In his bedroom, EJ wears boxer briefs as he and Belle, wearing a robe, face Sami
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Sami finds a bra on EJ’s bedroom floor and asks whose it is. EJ declares it’s none of her business. Sami assumes it’s Nicole and heads to the bathroom yelling her name. EJ pulls her away, as Belle panics behind the door. As EJ tries to push a ranging Sami out of the room, Belle bursts out of the bathroom and says, “You’re wrong as usual. It’s not Nicole.”

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In his bedroom, a shirtless EJ grabs an irate Sami

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Sami shouts, “You slept with my sister?!” EJ declares she has no say in this. Sami calls it disgusting and lashes out at Belle. On her way to the door, Sami spits that EJ is only sleeping with Belle because of her. EJ follows her out.

EJ follows Sami to the door downstairs in just his boxer briefs. He stops her as she walks outside. He realizes she would never have come there if something wasn’t terribly wrong. Why isn’t she with Lucas, he asks. Her face crumples as she admits he was right. Lucas is the one who kidnapped her and set EJ up for it.

Outside the DiMera mansion, a shirtless EJ tenderly looks at Sami

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Belle eavesdrops as EJ tells Sami what Lucas did was unspeakable. He kidnapped her to split them up. He gently holds her face, saying they would have gotten back together if Lucas hadn’t framed him. Sami says that can never happen now. He brings his lips close to hers and whispers, “No?” She pushes him away. She thought sleeping with Nicole was the worst thing he could have done to her. But it turns out, sleeping with her sister is worse. EJ kisses her hand. He thought he lost her forever, but things are different now. Belle returns upstairs as Sami pushes him away. She spits that things are exactly the same and storms off.

EJ returns to his bedroom where a dressed Belle tells him she’s leaving. EJ says she doesn’t have to go. Belle actually thought she could be happy with him, despite knowing how much it’d hurt Sami. But Sami is her sister, and her pain hurts her. Besides, if she stayed there with him, she’d feel Sami’s judgment everywhere. He asks if she’s going back to Shawn, but Belle doesn’t know. She just needs to keep things simple for a while even if that means being alone. She thanks him for being there for her when she needed him. He is grateful for her as well. She leaves.

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In the church dressing room, Allie looks at Sami's diamond ring, as Will stares out the door

Still at the church, Allie implores her brother to tell her there’s no way Lucas killed Abigail. Will doesn’t think their father could kill anyone unless he was drunk, which he was. Will fills her in, but Allie doesn’t believe he’d kill anyone even dead drunk. Will isn’t so sure. Just look at what he did to their mother. Plus, if he doesn’t remember cutting his hand, what else doesn’t he remember? Will thinks he might have been so desperate to keep Sami that he killed Abigail. Allie admits he could be right. Right now, she’s just worried about their mother and leaves to see her. Will plans to check on their dad.

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In the interrogation room, Lucas grimmaces as Chad twists his hand

In the interrogation room, Rafe pulls a raging Chad off Lucas as he tries to get him to admit to killing Abigail. Rafe follows Chad out, demanding to know what’s going on. Chad fills in the blanks, including the fact that he helped Lucas send EJ to prison and Kate knew everything. Rafe is furious with Chad for all of that, but he doesn’t think Lucas is capable of murder. Chad retorts, he is if he’s drunk.

Rafe returns to Lucas, as Will arrives. Chad lets his friend know he told Rafe everything. Will understands, but he has to stand by his dad. The men exchange stone-faced glares before Chad leaves. In the interrogation room, Rafe demands to know if Lucas killed Abigail. Lucas shouts that he doesn’t remember.

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At the police station, an intense Chad makes a point to Rafe

At the Pub, Kate tells Roman she knew Lucas kidnapped Sami after the fact. With tears running down her face, she explains she kept quiet because she was scared for Lucas, and Sami was already free. Roman points out Kate continuously covers for Lucas’s slips. She’s sorry, but Roman thinks Sami deserved a heads up before going around the world with him. He points out people get hurt when her sons are interested in women.

Roman warns that Lucas should really worry about EJ’s wrath, as should Kate considering she was comfortable letting him rot in prison for something he didn’t do. Kate counters she led Belle to the evidence that freed him. Roman isn’t impressed. When he implies Lucas killed Abigail, she grows more upset insisting he didn’t do that. Roman apologizes for saying that. She didn’t tell him the truth because she feared losing him. “You were right about that,” he says. “The two of us? We’re done.” Kate thinks they can work it out, but Roman tells her to get her stuff from his room and leave. “Goodbye, Kate.”

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At the Pub, Roman looks at Kate with a furrowed brow

Eric leaves a voicemail for Sami as he walks through the Square. Nicole sees him and asks why he’s not at Sami’s wedding reception. They sit as Eric fills her in. Nicole is stunned to find out Lucas kidnapped Sami. She even feels bad for her rival, but she knows Sami always lands on her feet. She doesn’t think Lucas is capable of murder, but Eric didn’t think he was capable of kidnapping his sister. Nicole suggests if Eric wants to find Sami, he should start with EJ because she always runs back to him.

Sami returns to John and Marlena’s where Allie waits for her. Sami falls into her daughter’s arms, sobbing.

On John and Marlena's couch, a teary Allie clasps a weepy Sami's hands

Next on Days of Our Lives: Sami seeks vengeance, and Steve and Kayla come to Shawn’s rescue.

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