At the harbor, Ben watches as Shawn embraces Ciara
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Ben visits Clyde in the interrogation room. Clyde swears he’s innocent and asks if Ben believes him. Ben does, but he wonders if he really shot EJ years ago. Clyde swears he didn’t shoot him or order the hit. Ben wonders how he’s supposed to leave knowing Clyde is facing prison again. Clyde insists he’ll be fine, but he hopes Ben stays in touch. Clyde tells Ben how proud he is of him and Ben leaves.

Alone, Clyde calls Nancy and leaves a message. Everything he told the police is the truth. That guy he bought the bracelet from is real. He will find him if it’s the last thing he does.

Ciara visits Victor at the Kiriakis with Baby Bo. He’s thrilled she named him after her father and is even happy about her travels. He orders her to come back though and make damn sure he’s the first one she visits.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Ciara kneels down to Victor. She claps his hand and grins up at him

In bed, Jake reads about Clyde’s arrest for Abigail’s murder on his tablet. Ava rolls over to read it. Jake notes she looks relieved. After flashing back to her dealings with Gwen, she lies that she’s just glad Rafe isn’t coming after her for it. Jake’s surprised it’s Clyde. He would have put his money on Gwen. It’s not like it’d be the first time someone broke out of prison. He brings up Ben and Ciara’s adventure and suggests they go on a trip. He tells her to start planning and gets out of bed to see Ben off.

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Gwen faces Leo at the prison

Leo swoops into the prison visitors’ room to see Gwen. He revels over Clyde getting arrested for Abigail’s murder, but Gwen isn’t as celebratory. She wonders if Leo is the “rando” Clyde got the jewelry from. She won’t judge him for it if he did it. Leo is outraged by the thought. A guard comes in to tell Gwen she has art therapy and that she shouldn’t pull another disappearing act. When he leaves, a curious Leo wonders what he was talking about. Gwen evades his line of questioning. After some cryptic back and forth, Leo opines that the person who killed Abigail has nothing to do with the stolen jewelry.

Later, Leo privately questions the guard about Gwen’s disappearing act, but the man has no information for him. And Gwen calls Ava who wonders what Gwen got up when she broke out of prison.

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Belle finds Shawn at the hospital to see how the baby is doing and if they found Jan. He says the little guy is doing well, but despite the coast guard dragging the river, they didn’t find Jan’s body. Belle tears up, worried Jan will come back for him and the baby. Shawn doesn’t think they have to worry and credits Belle with saving them. He loves her with all his heart. He always has and always will. Hopefully, Jan is finally out of the picture. “So, what does that mean for you and me,” he asks.

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Belle doesn’t know how to answer that. She will always love him, but she doesn’t know if she can be a mother to Jan Spears’ baby. Shawn understands, but he has to be his father. He also doesn’t think the baby is their only obstacle. There is EJ to discuss. Belle doesn’t think now is the time. He has to go to the docks to say goodbye to Ciara and invites her along. It’s too soon for her to return there. They say goodbye and she walks to the elevator.

Shawn visits with the baby and tells him he’ll always be there for him.

EJ drops by John and Marlena’s to see Chad, but he’s out with the kids. Marlena lets him know Chad filled her in on his connection to Clyde. After explaining himself, EJ declares he doesn’t think Clyde killed Abigail. Marlena asks about Belle. EJ says she’s shaken up after her ordeal at the docks and didn’t really want to talk. She left early this morning. He’s grateful “that maniac” didn’t hurt her. Marlena deduces he really cares about Belle. EJ states he cares about her very much as his friend.

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Marlena wonders if Sami knows about this. EJ points out she is marrying Lucas. So, she doesn’t care. Marlena isn’t convinced by his protestations and warns him that Belle loves Shawn. That’s something he should pay attention to. EJ is well aware and asks if she is telling him to stay away from her daughter. Marlena wouldn’t hear of it, but warns that he should be careful.

An upset Belle returns to the mansion. EJ holds her and tells her how relieved he is that he didn’t lose her. He asks how he can make this better. She just wants to take a shower. He declares he’s there if she needs him.

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At the church, Ciara holds Bo, as she and Ben look affectionately at Rafe. Marlena looks on

After the christening, Shawn and Jake join Rafe and Marlena at the docks to see Ben and Ciara off. Ben thanks his friend for taking a chance on him when no one else wanted him, and Marlena tells Ben how proud of him she is. Rafe tells Ciara there’s a video conference waiting for her on the boat for those who couldn’t be there. He promises to always watch over her and Bo. Shawn hugs his crying sister. He hopes she builds memories like he and Belle did. “Dad would be so proud of you,” he says. Ciara holds Bo and Ben asks if she’s ready to do this. “I was born ready,” she says.

Ciara cradles a bundled baby as and Ben look out to the harbor

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