Rafe and Ciara hug at Horton House
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Marlena finds Nancy crying outside after Abigail’s service. She regrets never thanking Abigail for exposing Leo. Nancy also shares she has a new boyfriend — Clyde Weston. When Marlena expresses dismay, Nancy talks about redemption. Marlena concedes that Clyde is trying to turn his life around. Nancy says he really is. Roman even told her Clyde is the best cook since Carolyn Brady. Plus, she’s having fun. Marlena asks how serious they are. Nancy says they haven’t put a label on it, but he did give her a beautiful bracelet, which she shows her. Nancy didn’t want to wear it at the service because it is too flashy, but she can wear it now.

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Nancy's face lights up while talking to Marlena outdoors

Ciara and Rafe accompany Julie and Doug home after the service. Ciara tells them that she, Bo, and Ben are leaving Salem. She’s met with stunned stares. She was hoping they’d be happy for them, especially since they’re continuing the family tradition of sailing around the world. She promises Julie they’ll come back and explains their first stop is to see Hope. Julie suggests she convince Hope to return to Salem herself. Ciara drops another bombshell when she announces they’re leaving tomorrow. More stunned stares ensue.

After they’ve processed it, Rafe makes Ciara promise to send frequent photos of his godson. She was hoping to have the christening before they leave and he agrees to be there whenever and wherever. They hug and she wipes away tears declaring she has to go tell Shawn now.

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At Horton House, Julie leans in and tenderly touches Doug's face

Rafe stays behind and updates Julie and Doug on Abigail’s case. He thinks if they find whoever took Abigail’s very distinctive jewelry, they’ll find the killer. He leaves, and the couple laments all they’ve lost recently. Doug assures Julie he’s there for her. She calls him the captain of her heart and they kiss.

At Brady’s Pub, Ben holds the baby as he tells Clyde they’re leaving. Clyde reminds Ben he has to live with him as part of his parole agreement. Ben points out he just needs a responsible party to vouch for him and suggests he live at the Pub. In fact, Ciara is talking to Roman about it.

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At Brady's Pub, Clyde glares at Ben while they sit at a table

Shawn returns to Jan’s hospital room after the funeral. She’s sorry he was all alone. He retorts he wasn’t alone — he was with his family. He has good news though, little Shawn is doing better and they can hold him. She runs to his arms.

In the NICU, Shawn watches as Jan holds the baby. She tells her son how much they love him. Jan says he looks just like Shawn, but Shawn doesn’t see it.

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In prison, Orpheus shuffles cards as Evan scowls at him

Orpheus finds Evan playing cards in the prison. Evan’s still upset about his dad keeping his son from him. Orpheus promises once he gets what he needs from Jan they’ll be out of there. Evan demands to know what it is. Orpheus explains Jan is going to get the password for the Salem PD mainframe from Shawn. Once his guys get into the system, they’ll have access to files that not even Shawn or Rafe can touch. When Evan asks what’s in the files, Orpheus says all he needs to know is once they get it, they’ll be out of there and Evan will be with his son. Orpheus explains that he mailed a burner phone to Jan, who is waiting for a code word to signal that she needs to get alone and wait for his call.

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Wearing a suit and tie, Shawn stands at foot of Jan's hospital bed

When Shawn brings Jan back to her room, he gets a call from Evan. With Orpheus standing behind him, Evan apologizes for what he did to Ciara and Bo. He’s just looking for redemption. Shawn tells him to lose his number and hangs up. When he relays the conversation to Jan, she takes note of the word redemption, which is the code word. Jan sends Shawn out to get her a burger and scrambles to dig out the phone. When Orpheus calls, he lies that Evan doesn’t know about the baby. She confirms that she has the password memorized. She stumbles a bit, but rattles off a series of numbers, letters, and a smiley face.

After hanging up, Orpheus tells Evan it will take a couple of weeks, maybe months until he can see his son. He’s playing the long game, but he will get his guys on it right away. He tells him to be patient and walks away. Evan can’t wait. He finds the number Orpheus threw away and calls Jan. “I want my baby,” he says.

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When Nancy shows up at the Pub, Ben and Clyde say their heartfelt goodbyes. After Ben leaves, Clyde updates her on his living/parole situation. If Roman won’t take responsibility for him, Nancy says, he can move in with her. Clyde would be honored to have her as his backup plan. She takes his hand as Rafe enters. He spots her bracelet and asks where she got it.

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Ben stops by Marlena’s with the baby. He expresses sorrow over such a hard day. Marlena understands that he needs to grieve Abigail too. He asks if she offers virtual therapy.

Ciara finds Shawn at the hospital and tells him her news. He totally understands her need to go because he did the same and it was the best time of his life.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Rafe eyes an arrest in Abigail’s murder and Ben makes a request of Dr. Evans.

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