloe flirtatiously plays into his jealousy until Belle exits in a robe. Brady smugly throws things not working out with EJ in Belle’s face, until she tells him everything that happened with Sami. Brady knows their sister will retaliate by not keeping it to herself. Belle realizes she needs to go to tell Shawn herself. Brady hopes she’s not too late.

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After Belle’s left, Chloe suggests Belle and Shawn could work things out. Brady counters that thanks to Jan and EJ, her marriage could be over for good this time. Later, he gifts Chloe with a pearl necklace because he wants to show her how much he missed her. He kisses her neck as he puts it on her. They start making out and rip each other’s clothes off.

Roman pays EJ a visit to the mansion. It’s not easy for him to say, but he owes him an apology. EJ chuckles over the uncharted territory they’re entering. Roman knows he was wrong to rush to judgment about him and notes he misjudged Lucas even more. EJ points out Lucas fooled everyone. Roman retorts, not Kate. As EJ processes this information, Roman warns him not to take the law into his own hands.

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At the station, a cop arrives to bring Lucas to his arraignment. In the squad room, Lucas tells his mother to go home, but Kate wants to be there for him. EJ joins them as Lucas is led away. Kate tries to leave as well, but a smug EJ stops her. She remains defiant as he lashes out at her. She asks what he’s going to do with her. He declares revenge is a dish best served cold, so she’ll have to wait until he feels rational enough, ruthless enough to have decided her fate. He departs.

Later, Lucas is brought back to the squad room after pleading not guilty.

At Shawn’s, Kayla and Steve help their nephew with baby monitors and assembling a stroller. The baby cries and Kayla goes to check on him. Overwhelmed, Shawn slumps to a chair. Shawn appreciates Steve and Kayla treating this like it’s normal and not an obstacle like Belle is. Steve points out that the little guy is Bo’s grandson, which means both Shawns are stuck with them for life. Despite it being nine in the morning, Shawn goes to grab them beers.

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Steve and Shawn have a beer at Shawn's place near a collapsed baby stroller

As they sip their beers, Shawn fills Steve in on his ordeal with Jan. He declares if Jan comes back, there’s no way he’ll let her near his son. It’ll just be the two of them. Kayla returns and shares her experience with Tripp. She thinks in time, Belle will come around just like she did with Steve’s son. Sadly, Shawn thinks his wife has moved on.

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A wired Sami shows up to talk to Shawn. “Your wife is sleeping with my ex-husband,” she blurts out. Kayla yells for Sami to stop, but Shawn wants to hear more. After recounting what happened, Sami says she hates having to tell him this. “Like hell you do,” Belle says as she enters. Belle lashes out at her sister for enjoying this. Sami scoffs, and Kayla rails at her until Sami leaves. The Johnsons follow suit.

A stone faced Shawn faces a gulity looking Belle at home

Shawn rants at Belle for heading straight for EJ’s bed while he was there… in their house. He yells at her for acting as if he betrayed her, instead of dealing with the fact that something horrible happened to both of them. She knows it wasn’t his fault, but he lied to her about it. Now, there’s a baby, and it’s too much. He throws EJ in her face, and she storms out.

At home, Marlena opens the door to Kate

After Roman stops by to tell Marlena about Kate, she shows up at Marlena’s door. Marlena spits, “What the hell are you doing here?” Kate needs her help. Why in God’s name, Marlena asks, would she let her into her home?

EJ finds Sami at the mansion when returns. He’s relieved to see that she’s back, but she scoffs at his arrogance. She’s there to say goodbye to Johnny. She’s leaving Salem. She’s been ping-ponging between EJ and Lucas for two decades, and she’s sick of it. He’s not worth the powder it would take to blow him up. She can’t even count all the ways he’s broken her heart. She’s had it with him, this place… all of it. She leaves in tears. Crestfallen, EJ lowers to a chair and looks up at Stefano’s portrait.

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In the DiMera living room, EJ looks over his shoulder at Sami who wistfully looks back at him from the doorway

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