Flanked by Roman and Eric, an emotional Sami clasps a stonefaced Lucas's shoulder at the church
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Belle finds EJ drinking at the DiMera mansion. She asks to get in on that, and he pours her a glass. After she scoffs at the idea of going to Sami’s wedding, they toast to the happy couple. EJ knows Sami is marrying Lucas to spite him and jokes he should send Lucas a thank you for taking her off his hands. “I’m free,” he declares.

After musing on Sami and Lucas’s wedding night, EJ changes the subject by asking about Belle’s ordeal with Jan. She tells him everything, including her fear that Jan isn’t really gone. Even if she is, there’s still the baby to consider. He needs stable parenting, but she doesn’t think she can do that. EJ urges her to allow herself to know what she needs and make the right decision. Belle marvels at his surprising depth. He quips it’s the liquor talking. He is grateful they found each other in all their recent madness. She toasts to misery loving company. EJ will drink to that. They clink glasses, and then EJ dives in to kiss her.

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At the church, Johnny holds an irate Chad back

After Chad outs Lucas as Sami’s kidnapper at the church, Sami leaps to her fiancé’s defense. Chad details catching Lucas on the computer setting EJ up. Lucas admits to framing his rival. “And I’m not sorry about it,” he adds. Sami points Lucas and EJ have a long history of hating each other. So, they can just move on. She knows Lucas isn’t capable of kidnapping her. It’s not who he is. Sami wants to get back to the wedding, but Chad isn’t done.

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At the church, an angry Sami faces Lucas, as Kate looks on

After more back and forth between Sami and Chad, Sami instructs Eric to finish the ceremony. A resigned Lucas whispers, “Sami… I did it for us.” The family gasps and Will and Eric hold a lunging Johnny back. A teary Sami calmly asks to hear all of it. “I just want to know why.” Lucas claims he did it because he loves her so much. He thought they were finally going to get their chance to be together, but all she wanted was to be with EJ. “Sometimes you gotta play dirty to get what you want,” he says. “I learned that from you.”

Sami agrees she knows how to play dirty, but this feels different. She was trapped in that horrible room while he went home to his comfortable bed every night. He was able to sleep knowing how scared she was. That doesn’t sound like love. To her, it sounds like he was making her pay for loving EJ. He insists that’s not what he was doing. Sami doesn’t believe him.

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At the church, Johnny, Will, Allie and Eric stand side by side with somber looks

Sami recounts her frightening ordeal and how she cried herself to sleep every night thinking she’d never see her kids again. She can’t understand how he walked around town facing everyone. She asks if she hadn’t stolen a phone and called Allie, would she still be locked up in that cage? “Lucas, this is the worst thing you have ever done, and you did it for nothing.” Lucas declares he loves her. Sami spits back, “I don’t love you.” She walks out.

Chad stops Lucas as he tries to follow Sami. Chad tells him Sami is wrong. The worst thing Lucas ever did was murder his wife. Lucas insists he didn’t do it. Clyde did. Chad informs everyone Clyde has been cleared. Also, when Abby looked into Sami’s kidnapping, Chad told her Lucas did it. Will and Allie insist their father would never, but Chad subtly reminds Will of their conversation about Lucas falling off the wagon. Roman pulls out his phone to call the cops, but Lucas volunteers to go on his own. Kate, Chad, and Johnny follow him out.

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In her wedding dress, Sami yanks at her wedding ring in front of Marlena

Sami runs to the dressing room in tears. Marlena finds her as she rants that EJ knew and tried to warn her, but she wouldn’t listen. She rips her diamond off her finger and throws it across the room. Marlena looks for it and offers to take her back to the house. Sami can’t do any of this and runs out.

Upstairs at the mansion, EJ and Belle rip each other’s clothes off as they fall onto the bed. After sex, they lie in each other’s arms. Belle is grateful for him making her forget. EJ calls them even. She’s done the same thing for him. They kiss again, which leads to another round of sex. As they catch their breath, Sami knocks on the bedroom door.

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Belle wraps her arms around EJ's neck

Roman gets a call from Marlena about Sami taking off as he and Eric walk to the Pub. After hanging up, Roman rants to Eric about Lucas, wondering how he kept the secret going for so long.

At the station, Chad tells Lucas that Rafe is on his way and wants him to wait in the interrogation room. Lucas maintains his innocence as he heads in. Chad sends Johnny to wait for Rafe, and suggests Kate warn Roman what’s coming. He then confronts Lucas alone.

Will and Allie join Marlena in the church room. Marlena leaves to try and find Sami, as the siblings stay back in case their mother returns. Allie can’t understand any of this. Will calls it a nightmare and hugs his sister.

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An anguished Allie hugs Will

At the Pub, Eric leaves to look for Sami, as Roman heads inside. He finds Kate at a table. “What are you doing here?” he asks. A somber Kate looks up at him.

In the interrogation room, Lucas vows to Chad he’d never stab his own niece. Chad rips the bandage off Lucas’s hand. “Then what is that,” he asks about the gash across his palm.

In EJ’s room, Belle dresses and hides as EJ opens the door to Sami. She picks up a bra from the floor and asks, “Who does this belong to?”

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