In Lucas's Salem Inn room, Will fastens his father's cuff link
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Eric and Roman meet up at the Pub before Sami and Lucas’ wedding. Roman asks Eric what he decided to do about Nicole. Eric shares he was about to confess his feelings, but she had just married Rafe. She’s moved on and he needs to do the same thing. Roman asks if he really thinks he can do that.

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Roman and Eric share a laugh at Brady's Pub

At the apartment, Nicole hands over her keys to Allie after moving all of her stuff out. When she learns Sami and Lucas are getting married, Nicole worries Lucas will get hurt. Allie declares he won’t because her mother realized she really loves him. Nicole thinks Sami is marrying Lucas to convince herself she doesn’t belong with the love of her life. Allie retorts, “Like how you married Rafe to forget about Uncle Eric?” Nicole responds with a, “Whoa!” Allie apologizes. She loves Rafe, but she wonders if Nicole’s marriage was in reaction to Eric returning. Nicole will always care about and admire Eric, but Rafe is the man she loves.

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Nicole gives Allie the apartment keys

In his suit, Will comes to Lucas’s hotel room and helps his father with his cufflinks. In the process, Will notices the bandage on Lucas’ hand. He asks what happened. Lucas confesses he got blackout drunk and woke up like this. Will asks why this happened after being sober for so long. Lucas lies that he feels guilt over Sami’s skiing accident, which caused her not to be there for Allie when she needed her. Will notes it’s not the first time Sami didn’t show up, but asks if she knows. Lucas says no, but promises to eventually tell her, as Allie shows up wondering what they’re talking about.

Will covers for Lucas and then leaves to do Best Man stuff. Allie tells her father how happy she is he and her mother are back together. He said he’d do anything to get her back and he has.

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In his Salem Inn room, Lucas wears a tux as he and Allie, in a yellow dress, smile at each other

Sami comes to Marlena’s place to get ready for her wedding. She mocks Belle for not attending because of Jan. Sami snarks about John not being there either. Marlena reminds her they sprung the wedding on them and John planned his trip to see Paul months ago. Marlena wonders if Lucas fast-tracking the wedding has anything to do with EJ. When Sami remarks that EJ kidnapped her, Marlena relays that EJ insists he didn’t do it. Plus, he remembered that Clyde is the one who shot him. Sami cries over all the pain and turmoil Clyde caused when they thought EJ was dead. And then when EJ returned, he turned on her, after everything she did for him. However, this makes everything even more clear for her. She’s marrying a man who would never hurt her like that.

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At the DiMera mansion, EJ talks with Johnny in his red JoDevil suit

At the mansion, Johnny (in his red JoDevil suit) asks EJ how he feels about Sami getting married. EJ insists he’s not fazed, but he can’t understand why she’s marrying her kidnapper. Johnny thinks it’s obvious he’s still in love with Sami. EJ points out they’ve both moved on. Johnny laughs over him having an affair with Sami’s sister. EJ yells at his son for being so disrespectful. Johnny apologizes but knows he and Sami are soulmates. EJ may not want to be married to Sami anymore, but he still wants the best for her. They debate Lucas’ guilt before Johnny leaves for the wedding.

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Johnny comes to see his mother at Marlena’s after Sami’s changed into her spaghetti-strapped wedding dress. She’s shocked by the boldness of his red suit, and Johnny relays that his father is hurting. Sami says EJ’s hurt her too and it’s for the best they go their separate ways. “Whatever you say, Mom,” Johnny says.

A somber Chad sits on the bench in the park. He talks out loud to Abigail about the first time they brought Thomas there. Kate finds him. As they discuss his struggle to accept Abigail’s death, he rails about EJ’s connection to Clyde which he assumes led to her murder. Kate urges him to let Rafe handle it and just be there for his kids.

Kate confesses the guilt she feels over not telling Roman that Lucas is the one who kidnapped his daughter. Chad suggests she just tell him or have Lucas do it. Kate declares Lucas is too ashamed and doesn’t want anyone to know. He was appalled when he found out Abigail knew. Chad glares at her. She told him Lucas didn’t know. When did she tell him? Kate sheepishly admits it was right after Chad told her. “The day Abby was murdered,” Chad states. Kate knows Lucas didn’t do it. He suggests she tell Roman, but Kate won’t send her son to prison. She’ll learn to live with it.

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Nicole carries a box as she runs into Eric outside Brady's Pub

Eric races out of the Pub and literally runs into Nicole, who carries a box. A photo of Holly flies out and Eric picks it up. He remembers the day it was taken and asks about Rafe. She admits she hasn’t seen him much since he’s been investigating Abigail’s murder. He has to run to marry Sami and Lucas, but Nicole asks what he wanted to tell her the other day. He stammers until EJ shows up. Eric says something about wanting to see Holly and leaves.

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Outside Brady's Pub, Nicole smirks at EJ

EJ gets digs in about Nicole already stepping out on her husband. Nicole, in turn, needles him about Sami marrying Lucas. Their banter leads Nicole to learning he slept with Belle, as Sami approaches.

Will sees Chad on the bench and sits with him. Chad mentions Lucas’s wedding and Will admits he’s worried about his father falling off the wagon. Gravefaced, Chad asks when that happened.

On the park bench, Chad's brow furrows at a flustered looking Will

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chad comes to a stunning realization.

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