Wearing a suit and tie, Shawn stands at foot of Jan's hospital bed
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In his bedroom, Chad talks on the phone to Jennifer who took the kids to get ice cream. He just needs some time to himself, but if the kids ask for him, he’ll come over right away. He hangs up and looks at Abigail’s photo. He hangs up her dresses that were lying on the bed and takes off his suit jacket. He pulls out her scarf he had in his pocket and holds it to his face. “It still smells like your perfume,” he says.

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Sitting on his bed, Chad clutches a brown and black patterned dress

In the Square, Leo sits in front of three empty martini glasses and pulls out a wad of cash to pay for them. Will happens by wondering where he got the money. They snark at each other before Will says he was just at Abigail’s funeral. Leo offers his condolences. Will says, “Like you give a damn,” and walks off.

At the Pub, Rafe asks Nancy where she got the bracelet. Nancy nervously looks at Clyde and says Chloe gave it to her. Rafe says it matches Abigail’s stolen jewelry which means the thief could be Abigail’s killer. When Nancy panics, Clyde declares he gave her the bracelet. He bought it off a guy who came in there with an expensive money clip and offered to sell him jewelry. However, he doesn’t know his name. Rafe arrests him and Clyde promises Nancy he didn’t kill Abigail. She tells him to call if he needs her. Rafe leads him out.

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Chad confronts Leo in the park

Leo finds Chad running through the park and offers his condolences. Chad yells at him for what he put Abigail through, but Leo never wanted her to die. He’s sorry for Chad and their kids. When he mentions what a sweet boy Thomas is, Chad wonders how he knows his son. Leo stammers and says Gwen told him stories.

At Marlena’s, Ben asks her to be Baby Bo’s godmother. She reminds him she tried to steal his baby. Ben points out she fought the devil and won, twice. There’s no better spiritual mentor for their son. Marlena grins and accepts. She gets them iced teas and he thanks her for helping him get his second chance. He doesn’t know how he’ll ever repay her. Just seeing him happy and in love is all the thanks she needs. She’s so proud of him. Ben thanks her and says he wants to keep working on his therapy. Marlena will be there for virtual visits whenever he needs. They say how much they’ll miss each other and hug, as Will drops by.

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Ben talks with Marlena on her couch on Days of Our Lives

Will and Ben joke about Ben captaining a ship and their time in prison together. Ben grows serious and recalls how floored he was when Will came to consider him a friend. Will suggests he tell Bo all about his cousin Ariana and when they return, they can become friends, just like their dads.

In the hospital lobby, Shawn asks Ciara to keep Jan company while he grabs her food. Ciara asks her brother if he is starting to have feelings for her. Aghast, Shawn declares he loves Belle and always will, but Jan is the mother of his son. Ciara warns him to stay on guard. He is well aware of how twisted Jan is, but her feelings for their son are pure.

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From the hospital, Jan talks to Evan on the phone. She tries to deny the baby is his, but he knows she seduced him so she could pass off a baby as Shawn’s. His father, Orpheus, told him the truth. Now, if she doesn’t bring the baby to the prison in the next 30 minutes, his next call will be to Detective Brady. They hang up and Jan imagines bringing the baby to visit Evan who declares his love for her and shows her a tattoo of her on his chest. He gets on one knee and proposes.

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In the prison visitors room, Jan sits across a table from Evan, who holds the baby

In reality, Jan declares there’s no way she’ll become Mrs. Jan Spears Frears. She’s destined to become Jan Brady, but if Shawn finds out the truth, she’ll lose him forever. She can’t let that happen. Ciara shows up and asks, “Can’t let what happen?” Jan lies that she’s just worried about being away from her baby. Jan asks if she’d like to see her nephew. Ciara would so she can say goodbye. After explaining she, Ben and Bo are sailing away, Jan eyes the key chain and says, “That does sound perfect.”

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Shawn returns with food for Jan, who suggests Shawn take Ciara to see the baby. When they leave, Jan grabs Ciara’s boat key and says, “The only people who will be living in ‘Cin’ will be me, Shawn and our baby.” Jan takes the key and her purse and gets out of bed. Shawn returns to an empty room and hears a beeping noise. He finds Jan’s ankle monitor. In the nursery, Jan holds her baby and tells him they’re going on an adventure.

At home, Ben and Ciara eat Chinese food while anticipating their trip. When she worries it’s a bad decision, Ben opens a fortune cookie that says, “Tomorrow, the adventure of a lifetime begins.” Ciara can’t argue with that and they kiss.

Leo runs into Nancy outside the Pub. She cries that her boyfriend just got arrested.

Chad comes to the station and Rafe tells him they got their first real break.

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