Belle cradles an injured Shawn at the docks
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EJ comes home to find Belle looking at the program from Abigail’s funeral. He immediately downs a drink and pours himself another. After noting how brutal the service was, Belle asks if he is okay. EJ rants about “this damned family. Look what we do to people.” He notes Will, Sonny, and even JJ are more like a brother to Chad than he is. He gets a call that Clyde’s been arrested with Abigail’s jewelry. EJ wants to head down there fearing Clyde killed her in retaliation. Belle tries to talk him out of it, but EJ says it’s time to pay the piper. He heads out as Chloe shows up.

In the NICU, Jan holds her baby and packs a bag before heading out. Later, Shawn rushes in looking for Jan. He says, “Oh my god. She took the baby.”

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Belle shoots EJ a concerned loook at the DiMera mansion

At the prison, Evan grows impatient waiting for Jan to bring the baby to him. He calls Shawn. In the hospital lobby, Shawn answers and says he doesn’t have time for Evan. While still on the phone, Shawn yells for someone to find his son because Jan kidnapped him. Hopeful, Evan says, “She did it.”

Back at the mansion, Belle tells Chloe that Clyde was arrested. Chloe hopes this is the wake-up call her mother needs about her new boyfriend. However, she’s there because Brady is worried about Belle living in EJ’s home. She warns that Brady wanted to come over last night, but she talked him out of it. Belle says it’s a good thing he didn’t come over because she slept with EJ. Chloe wonders how Sami will react. Belle says Sami’s moved on, but Chloe points out Sami never moves on. Belle isn’t worried about her sister, but she does feel guilty. She admits while watching Chad with his kids, she felt a longing for Shawn and Claire. Chloe leaves and Belle listens to a message Shawn left her. He says he’s walking into an iffy situation and he wanted her to know he loves her. She looks up his location on her phone and wonders what he’s doing at the docks.

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Chloe and Belle talk on the DiMera living room couch

At the station, Rafe shows Chad the bracelet Clyde gave to Nancy. In the interrogation room, Clyde recalls handing Leo a wad of cash after selling off the jewelry. He added that he kept a bracelet for his girl. Chad races into the interrogation room and attacks Clyde. Rafe pulls Chad off as Clyde insists he didn’t hurt Abigail.

In the squad room, Rafe explains to Chad he doesn’t think Clyde’s the killer. There’s no motive. EJ shows up and says, “Maybe I can help you with that.” He explains he remembered in prison that Clyde is the one who shot him, but he didn’t report him because he threatened to hurt his family. Chad shouts at EJ for keeping that very important detail from them, especially since Clyde stabbed Sonny before. “Damn you to Hell, EJ,” he spits. He accuses EJ of protecting his dirty secrets, not his family. EJ whispers that he is sorry. Rafe deduces Chad has had enough for one night. Chad says, “A lifetime.”

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Rafe lets EJ go and then tells Clyde he’ll be arraigned and transferred to a holding cell. The charges are for the stolen jewelry — for now anyway. EJ had quite the story to tell. Rafe returns to Chad and tells him to go home and see his kids. Chad asks Rafe to warn Clyde that one way or another, he is facing a death sentence.

Outside Brady's Pub, Leo gapes at a distressed looking Nancy

Outside Brady’s Pub, Nancy tells Leo that her boyfriend, Clyde, was arrested for giving her a stolen bracelet. Leo gapes, recalling his dealings with him. “Oh my god,” he says. “That was Clyde?” He panics when Nancy explains they think Abigail was murdered for the jewelry. Nancy relays that Clyde didn’t have the name of the guy he bought the jewelry from, but all he has to do is give a description. Leo sits, dazed.

Chloe finds them and Leo leaves. Chloe orders her mother to end her relationship with Clyde, but Nancy defends him. She knows her Clyde. There’s no way he’s a murderer. Chloe points out the stolen jewelry is enough to send Clyde back to Statesville. Nancy counters that all Clyde has to do is give up the man who sold him the bracelet and he’ll go free. Then the real killer will spend the rest of his life in jail. A menacing-looking Leo listens from the shadows.

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At night, outside the Pub, Nancy points and scowls at Chloe

After hanging up with Shawn, Evan encounters Orpheus. He tells his father he ordered Jan to bring him the baby. Orpheus is stunned by the enormity of his stupidity. There’s no way Jan is coming. Evan threatens to tell Shawn the truth then. But Orpheus urges him to wait. Once they’re out, Evan will be with his son. Evan relents.

Shawn puts out an APB on Jan. He then gets a call from Jan, who is at the docks with Shawn Christian. He says he’ll come to her. She orders him to come alone or else he’ll never see his son again.

Once Shawn gets to the docks, Jan tells him the three of them are sailing away from Salem. Shawn points out the baby isn’t strong enough yet. He asks for the baby and she tosses the bundle she’s holding to him, but it’s just full of oranges. When Shawn heads to the boat to get the baby, Jan knocks him out with an oar. As Jan prattles on about the three of them finally being a family far away from Salem, Belle shows up.

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On the docks, Jan raises an oar to Shawn

Belle pulls out her phone to call for help, but Jan swings the oar at her. Belle ducks and they grapple. Belle gets the upper hand and knocks Jan into the water with the oar. Shawn comes to and tells her the baby is on the boat. She runs to get him and then tells Shawn that Jan is in the water. Shawn jumps in after her. When he gets out, he says there’s no sign of her. Fireworks shoot off as Belle holds the baby. She looks to the water with a frightened expression.

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